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Older Computer-Older Games.

How many people here are confined to older games due to their older computers?
I'm still on a PIII, 900 Mgz CPU. (No new computer in site until some bills get paid off!)
My kids have been pretty good at finding some older games that still play on my system. One is Jedi Outcast 2.
Now I realize I may be a little behind the times, but I'm really enjoying this the way, any info on modding it or where I can download some maps?
Another older game I always enjoyed is Steel Panthers World at War, a turn based top-down WW2 game I would reccommend to any WW2 enthusist that plays computer games.

Anybody else in the same boat? How do you fix your gaming crave?

My computer wasn't very's a P4 1.8Ghz, 64Mb video, 512Mb RAM...

But I ever want a computer better, because never played online games without lag...hehe...

I'm buying a nem computer this end year, for emprove my online games capacity....
does anyone remember monkey island 2?
it was the first game i can remember. always played it with my father, because i couldnt read so fast then.

How do you fix your gaming crave?

playing on my little brothers 3.0 ghz X800 machine Very Happy
I have a fairly uber gaming machine right now thankfully but there are some games that take hardly anything to run and are still really good:

Frontier Elite II (old skool joystick advised)
Diablo II: Lord of Destruction
Commander Keen (some of the series is free I beleive)
Dudes, old games own!

Nowdays everyone is aiming for making the graphic and the visual at the best, but "back in the days" you didn't have all that technology. Instead, you had to make a good plot, good characters and overall a good story. I saw that monkey island was mentioned here... and that's a great game! I have played that game like a thousand times! It's really great.

When I was younger I had an amiga 500 with loads of games, and I was playing them constantly. Not that I am an addict (hehe), but those games were really fun.

Champions Of Krynn

to mention a few of my favourites.
my old computer is very old. I can still play some cool games in it though
I would never be able to around without StarCraft.

7 years old and still kicking.
You guys should check out They are great resource for reviews of old games as well as allowing free downloads of many of the games that have become discontinued.

I got new copies of:
System Shock 1 & 2
Syndicate Wars
Descent Freespace 2

All for free just by downloading from them. If a game is not free, the site will also forward you to somewhere to find a copy of a game.
starcraft and diablo 1/2 are really great games, even till 2day.
oh ya, age of empire too
Doom! Anyone Remember the FPS that started it all? Yeah, I have played it basically all my life (Since I was about 2 or 3 when it first came out XD) I still go blasting through the halls and play all the new source ports and stuff like that.
Try Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dale or Neverwinter Nights.

Phil wrote:
One is Jedi Outcast 2.
Now I realize I may be a little behind the times, but I'm really enjoying this the way, any info on modding it or where I can download some maps?

Try here:

I have an older computer (along with a newer one), that I use to play all my old games on. I literally have thousands of games that run on my old system.

Some good ones are:
Allied General
Fantasy General
Space Quest Series
Police Quest Series
King's Quest Series
(almost any 'series' from Sierra).

The biggest trick is to find these old games - and I have most of them on 3 1/2 inch disks, and a few of them on 5 1/4 floppies. Many times, after buying them, one disk out of so many will not install correctly - that is a major bummer, but what can you expect!!
DOS games ROCK!!!


Relentless (Little Big Adventure)
Little Big Adventure 2
Star Control 1 and 2
Dune 2 (the original RTS game)
Wolfenstein 3d (the original FPS - the predecessor to Doom)
Command & Conquer
Command & Conquer: Red Alert
Commander Keen Series (as has been mentioned)
Duke Nukem 1 and 2
Cosmo's Cosmic Adventures
Traffic Department 2192
One Must Fall (BEST fighting game EVER)
Blood (really good FPS based on the Build engine used in Duke Nukem 3d)
Mordor (designed for Windows 3.1)
Demise (requires Win95 minimum but is the descendant of Mordor and even more addictive)
Transport Tycoon Deluxe

There's a DOS emulator available from - if that link doesn't work just Google for DosBox

It runs some DOS games better than I was able to play them when I actually had DOS!!
I think that the best old DOS game ever is Prince of Persia... It's really nice Mr. Green I also like Flashback, Another World. But I like a lot of Apple Macintosh old games that were never released on PCs - like Pathways into Darkness.
well done to trickstott for mentioning, i've been using that site for a few years now, and it's the best place on the net for learning about and quite often downloading old games that are real hard to find otherwise.

i definitely remember the monkey island series! they're pretty funny and clever in equal measure, and for those reasons have remained the most important series of advneture games there has been. I've played through to escape from monkey island (that's number 4) and they've all had excessively good art, music, voice acting and design. lovely! everyone play them!
I forgot to mention Day of the Tentacle, I think it was made after Monkey Island 1 but before the second one. It's a great fun game, (made by LucasArts) and there's some funny stuff in it. I'm pretty sure you can get it from the Underdogs, or try or
Idea You can play almost any game out with that type of system, just keep the graphics low. As long as you have AGP (Video Slot), get yourself one of the newer GeForce Video Cards from Nvidia. You can get a Geforce 5 for around only $50 cheaper form eBay or some place, if you want to plan ahead get an AGP GeForce6600 GT 128 GDDR3 for around $100 new for Newegg. Then when you get a new CPU you will have a video card. You should be able to play everything, but maybe Doom 3 and/or Battlefield 2. As long as motherboard is a good one.

That’s kind of what I did up to this summer. I was playing with a PIII 800, and an old GeForce4, and I was able to play everything but BF2. Then when I got my new system finally, I turned the old system in to a Media PC, without spending more than just a little bit on cords to connect the video and sound card to my entertainment system.

