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Arch Enemy To Record New Album In 2006?

Arch Enemy have posted the following message on their official website:

"Seasonal Greetings, fellow Arch Enemies!

"We are finally back home from a monster tour that has taken ARCH ENEMY around the world in 80 days!

"Europe/Japan/Australia/USA/Europe/U.K…. Yes, the traveling was strenuous at times – and sometimes we hardly knew where we were playing! But the fact that we were headlining in front of our crazy fans and playing long challenging sets made it fun and worthwhile…

"To end the 2005 touring cycle with the sold-out U.K dates was very, very cool!!! 2,000 metal heads in London (the rest of the U.K dates were between 900-1,100 capacity)…METAL IS BACK!!!??

"Really killer having Strapping Young Lad along for the U.K tour – their music sounds like the musical equivalent to being raped in hell – a complete assault!

"Of course - a HUGE thanks to all the cool U.K fans! You rock!

"2005 was an extremely busy year for us and 2006 is looking like it’ll be more of the same - with more touring and also writing new music. We have already written a ton of riffs and melodies, we’ve actually been very professional and recorded all our ideas while on tour. Who knows when we might record a new album?

"To end this, Arch Enemy wishes the Arch Enemy fans worldwide a Very Metal Christmas and Super Heavy New Year!

"Thank you everybody who supported us in 2005! See you in 2006!

what you think ?
they will make new record ?
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