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this may be a silly question but i am not sure.....

do any body know if there is any way possible to get a microsoft frontpage website up onto the internet with out have to pay for it. because i have been looking around and things are saying you have to publish it to a domain name with fontpage extentions does anyone know if there is any domains with frontpage extentions for free?
just save it as an HTML file and upload it through FTP or the file manager in the cpanel. i think frontpage extension's available in frihost too but i'm not entirely sure... and no.. you don't really have to pay for 'em as long as this certain company provides free hosting with frontpage extensions.

regarding the domain, there's no such thing as a free domain unless you won it from a contest or something.. although you don't really need a domain 'coz you can just use a subdomain

What you need at your webhosts end to be able to upload a page from frontpage is frontpage extensions.

and frontpage extensions are included with the hosting package that you'll receive, for free ofcourse.

I'm pretty sure you'll be able to upload your site built in frontpage.
1. 90% sure frihost allows frontpage
2. frontpage isnt that good, you should use dreamweaver or download a good html template and edit it
3. in answer to your question, save your file as an html, and upload the .html file and all the image files to your ftp server with your control panel. Note: you might need to edit the file addresses to get the images to show, it differs from host to host.

sometimes its /images/ and other times its just images/
wraith wrote:
1. 90% sure frihost allows frontpage

its 100%. check in ur cpanel Rolling Eyes
first off i have to agree with wraith, DON"T USE FRONTPAGE. it uses fake code. even if it makes things a little easier dreamweaver can probably do the same thing with real code. anyways you can almost always find a free subdomain that offers frontpage extensions if you still want to use that horrible program.
Did all this answer your question of were you looking for something a little more simple? I have set up a site and it hasnt cost much at all. I can give you advice if you need it.
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