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Anyone out there using GMail? What are your thoughts?
iam using gmail
its good with high capintcy more than 2500 mb
the securty good

ithink google and gmail the future Smile
Since you seem like a fan Wink Have you also used google IM? I've only used msn and could've live without it - If you've used both, do you know the main differences?
l think Gmail is the best e-mail ever. lf you don't have an account, l have 100 invites (mine just restarted) so provide an e-mail address and l will send an invite.

But Gmail is awesome because it is safe to use for anyone, you can't get an incoming .exe file, so this prevents viruses and spyware from being e-mailed to you, and this means you can turn off that option in your virus protection that scans incoming mail, and also slows your computer considerably. Neutral The size of it takes away all previous worries about ever emptying your mail, and the google search in it makes locating mail that would have easily been lost on any other service found in the blink of an eye.

And Gmail is actually FASTER than most l have tried!!!
KHO wrote:
l think Gmail is the best e-mail ever. lf you don't have an account, l have 100 invites (mine just restarted) so provide an e-mail address and l will send an invite.

But Gmail is awesome because it is safe to use for anyone, you can't get an incoming .exe file, so this prevents viruses and spyware from being e-mailed to you, and this means you can turn off that option in your virus protection that scans incoming mail, and also slows your computer considerably. Neutral The size of it takes away all previous worries about ever emptying your mail, and the google search in it makes locating mail that would have easily been lost on any other service found in the blink of an eye.

And Gmail is actually FASTER than most l have tried!!!

and I love the design , simple and easy.

Thanks, I just recently got an invite, but wanted to know if it was worth spending time registering, etc. Have just done so and am impressed so far......very quick compared to others (We all know who).

So, no-ones used google IM?
Gmail is by far the best web-based email system around. It's made even better by the fact you get free POP and SMTP service with it, so you can use Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird to collect your mail. I've not had any major problems with it, and the massive storage is really handy. Great for keeping backups of almost anything - just email it to yourself and it's nice and secure.

The Google IM service is mainly for Voice calls although you can send IM too. It's not as well polished as the likes of MSN messenger or AIM, and it's quite "basic". The main drawback is that you need a Gmail account to use one, so you end up (accidentally) sending a Gmail invitation to everyone in your address book and essentially spam them about the Google Talk program. It's not been all that widely adopted yet, so I can't recommend it. But don't let that stop you getting a Gmail account!

If anyone wants a Gmail account, PM me with your email address and name and I'll send one off to you - I've got plenty to give away!
I have been using gmail for about a year now and love it. Have not gotten one piece of spam mail. I love the ability to search through your mail by any thing you want.

You see i was using AOL mail before this, which sucks. It deletes your mail after so long... which google doesn't. Even if you haven't read the mail with AOL, it will delete it after awhile. Word to the wise... AOL mail sucks, gmail is great.
GMail has surely combined good features of Outlook . Its pretty neat.....Its different!!

To start with you may find it bit weird but once you get hang on it, its really nice to use it.

Google has totally changed the concept of emailing. If you see there is not much difference between yahoo and hotmail but GMail is surely different interface apart from the more than 2Gig of space.
What's very nice too with Gmail is its light, only text mode ads.

The innovative feature it also offers, in my opinion, is the organization of your sent/received messages in a forum-like way.

No more struggle to reassemble the patches of a long discussion, it's all there, a thread at a mouse click.

One zillion stars for such a great -and free- service from Google.
I like Gmail very very much, I have connected it up to Thunderbird, so I get my e-mail on my computer!
I use Gmail. The best part I think is labels. You really start to understand why they are so great once you start using them. Everything can easily be organized with labels and it can have multiple labels, unlike folders where it can only exist once.
craigo wrote:
So, no-ones used google IM?

I've used Google Talk.
If you're used to Yahoo! and MSN Messengers, then G Talk is not for you. There are no smileys (not yet) and no frills and thrills as you are used to in MSN/Y!

However, the good thing is that it is ultra-light (at least, as of now), and the Voice chat is great and of great quality.
Gmail is great, but still under beta release. Not much of a confidence in transfering over my emails. Although beta stage may stay a few more years.
I don't think Google will be able to trashbin the millions of mailboxes it hosts.

Personally, I rely on it for my professional mails.

The fact is that Google is preparing one of the biggest offensives of the new millenium in the IT area. That's why it is delaying the launch of the final version of Gmail, among others, and that's what I've read in some analysis.

Think about this sum :

Google (the multilingual search engine) + Google desktop + Gmail + Google earth + the recent ventures with Sun, MS and Mozilla.

