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Any Dan Brown Fans?

Whats your favorite book of Dan Brown?
Angels and Demons
 44%  [ 13 ]
Da Vinci Code
 37%  [ 11 ]
Deception Point
 6%  [ 2 ]
Digital Fortress
 10%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 29

I like his book a lot! they are fun to read.

even though his books are like similar, but still very fun to read!
My favorite book of his is Angels and Demons, i loved the ambigrams, i even made one for my name and one for "love - hate"

i also learn the ceasers square things from the digital fortress, however, they are pretty easy to break even if u don't know what they are.
I voted for Da Vinci Code. I have only read two books from Dan Brown; they are Angels and Demons, and Da Vinci Code. I particularly like the intrigues planned by the author. His style of writing is also interesting.
I just finished Davinci Code. Is Angels and Demons any good?
Oh, Angels and Demons is really good! In my opinion, better than Da vinci Code. It's the book before the da vinci code with the same mean guy character. What happen in the book, i'm not going to spoil it for you. Just read it, it's really good. I also recommend ALL the other books by dan brown. They are a must read! To me, they are veru enjoyable, and its a pleasure to read. Once I start, i can't let go of the book, so I always end up have red eyes from staying up late to read it.
i've read all books and in order. i can't wait for the movie to be available.

hopefully, they were faithful to the book, coz i really get very disappointed when they change a lot of things, like what they usually do to my favorite Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum stories
I have read Da vinci code. The author is quite an explorer and a history hunter. One can say his literature may not be intensive(compared to Classics) but rather extensive in nature.
I've read Da Vinci Code and Digitall Fortress and they both was very good. I recomend them to all who didn't read Dan Brown yet.
I've only read Da Vinci Code. Actually, I just finished it a week or two ago. I thhought it was very intresting and did well to pull you in during the beginning of the book. But towards the end it was a bit slow, and I didn't
really like the ending.

I'm looking forward to the movie though. It comes out May 19th. I'm very curious how closely it will follow the book and if Tom Hanks can do a good job as Langdon.
susanna mayfair
I didn't vote because I haven't read all of his books. I liked the DaVinci Code but not as much as I thought I would. I think part of that was the big buildup. Everyone was talking about how great it was like it was the best book EVER and I didn't see what the big fuss was. Digital fortress is the only other book I have read by him and that one I couldn't put down. It drew me right in. I do like his style of writing. I have Angels and Demons to read next.
I don't know if I would really call myself one his fans, but read the DaVinci Code by him and found the novel extremely captivating.
I voted for Angels and Demons, I think it's the best of the four. It is very well thought out and keeps you turning pages until the end. I'm interested im making an ambigram, rainynightstarz any suggestions, I don't know how or where to start. Sad
I’ve read the da Vinci code, and I have to say that I’m not impressed.
I mean it’s not bad but I don’t get the hype about it.

He has put some work into creating the backstory but then he drops the ball in the storytelling.
The characters are never fully developed, apart from Silas, and the story is too trivial.
Everything just unfolds too easily and most of the clues are childish.
Nothing you would need a top cryptographer or expert historian for.

Anyway, would you recommend the other books or is he just a mediocre writer with a good PR department?
Well, I enjoy both Angels and Demons and the Da Vinci Code. The Da Vinci Code is going to be a movie and a *gulp* video game Rolling Eyes . Why a game? Like a book wasn't enough?!
i somehow liked angels and demons better than the davinci code. both have identical story lines, but still its a treat to read them. will be getting digital fortress in a week..
DVC is okay but i like Angels and Demons better but there is lot of similarities between those two. I am waiting For the release of The film DVC but i dont think it will be better than The book.
I've read The Da Vinci Code and Deception Point, both were very good, factual and educational... I voted for Deception Point just to rock the vote for all the people who only read The Da Vinci Code =/

Learned a lot about oceanography, politics, government etc. in Deception Point, would definately recommend Wink
My opinion is that Dan Brown is seriously over rated. His books are never going to be better than average.
The only reason a sort of cult following has risen up around his books is that it has become fashinoble to like them.
I've read all of Dan Browns books and I think that they are all good, Angels and Demons is the best though.
in my opinion angels and demons is the best then digital fortess currently reading deception point and i can't say i've found it as good as the other books so far
I haven't been reading in's just that I don't like reading. There are so many other fun things to do. But my girlfriend convinced me to read Angels and demons, some 2 years ago. I did not want to give in, saying, I would not pass page 10. But she insisted. Finally I agreed to take a look...and what the f*, I read it out in a couple of days, could not stop reading!!! AMAZING After that I needed to read the DaVinci Code, same "story" in a couple of days finished...Dan Brown is the bomb, people...hope he will come with more material...
I voted Angels and Demons. I love the way Dan Brown thrills his readers. I had fun reading all of his books.
Just finished Deception Point... I thought it was a long book to read. Wasn't my favourite.

I'm going to read Digital Fortress soon, I hope it's going to be good.

