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Anyone watch Numb3rs?

I just love this series. The idea of solving crime using mathematics is very much unique. Initially I was suspicious if all that they show on TV is possible. But later I came to know that it is based on a true story where a mathematician actually located a serial killer using his equations.
wow thanks for ur post ... i was just looking at stuff that no1 replied to .. and surprise surprise i find a gem Very Happy ... ur the best man !!!
(check out:
THanks for the fan site. Never knew one existed. I wonder when the DVD of this show is releasing.
This show is actually good compared to all the others who promise but never live up to the expectations!! Very Happy Cool
I also like this show. I've watched all of the episodes so far. I especially enjoy the unique way they managed to blend mathematics with the drama of FBI work. It does sometimes seem a little bit forced but overall it is a good show compared with what else is on TV these days. A breath of fresh air, I tell ya. Smile
I watched the first few episodes of this, but didn't enjoy them. Using equations to solve crimes was just so... unrealistic, contrived and pathetic, in my opinion. Some of the cuts of him writing out long equations, or seemingly random numbers on the screen just looked stupid and often, if you payed attention, had no real relation to what was going on. All in all, i think this series sucks.
Nameless wrote:
I watched the first few episodes of this, but didn't enjoy them. Using equations to solve crimes was just so... unrealistic, contrived and pathetic, in my opinion.

You know something? This series was actually based on a true incident where a mathematician actually figured out the location of a serial killer. I read about it in Readers Digest sometime back.
Love the program, great Very Happy
I like the show too Very Happy

Love David Krumholtz.
Numbers is great. The guy from it i found out is from one of the best movies 10 things i hate about you. But really, it is true that mathematics can be used to predict anything. But this show is one of the best crime shows next to Law&Order-SVU and NCIS.
its a really interesting show. i love it
I tried watching the first season and didn't think it was anything too special but I've watched all the episodes this season and they seem more interesting. The characters seems to have better interaction.
Ya I watch it all of the time. Its not boring or anything its really interesting how he use's math for everything and figures it out all of the time.
I think this is a nicely crafted show and I have been surprised how well the script writers have managemed to develop the theme. I love Mathemetica (though I know very little) and it underpins all our science and technology. The difficulty in teaching it , let alone making it a vehicle for entertainment has been overemphasis of the mechanical and mnipulative ( technical if you wish) side. The creativity, beauty , "detective" aspects of it are usually suppressed. This show is a great step towards encouraging mathematical literacy and interest.
quite interesting to see david explaining how / what math can help solve the case :p
it makes for interesting watching Smile
Didn't think it was that great... it looked like a cross between a cop show and an educational program !
andrewwallis wrote:
Didn't think it was that great... it looked like a cross between a cop show and an educational program !

Yes. But they crossed it very well such that you dont feel it as a documentary on mathematics. Instead it shows maths as a tool to solve a mystery. A very unique theme.

I know it's kinda lame and late; but i started watching the season 1 recently. ( even when the new 5th season started on 03/10/2008 Embarassed )

I Downloaded all four seasons for a friend and one of my mentor who has a Masters degree in Maths. Since i spent lots of time DLing it, thought of spend some more time watching it Very Happy

I have to say, the pilot is kinda low. After watching it, i thought of stooping. But continued anyway ( lucky me)

I thought the show is all about maths and stuff. But since the FBI is involved and the way they present it is kinda interesting.

And since the math prof always describe the detailed maths to FBI morans and his father, viewers like us (also morans in maths) can keep their interest alive Smile

The bottom line is, it's a good interesting show and i'm looking forward for "watching" it
It is very educational. The action is good too.
I watched 20-25 episodes at a stretch and I'm kinda feeling bored Shocked
guess what... ?

I'm still watching Very Happy

Its the season 3 now.

have anyone of you noticed how cool is the music they've used in Numb3rs?

I just love the music in it
I used to watch. And that is why I'm BS Math right now. Smile
Though not closing my other options, how do I become like Charlie Eppes?
I mean Criminologist slash Mathematician. Not the prodigy part. Very Happy
Would anyone know?
You need a brother in the FBI Very Happy
Seriously i think that police forces don't take in consideration to be helped by a mathematician.
but I never watch every single episode.
And I still dont get the calculations.

I know maths is great just didnt know it's that great
As someone who has studied a good deal of maths, people have talked about this to me in the past.

It might be interesting, but doesn't grab me. I feel like the maths would seem simple. Creative, but simple.
I love the series. And the nice balance between the one brother who is a mathematical genius, and his detective brother being able to work with his brother, providing the mathematician brother with an opportunity to experience his world of crime. Amazing to see mathematics being used to solve murder cases. Wonder whether one can use math in calculating human relationships as well Smile Great viewing, both relaxing and never boring.
I did enjoy watching this series when I had nothing else to do. It had a good run.
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