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Can anyone help a beginner?

Okay, this is my first time actually having quality hosting and I'm quite unsure what to start with first? I am used to geocities set up. I have html code for my site but Im not sure where to put that with Frihosts set up? How do I go about getting started? Could anyone help me out?

the first page should be named index.html or some other extension (e.g htm, php) Put it in the www folder and your site's first page should show.
seanooi is absolutely correct, that is what you have to do, but because you have never dealt in hosting before I'm assuming that you are not familiar with the FTP protocol.

It is what you will use to place the HTML file for your site on the server (uploading it)

You will have to have an FTP client, Filezilla is a good, free choice (see the sticky in this forum for the download link)

After you have the software installed, you will have to configure it to connect to the server. There should be an area to input your information which you were supplied with upon signing up. The information that is of interest to you is as follows:

1.) ftp server:
2.) username: the username you chose/were supplied with
3.) password: your password

Upon connecting you will see several folders. All your files that you want accessible from the Internet must go in the public_html (the www folder is just a shortcut to get there) browse to where your html file is located (your main page should be named index.html) and drag it over to upload it.

I tried to be as clear as possible, but that's not one of my string points. Feel free to ask if you have any further question concerning this or any other matter.
Thanks alot guys. THIS is why I love frihost. I can learn anything I need to know, Teach people things I know, and get free webhosting at the same time! What a deal.

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