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reset service?

Ever since the server went down a couple of days ago I haven't been able to access my ftp account, which i want to to upload files. Is there anyway that my ftp account can be somehow reset in order for it to work whilst not losing any data? Also, ever since the server went down the address doesn't work so now I have to go to, does anybody know why this is?
Plus I cannot login the my myphpadmin (or whatever its called) to access my databases. Is there another URL that I could go to which takes me to the same place, like what does in relation to and the same goes for my ftp account?

I desperately cannot delete my databases unless someone shows me how to back-up them so losing any of this data will be a death sentence. I know that I cannot access them but I really don't want to lose them altogether.
Any help would be appreciated.
About your mysql database, just go to the mysql page and click on the download link. You should get the database in a .gz format.

For phpmyadmin: . It is better to take a copy of the database in phpmyadmin instead of in DirectAdmin.

For the ftp account, I don't think that is possible.

However, I think that the problem of not being able to access ftp, phpmyadmin and your control panel, is not due to the server settings, but rather to your firewall or isp.
Yap, that's right,

n other hand, You Can't acces PHP my admin when you connected via because the PHP Admin link is localhost, try to connect to direct admin using if you still can't, try to read the tutorial on :

that must be because of your firewall, I've got somethiong like this too, and it's solved.
Thanks for that link to myphpadmin Bondings. I guess I'll just have to use and from now on and upload files without the use of FTP which is going to be a real pain, Thanks Anyways.
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