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What a beginer can do

What are the steps that a beginer can foolow to build his forum ...
Iam a beginner and I have my web hosting

What are the steps that I can follow to build phpbb forum

I read all the topics and FAQ and some questions to colect some informations ,, but I don't know how to start .

Please I need detailed informations or some links to help me and I think this subject can be fixed later to help other beginers

thank you for help
This is how you create a phpbb forum...

1. Go here to download the phpbb bundle to your pc:

2. Unzip the bundle on your pc then rename the file to whatever you wish (for example, forum). DO NOT CHANGE ANY OTHER FILE NAMES!!!

3. Upload the whole file to your directory. I recommend using FTP when its not peak hours. By this I mean that most users are probably American so between me, who lives in England, and them we have a considerable difference in time. The best hour to upload files in the UK is between 7am to 4pm.

4. Creat a new database. Call it something like _forum, so if your username to login to your account is alkutob then it'll be named "alkutob_forum". Use the same username and name. Enter your password twice where it tells you to.

5. Next go to

6. Enter all your details. Do not change the "localhost" as you will be hosting the database at the same place. The first option I think should be the kind of database you have. It should be mysql 4x but login to your database account to check it. (the x in 4x i believe means anything greated than 4). Enter your Admin username for your forum and the password, email address etc, that you will be using for your forum.

7. Click submit.

8. It will then say that the config.php file isn't writable. It will give you two options, rather FTP it or download it. I recommend downloading it to your PC as the FTP option had never worked for me.

9. Login to your account and go to the place where the config.php file is located (e.g. public_html/forum). Delete this file then upload the other config.php file that you've just downloaded.

10. Visit your forum at and it should say to delete the install and contrib directories. Go to your account and do this. Delete BOTH folders named "install" and "contrib".


***If you need any help with the forum or want to apply some Hacks then PM me and I'll help you out step by step.
wumingsden's steps should be fairly easy to follow,

However, for a more beginner-friendly advice, you can refer to n0obie's phpBB installation tutorial.
Step-by-step, complete with screenshots. Wink
im having similar problems at home myself!! im glad i have found this Frihost website so i can amaze my friends with my amazing web creations! just a big thank you to all the posters here, i myself is a beginner and this site is amazing! thank you!!


Thank you 4 all the detailed insructions ,, i hopefully think that all such steps and insruction can lead beginers to the clear way to injoy what they had gain from frihost
I will follow your insructions and hope to finish my work successfuly

Thank you 4 your big effort

Thank you again and I may bother you later with some requests,,, styles ,hacks ..and I think that will be useful 4 others

As you said ... I tried to upload the forum file ,but the server seems to be busy at this time ..I'll keep in touch to inform you about my progress

Thank you
This was probably because server 2 was down, but it is now back up. try again now and it should work. I have loads of hacks installed at my forum, although its not yet open (it hasn't even got any catagories). Go here to check it out: Some mods you won;t be able to see as their only for Admin, Moderator or Registered users.

***Please, please, please, DO NOT register at the forum, it is not yet complete. Also do NOT upload anything at all. I haven't yet tested everything to my delight!
Dear wumingsden

I want to know how ( in Steps ) can I build my site and how can I add a link to my forum .
thank you 4 your help
I've just PM'ed you alkutob with all the answers that you will need.
My friend wumingsden

Thank you adain
I send you a private message to inform you about the steps I made
check it out and inform me by PM what may you need to do
thank you very much
You could always bribe n00bie4life to do it for you.
Does noobie make websites for people? If so then I guess that he'll be unindated with PM's, he seems quite a wiz when it comes to anything to do with the internet.
Anyways, its up to alkutob. I already have your details so don;t forget to change the password alkutob if you take up somebody else.

P.S I'm not wanting anything in return like some other people, (i.e
"i'll make you a forum for 50 fri$
, etc, ect, which i think is quite a good deal.
I will be thankful to all your efforts ,and I trust your way in dealing and helping others

Good Time Every Time .... and Happy New Year
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