I miss Robert Langdon too.. I hope he comes back for another book!
Hi guys and gals i would like to share views with you about the book "The Da Vinci Code" and the film based on it.According to me the book is ok but there are many contrdictions and many lines which may become doubtful.Dan Brown has done the book as a novel perfectly but he should have cared for the christians all over the world
In my opinion "The Da Vinci Code" is More to Deceive Than to Thrill.The record bestseller, is a novel, a thriller story involving secret societies, conspiracies, the Catholic Church, and the fictional "truth" about Jesus Christ.On the acknowledgements page of the novel, Brown issues extensive thanks designed to convey the impression that he has done thorough research, whereas he hasn’t. The truth is that his story is largely based on obscure, forged documents that have now deceived millions, and on books of New Age speculation that run counter to established history, focus on alleged secret societies and conspiracy theories, attempt to reinterpret the Christian faith, and are imbued with radical feminist agendas.

Historians and religious scholars do not take these books seriously. The use of such unreliable sources exposes Browns pretensions to intellectuality and truth.Many of the ideas that The Da Vinci Code promotes are anything but fact, and they attack directly the heart of the Catholic faith. Some of them are:
Jesus is not God; he was only a man.

Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.

She is to be worshiped as a goddess.

Jesus got her pregnant, and the two had a daughter.

That daughter gave rise to a prominent family line that is still present in Europe today.
The Bible was put together by a pagan Roman emperor, Constantine.
Jesus was viewed as a man and not as God until the fourth century, when he was deified by the emperor Constantine.The Gospels have been edited to support the claims of later Christians.In the original Gospels, Mary Magdalene rather than Peter was directed to establish the Church.
There is a secret society known as the Priory of Sion that still worships Mary Magdalene as a goddess and is trying to keep the truth alive.
The Catholic Church is aware of all this and has been fighting for centuries to keep it suppressed. It often has committed murder to do so.
The Catholic Church is willing to and often has assassinated the descendents of Christ to keep his bloodline from growing.On and on he writes, with faulty and often blatantly incorrect statements about Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the Vatican, paganism, early Christianity, medieval Christianity, Opus Dei, modern day Catholicism, the life and work of Leonardo, secret societies, the origins of the English language, Constantine, and much more.All of it is exposed in The Da Vinci Hoax, described by Francis Cardinal George as the "definitive debunking" of Dan Brown’s best-selling novel. The Da Vinci Deception and De-Coding Da Vinci are two other convincing rebuttals of Dan Brown’s sacrilegious work.
It is not true that Constantine "turned Jesus into a deity" or that Christians had not viewed Jesus as God prior to this event. Furthermore, there is nothing in the New Testament that states or implies that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.Jesus said things that indicated that he wasn't married to anyone and the early Church was unanimous in regarding Jesus as unmarried. It is irresponsible and offensive for Brown to impugn the faith of countless Catholics in this fashion. He has no solid evidence to support his contentions, and in the absence of such evidence, it is unacceptable his smearing and disturbing the faith of millions of gullible readers with such falsities in the garb of truth.What Brown is doing amounts to smearing the most important and sacred beliefs of millions of people for the sake of getting his novel on the bestseller list.By producing this novel attacking Christianity, Brown and Doubleday (Publishers) have gone to great lengths to mislead people into thinking that the novel has a historical basis. They deserve especially sharp criticism for this, and when criticism is made they cannot hypocritically hide behind the "It's just fiction" claim after having made such extensive efforts to convince the reader that it is not "just fiction." Their duplicity lies exposed.
Your comments can be posted here and share ur views with me.....
In my opinion Digital Fortress is the only convincing novel from Dan Brown.His other novels are trying to create a bad image for christians and the catholic church.Iam not understanding why is he trying to condemn the catholic church.The most stupid thing he had done is that he claims that all his findings written in the Da vinci code are true.But everyone by now have understood that his claims were like "drawing line in water"...........
Da Vinci Code was a brilliantly writen book so you could class me as a fan. Fantastic research for a fantasy book along with graffic descriptions of places and objects.

A very good book. I have another book of his I'm yet to read, wonder if it comes close to the Da Vinci Code!!!?
Come on you guys! Where is Dan Browns books located in your bookstore? Its in the FICTION section! if you people believe in everything that Dan Brown stated in his books yeah you will be confused. But man those are not real things.

Im a big fan of Dan Brown because he has a great imagination to beat and his descriptions of the events seem to be so realy and you can picture it in your minds.
the dune-like style of writing in angels and demons (5 page chapters and parallel stuff) is great, i really like it (i didn't read it to the end yet tho)
I've read them all, but I think Deception Point and Angels and Demons are my favorites. I voted for A&Ds.
I have only read Angels and Deamons, but it is a great book!
I've only read Da Vinci and Angles. Da Vinci is way better, but I like the whole antimatter thing in Angles more than the whole church conspiracy thing in Da Vinci.
I love how all these books keep me in suspense and on the edge of myyyy w/e..but I also like the fact that the chapters are sort of short and so you feel like you want to read one more little chapter and end up reading the whole thing in one day
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