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•What the mean of Globalization

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• What the mean of Globalization?

The use of the globalization term spread in several political and economic writings (distant from the academic scientific intellectual production in the beginning) in the last decade, and that before the term gets important strategic and cultural indications through several realistic developments in the world since in the first of the nineties.
He is used the globalization concept for the description of all operations by which the social relations gets a kind from the non separation ( the fall of the borders ) and fading the distance ; where holds the life in the world as a single place - a small single village - and hence then the social relations that are not counted number they became the more contractual And the more organized based on the increase of a speed and the human being interaction rate and their being affected by some of them is some .And actually the globalization term expresses two important developments they : the update is Modernity, and the mutual dependence is Inter-Dependence, and the globalization concept depends on the terrific progress in the technology and the information, in addition to the increasing links at all levels on the international arena The contemporaneity . And accordingly, then the concept contains an area from the contradiction between liberal viewpoint calling for the celebration of the mutual dependence between the countries, against the radical viewpoint that sees in that except more of the international control to the capitalism and the economic system relying on the freedom of the market .
And historically, the globalization concept does not divide about the general development to the capitalism, where it considers the globalization a ring from the rings of its development that started with the appearance of the national country in 18th Century, and the domination of the European powers over many areas from the world with the imperialist extension.
• Between the capital and the technology and the culture

And recently, three factors contributed in the care about the globalization concept in the thought and the theory and in the international political discourse:
1 - The globalization of the capital is any increase the connection and the contact between the different markets until they came to a nearer state to the big international market, especially with the growth of the international stock exchanges.
2 -The terrific development in the technology of contact and move and that reduced - to a great extent - from the distance, and the spread of new instruments for the communication between bigger numbers from the people as in the Internet.

3 -The globalization of the culture and the increase of the non-governmental connections and the coordination between the different interests of the individuals and the groups, while is named the international networks are Networking where the cooperation was prominent a reliance of the common interests between the groups through the nationalism, which generated coalitions between the powers The social on the international level, and especially in the useful fields like : the environment preservation, Or in the fields not legal as the cleaning of the moneys and the international mafia to the weapon .
And actually, it in spite of the welcome of the globalization preachers with end For ending the national country, and the limitation of the exaggeration in the cultural and local privacy, but the current reality a presence proves two incompatible forces : the unity and the division .

• The unity and the division :
While he heads saving more unity on the international level, the policy steps towards more from the fragmentation with the growth of the ethnic awareness and the ethnic conflicts, while the culture ranges between a spread The Western cultures in everyday life and between the revival of cultures and heritage in the earth areas.
And in spite of the globalization of the capital, the identity card heads towards the localism .For example: the disappearance of the borders is between two Germany halves two Germany halves and the emergence of unified entities and the walking towards the European unity The western that the fragmentation of Yugoslavia and the revival of the separatist life kept up with in Africa and Asia. And on the level of the contact operations Between the earth areas, the contact technology has reduced to a great extent by the effect of the distances between the countries, And the increase of the interaction between the persons and the cultures - by another expression : the dialogue of civilizations, which led is to the formation of an international culture A new he wonders at it the ones who were used to a duality " the ego and the other ", then there a call to the merging appears in the schools of art and philosophy, And dialogues on all cultural and religious levels .And the apprehensive of the globalization concentrate on the high consumer life that keeps up with this stage, And that becomes clear while is named the revolution of the aspirations, and the spread of the luxurious consumer type between the rich or the dream by it and its wishing between the poor . And the globalization bends at a high level of the secularization - any preference the materialism and the urgent life on any absolute values, and the abbreviation of the human in his consumer material dimension, and sometimes the lustful, then for example: the media culture deals under the globalization with the woman a medicine In it the woman body is an instrument for the glorification of the material benefit, then from one side it considers the woman a commodity that enables her marketing- Through the television presentations and the advertisements - internationally and on the other hand she considers a target for the marketing of consumable commodities as the cosmetics and the dresses -And this view appears in the forms of various of them the competitions of the beauty queens .
And in spite of the spread of the globalization concept, the world lacks the presence of an international awareness any realization the individuals to their cosmic identity more than the local identities. Realistically, the local identities are still fighting with that international identity card that the superpowers dominates economically And a life model (the Americanization), then for example while the countries unite in big regional units, the continuation between it is missing and while the economic and scientific globalization and the technological one accelerates a seeking Behind the reduction of the distance differences, the policy is created many of the gaps between the countries. And these manners express the dialectics of the human realization to his role as a social creature from one side, an individual it fights internationally in pursuit of a special position. And some of the researchers see that the problem in the relation between the international and local is aggravated when it tries the greatest international powers like The United States is to give the international nature to what he is local at it for the sake of the achievement of the personal interests . And the spread of this American model is related to the possession of The United States of several media and international outlets. And the researchers call on that operation, “the globalization of the local departments ", and from important the realization that a concept “the globalization” He depends on a bidimensional operation: a cosmic the commitment - and a local the concentration, and this contradiction is the nature of each new reality, Therefore is correct that we call on it he uttered " the local globalization”

• The Islam and the globalization:

And he notices that the Islam and if was its call of the universality of target and purpose and the means, and the speech depends The Qur'anic on all directing an universal message to the people, and he described the creator - Glorified and Exalted be He - himself by that " the Lord of the Worlds ", And the messenger remembered peace be upon him connected with all the people and the joy., the Islamic civilization depended on the common factor between the world civilizations, She accepted the other and reacted with him a taking and a grant, but the Islamic civilization dealt with the difference between The human being as being from the universe truths . Therefore the Qur'anic speech called for the consideration of the differences of race and religion and the language from the factors of the acquaintance between the human being. A harmony the same principles, the Islam unite all the human being men and women, in specific parts: The origin of manners and emergence, and the human dignity and the general human’s right, and the unity of the divinity, and the freedom of choice and the non compulsion, and the unity of the values and the upper human examples.
And the differences appear clear between the universality of the Islam and a concept “the globalization” the contemporary, then while they take the first
On the response of the universality for the universality of mankind and absolute values, and it respects its privacy and the monopolization of the
And the local cultures, depends the second: on an operation banishment” and exclusion “to the cultures of nations and nations and the attempt of single culture imposition of countries that possess the material power and aims through the globalization at the achievement of the market gains no the human being benefits.
And despite this western control on the globalization and its path but the different powers calling for a right the difference and the religious and cultural privacy the investment of the globalization instruments itself enables it for their confrontation, then in A summit " Seattle " the one that was held in The United States of America December 1999 poetry and a pattern the opponents of the GATT agreement are their efforts through the Internet,
Which shows that the human can invest all new in the defense for his identity and itself ... And its humanity
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