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problem with internet explorer

Lord Klorel
It's possible that you are just trying to load too many files at once and Internet Explorer can't cope with it. It is also quite likely to be a problem with an IE plugin that's used to play the files - try updating your Windows Media Player.

It is possible to use more than one browser at the same time - I'd encourage you to try out the two main competitors to IE:

Firefox and Opera
Also, try upgrading internet explorer and if that doesnt work get a new browser. (just a tip if you still want to use IE)
My internet explorer closes after a few movies that i have viewed. Is there a security problem in internet explorer or is it because of my website that Internet Explorer goes nuts?

hmm me didnt had any such problem.. i am using IE7 though... all the clips r in wmv format... if u have the latest windows media player then u shoulnd have any problem...

make sure u have the up2date windows ...

also go to internet option >>> advance their make sure that play vedio in web page is checked on...

also some time many download manager by default grabs the wmv file as downloadable link... so also make sure that isnt happening...
Lord Klorel
I have installed the Opera browser on my computer, but every time i open opera he will not respond on my commands.
It asks every time to set him to default, but i want IE as default browser and Opera as second browser.

Or is it just one browser that will be the default?

I hope that someone can tell me, what i need to do because i am noobie in this matter of internet. Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed
This is just an opinion and you know what they say opinions are like... something else that everyone has and pretty much all of them stink...

With that said here is what I have been using since it came out and it works great for me 100% of the time and has resolved all issues I have had that was browser related:

Download and swich your default browser to firefox and then check out theIE Tab extension.

Firefox will work for 90% of webpages you come across and for those that specifically need IE to work just right click the link you need to open and tell it to "view page in ie tab". Thats it...

Hope this helps.

go to [url][/url] and there they have everything you need Neutral
And yes, you can have multiple browsers running fine, it just uses alot of RAM, l have AOL (bleh such crap) connecting me and acting as an isp, and Fire Fox as my browser, l can open IE whenever l feel like looking at all those toolbars that can only be installed on IE though Neutral yeah, Fire Fox can't get those Neutral
Yea, You can run Firefox and IE at the same time like KHO said and he is right it does excessivly consume system resources.

That is why, as I said in the post before that, that I have found it most efficient to run Firefox with the IE Tab extension installed. I proved the links to both in the post 2 up.

As far as the toolbar deal. Those are what consume large amounts of system resources unduely. Most all toolbars are available in firefox and those that are not often times have superiorly functioning alternatives. Often times if there is some IE specific toolbar it often times could easily be considered some form of spyware Smile

There are several browsers on the market but only a few of them are actually good. The best two are arguably firefox and Opera but IE isn't even in the running. Wink

Get Firefox!
Firefox is great yes, and you can test also Opera :
Lord Klorel
The only problem that i still have is that Internet Explorer want give up his default status.

Every time i want to change that, he will completly freeze and then i have touse the Tasmanager to end this problem.

Can somebody tell me how i can change the default browser status without getting freezing moments of internet explorer.
Well, if more than one web browser of yours keeps freezing, you may have spyare or viruses or something of the like. Make sure that your comp is up to date, and make sure that you have an anti virus program. Also scan your hard drive:

My Computer -> right click hard drive -> Properties -> Tools -> Check Now ->check both boxes -> Restart Computer.

Then defragment and try again. Make sure that you keep your computer running healthy, and it may stop that. If that doesn't work, make sure you have enough RAM and a video card...
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