Goggle wants to be the next big blue of the information era. It really aims to bring the information at our fingertips.

MS said it, Google may realize it.
I like gmail, for the massive Gb space availible, and the fact that it seamlessly integrates with whatever email client that I've used in the past..... Smile
I like gmail for its free pop3 facility. and now even i can get my mails from my mobile too....!
I am Loving it!!!
i have a gmail account, but i never use it because it's very annoy to log in every 2 weeks. And its very annoy to use all the options. I just use yahoo .Its a lot easier to use and to move to different files etc. and they give you a GB thats really a lot already. are you really going to use up all 2.6 gb that google give you? Probably not.
I prefer yahoo over google, but thats just my personal choice.
GMail Notifier ( is a handy tool.

It sits in the task bar and lets you know when mail has arrived. I have it on both my Mac and Windows machines without issues.

The Gmail ability to get mail via POP capacity is very helpful. I forward all my email accounts to GMail and use the GMail notifier and POP capacity to keep track of all my accounts in one spot.

Life is Good.

But my Gmail Drive won't work anymore...Don't know what is the reason.

Anyway, Gmail has reached 2.7GB space...
Google Mail: is really quite impressive with the whole 'conversation' concept. It also has a massive amount of space (which constantly goes up and is sometimes fun to watch as you can see it go up), however you cannot simply rate gmail high because of its huge capacity, most people would never in they're wildest dreams use even a gigabyte.
I highly recommend GMail. I have been using it since it was first rolled out and have been hooked since.

If I have to pick a feature that I like most it would have to be a toss up between the 2+ gigs of storage I have (that’s a given) and the way that the conversations are tabbed. Never has it been so easy to keep up with an entire contacts conversation history.

But that’s just my opinion! We won't even go into how well it intigrates into your start page if you use the personalized google portal as your start page Smile
g mail is good also all google does i like but hell just my opion..
also if anyone needs a gmail invatation i got 1000 left so give me a hollah if so i will ! Wink
I like it, especially since it has an easy to use and convenient interface. I've used other email services with higher storage, but none are as easy to use and all of them have way too many ads to even be considered.
I've had trouble POP-ing GMAIL because their SSL security can be somewhat finicky at times. Their web interface and features are very nice, but I'd much rather use my own e-mail client (which as I said, works "most" of the time)...

But since Yahoo charges $$$ for POP access, GMAIL is the best option out there right now (since it's FREE).
gmail is the best. i gave up yahoo mail for it. well, actually, i never really liked Yahoo Mail (nor Hotmail...) they both are so SLOOOOOOoooooooooooooOOOwww..... but when GMail came, I was so happy with it because it was fast. One click brings you back to the inbox, type a word and you find it in your mailbox using the search feature, a feature gets added every now and then... AND BEST OF ALL... i never have to delete another message - space gets added every something seconds... i only consume 2% of the whole 2.6[series of random numbers]GB of space.
I was selected to start a Gmail account. Whoopeee! What an exhilarating feeling. One gigabyte (GB) of storage. "What does 1 GB of e-mail mean?", I asked my friend who invited me to start the account. He replied, "It means you can e-mail to your heart's content".

What a remarkably clever marketing strategy on the part of Google. They released the beta version of their Gmail to a select few. Then they restrict ownership to the privileged few who are invited to join. This causes a relative scarcity of Gmail accounts, and makes it all the more highly sought after. Indeed the demand is so great that Gmail is auctioned on eBay, the internet auction house.

Do I need 1 GB storage? Yes quite definitely. I am currently writing musicals. When I complete a song, I send it to my arranger who sends the songs back to me as MP3 files. Each song takes up 3-5 MB space. In the past, I have to keep on clearing my web e-mail in order to free up space for more songs to be sent. Furthermore, I have some international collaborators. Sending or receiving big files is virtually impossible with my current Hotmail (2 MB) account, and difficult with my Singnet (20 MB) account. Thus the ability to send and store big files quickly has been a tremendous boon to my musical collaboration.

There are several other features of Gmail that I love. E-mail on the same topics are filed together, individual e-mail can be labelled for easy sorting, the first line of the contents are displayed, e-mail addresses are saved automatically and pop-up when you need them, sent messages are stored, and the keyboard keystrokes are a breeze to use.