We also use the old system for LANing to let the guys with out systems to join in. I would be lucky to get more than $50 for my old system, but it is worth a lot more to me, and should be useful for a few more years.
Can anyone tell me where I can download the best free old games. I just like them. Shocked
My computer is a peice of junk, so yes.

Diablo, Starcraft, Tropico, AoE, Sam and Max, Monkey Island, DotT, SimTower, and others all rock though.
I kinda own every single Nintendo CONSOLE, except Virtual boy *shudders*

Yeah but, I still play my NES like once or twice a week sometimes even more frequently, can't get enough of Final Fantasy (Yep I have the original Final Fantasy and the pamphlet got it for free when I was in 6th grade from one of my brother's friends who didn't want it anymore because, his NES died on him.)

so...I think this applies...if not...

I play Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis WAYY too much....I know every single way to beat it now....also Day of the Tenticle and Monkey Island series are another of my personal favorites, wish there were more problem solver games like those out now, they were awesome.
starcraft rocks definately.
that's the best game ever.

also emu games... i got Pent-4 and i still play super mario brother 3. lol
my favorite game
final fantasy and the x-com series.
SimCity 1, 2, 3, and 4. Those games were super fun Very Happy
Warcraft 2: Battle net Edition would be a good choice for a slow computer.
Anyone remember Maniac Mansion? ahahhaah
Age of Empires II
Grand Theft Auto II (This one was released for free, I think)
Deus Ex
Jayfarer wrote:
Grand Theft Auto II (This one was released for free, I think)

Yeah it was, I have to look it up but I did download a free copy of it a long time ago from rockstars website.
The first Elder Scrolls game is for free...but it's DOS...and i hate DOS boxes. I always get weird sound errors. ;-;
DOOM didn't start the FPS genre, it was WOLFENSTEIN! Classic.

Also, Indiana Jones: Fate of Atlantis was great. As was Castles II: Siege & Conquest. Sim Tower? Sim City (2000)?
I mostly love pacman, i still play it on one of those concels
Monkeydog wrote:
The first Elder Scrolls game is for free...but it's DOS...and i hate DOS boxes. I always get weird sound errors. ;-;

Yeah, I play a LOT of old games, namely, Strife and Crusader : No Remorse.....

As a reply to Monkeydog, the first Elder Scrolls game is for DOS, which, if you use Windows XP, the sound will either not play or sond wierd, as that system doesn't have , so emulate that DOS sound you either need to use VDMSound (DOS sound emulation) or DOSBox (Total DOS emulation.)

You can use Google or any search engine to find those programs.
Well I got a new computer with all the trimmings a little more then a year ago, and it already seems to be out of date. >.>

While I'm not confined to games such as Jedi Outcast 2, I get serious lag when I play Age of Empires III or Civilizations IV, and it seems like I just got a new computer.

They're improving computers so fast that the consumer can't manage to keep up, and all the new games are geared towards the most powerful systems, leaving all of us in the dust. Rolling Eyes
If you are having such a great time with Jedi Knights:2 I would reccomend that you check out a few other games in the same genre.

1st the original Jedi Knights or its predecessor Dark Forces. Both fantastic games in there day and both still play really well even now!

2nd no one seems to have mentioned it here but the original Half-life will run very respectably on a 900mhz machine and is a fantastic singleplayer experience. Hell even the multiplayer is still going strong if you want to get your online game on!

3rd the No One Lives Forever games are also worth a look. The second may be too advanced for your system but I am sure you could at least play the first one. They are both fantastic regardless.

Finally both Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament would easily run on that computer and both are fantastic shooters and online games that still have dedicated fans.

Best part is all these games being old can be picked up for about $10 or less a piece and most of them have mods galore to keep you busy for ages!

Hope that helps...
There are many "older games" that are still great fun to play and actually have decent graphics, even by standards now. I liked playing (and still like to play) Descent Freespace that could run on my Windows 98, the older Myst games are all great (the more recent ones were more graphics-intense, though), and there was one good series I remember playing on my old Win95, the Journeyman project. The only problem is if you are looking for games that are about a decade or so old then you are going to have a hard time finding them, except maybe on EBay.
Does anyone remember the games of Larry?
Those were hilarious (IMO)
to bad I lost all the disk they were on, I only have 1 left and that's larry 5, but one disk is damaged and I can't install anymore.
I really love those old games.
I know how you feel, I was in the same boat in august, But decided it was time to jump off and swim to the closest ship I could. Lucky me it was a next gen. computer for 2006 Window Vista ready,Intel Dual Core @ 3.06 GHz, 2 GB DDR2, 300 GB HDD, MCE 2005, 19" Flat Screen and so on. I modified it a bit since the video card and sound card and many other things where sacrificed to enable me to pay $1,499.00 for it. But I did upgrade it a bit. ATI All-In-Wonder 9800 PRO, Expanded to 4 DDR2, RAID controller, 250 GB External HDD, Memory Card Reader and I'm saving to get the X-FI card since I've spent over $2,500.00 in 4 Months.
I have PII 200Mhz lol with 49mb ram and 2Mb grpahic card without graphics accel. And the bedt games for that config is:
Red Alert
Baldurs Gate
Fallout I & II
I still play a ton of old games, because I lack a good video card. And I enjoy them too.

I love Starcraft, it's a fantastic game, and I also like Counterstrike 1.6.
you can get a upgrade for about 500 dollars like a dell
i think you must play fifa 98 Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Laughing Laughing Laughing Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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