Are there any disadvantages with Gmail? Sure. You sacrifice your privacy. Google searches through your email and when it detects certain keywords, a related advertisement appears. Initially I found this disconcerting. I was writing to a friend about a camera, when suddenly, several photography related advertisements appeared on the right of my screen. It was rather spooky, and I felt I was being watched. But after a while I got used to it. I've also gotten used to the fact that my e-mail is "spied" upon. I'm now a bit more careful, and just won't divulge anything embarrassing in my e-mail.

Another disadvantage is that you cannot save draft copies of your half-completed e-mail. However this does not bother me, as I can easily overcome the problem by sending the incomplete letter to myself. You cannot download and clear your e-mail from storage. Actually this is no longer true. There is a programme that allows you to empty your Gmail storage onto your computer hard disc.

On the positive side, the entry of Gmail into the e-mail market has sparked off a cyber war. Yahoo increased their offering from 6 MB to 100 MB. Hotmail are planning to increase theirs from a measly 2 MB to a more decent 250 MB. Hence you do not need to switch to Gmail, especially if you are worried about your loss of privacy.

As for me, I am ecstatic with Gmail. It is beautifully designed, intuitive, easy to navigate, and has all the features that I like about e-mail. Sometimes it almost feels like a superior form of internet chatting. So two thumbs up for Google. But I'm still not satisfied. I've become an e-mail storage junkie. With 1 GB storage space, I'm on a high. I'm swimming in a bottomless ocean of e-mail. I just hope there aren't too many sharks about!

I still prefer yahoo/msn the best.. free webmails.
I use GMAIL and I am definately happy with it. It is fast and it is dynamic. Since I had GMAIL, I hardly even used my old yahoo account anymore. Very Happy
I have gmail its by far my favorite mail client I dont get as much spam at all it has pop3 and i just love the way it works really fast great storage Very Happy
Spam Control

thats why i love GMail.

No exe attachments

thats the only reason i hate about GMail
No exe attachments

thats the only reason i hate about GMail

it is one big problem, I'am a programmer so i want to send exe files, but I want to zip them and rename the zip to
Does anyone know how to do it more clearly?
gmail is really good except it has a lil of spam
Google does a very good job at the moment, and I never found a mail-box that beats Gmail.

With the Gmail-delete-button for Firefox it is complete.

I read my mail on-line. I don't like Outlook and program's like that, so I use the Gmail-notifier. Exactly what I need, nothing too much!

I don't use the Google IM, because all my friends are on MSN. I registered my Gmail-account with a NET-passport, and now I can MSN with my friends with my Gmail-account.

I have a lot of mail-boxes from Gmail. It's great that you can forward your incoming mails to an other account. When I have to register I use not my primair account, but an other one, and those forward them to my primary.
The strange thing is only: my primary account gets a lot of spam now. That's weird, but I suppose that's because of MSN, that's the only thing I registered that account with.

/edit: I also send .exe-files with my Gmail, but I just rename them in something else and send them (sometimes a file, lets call it file.exe, I recall into file_exe). After dowloading you just replace te dot and it's all right.
I use GMail for sometime now, I know I got my first gmail account after a month or so after it was launched and I've been using it ever since. I like it because it's very simple, it has a lot of space(allthough I don't use it), it has POP3, it's just perfect!
Been using it for a year.. no problems. Though.. there was this one point where I receive 100+ spam in my inbox, but they're all easily deleted.
A mailbox that wouldn't let me delete my mail? I.e. keep it even if I "delete" it? I don't think so.
Gmail defenitely is the best email there is...I remmeber spending hours looking for an invite, that was back when each person only got 4 invites.

If you want to send .exe's through gmail, just .rar the .exe. (compression)
I use gmail, and love the ease of use that they have applied everywhere. Small things like not requiring a page to refresh when a button is pressed, and not having to type "" to login. I use a mac, and AdiumX is my messenger of choice. I have used G talk with it, and I think it is just like every other messenger. The AdiumX program itself does allow smilies, so those work too.

I admire the fact that Google isn't based on providing a free service, while requiring a premium for more features (yet at least). Microsoft's Hotmail had to step up its space when gmail was first introduced because nobody would prefer 2MB when they can have 1GB.

Keeping it semi-public also increased the hype about it, and I still have many people asking me for invites. They are really good about allowing as many accounts per user as you want. I personally have 4 gmail accounts, depending on which computer I use, and whether or not I care about spam.

At first Gmail was only web, and didn't support POP. I thought that since they were promoting their messages like a cronological conversation feature, that they wouldn't ever allow it. I was happily surprised, however when they enabled it, and even gave picture instructions for a large variety of mail clients on various platforms.

Google seems to be ahead of the technologies of other companies by quite a bit. Although Mapquest, Yahoo, and Microsoft all had their maps before Google, google added their satellite feature, and was soon followed by others.

I was invited by Microsoft to try their line of 'live' products (, and have to say that a lot of what they're trying to do is emulating Google. And, unfortunately, and emulation is never as good as the real thing.
man i love Gmail. It is my favorite mail client. I started fowarding all my other e-mail to Gmail.
I like g-mail nice large space, cool name. The only thing that worries me about it is the way the adds are presented.

The software that they use scans all of your e-mails and then outputs advertisements based on the information in the e-mails.
i have gmail and hotmail. gmail is really good it holds alot more and you can transfer more.
Gmail has been amazing for me except for one thing. I usually have to send programs to teachers that I create but Gmail blocks .exe attachments. There's always ways to bypass that though. =D
Only real drawback of Gmail is that it does not support IMAP, which is the only email protocol I think is worth using. Gmail help includes the following rather tantalising snippet:

Does Gmail support IMAP?
Gmail doesn't currently support IMAP access. As part of our ongoing commitment to give our users easy access to their email, we have introduced POP access. We look forward to announcing other new features as they become available.

I had thought that this meant that IMAP would be supported soon but the above help text has been there for more than 6 months now.
GMail is probably the best webmail client i have ever seen. Not only does it give you a ton of space, but the things like Archiving Messages, free POP3, forwarding, etc. Those are what really got me hooked. Yahoo! got blown out of what little water was left when Gmail came out. And dont even mention MSN hotmail...
I like gmail but I still prefere to keep all my mails on my HD. I consider using Gmail as backup. I also use the FF Gmail Space FF extension to back up other files on it Razz
Gmail is the best mail service around. There are a lot of plus points wuith it, here are a few to list:

    [list=]Gmail uses AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML) technology. which makes it fastest around. (Note in other mail provider pages, you have to actually reload the pages when you commit an action or request, like opening a new mail, composing, deleting, marking as read etc. But in GMail have you noticed the diff. It is a lot faster and doesnot have to reload the page.)

[list=]Gmail has a nice, neat and clean interface.[/list]
[list=]Gmail features a conversation type view for mails and their replies, which is very comfortable.[/list]
[list=]Gmail offers all its services for free, which can't be seen anywhere else. like its advanced spam blocking, antivirus protection, RSS feeds, >2.7 GB of space etc.[/list]
[list=]10 Mb of single file upload [/list]
[list=] Great set of expensions like. Gmail notifies. GMailDrive etc.[/list]

Personnally I like gmail very much. I've changed from yahoo.
Also I like GoogleTalk very much. Its crystal clear voice transfer, very small download size (almost 1MB) and neat interface like the Mail are the plus points.
I use GMail and Yahoo! as junk accounts. Whenever i sign up for something and dont want a ton of spam in my real inbox, I just give it my Yahoo or Gmail address. Also comes in handy for getting multiple free trials of stuff.
I am using GMail for some time now... About 4-5 months I think. It's the best free e-mail service ever. Very easy to use and a lot of space for all you e-mails (2.5 GB). The e-mails are sorted as threads or conversations so finding and keeping track of an e-mail is very easy indeed.
Don't ask me about gmail.

You will not like what you see/hear from me.

All I can tell you is that gmail is great for fun only....

Do not use gmail for anything of business nature.

Do not use gmail for anyhing truly personal of value.

Many corporations are blocking mail coming from or to

There are privacy concerns.

There are security concerns.

and no matter what they say, or what you think, you will have
no REAL idea as to what happens to your DATA and who or why
or where someone might "really" look at it.

Gmail is a massive datamining process.

They are reading your mail (electronically, not a person)

Picking it apart.

Looking for keywords, domains, businesses, regional information,
and everything under the sun,

Now if there isn't a category for something in your e-mail, they'll make one.

Then they look at those categories, cross referrence it, with other e-mails, and then look at what their SPONOSORS/ADVERTISERS are trying to push and
then they push that on you.

This part, is all fine, dandy, lovely, yea whatever... great.....


Once this data is gathered, it is LIMITLESS as to how it can be used,
or who can use it.

anyone know anything about identity theft? Just for starters.

this is a real problem, mainly in the united states.

Think about this people.....
Yahoo! AOL, and MSN have been doing this for years. The only way your email can be private is if you buy a domain and host it from your own computer and run the emails off that domain.
desertwind wrote:

No exe attachments

thats the only reason i hate about GMail

That's one thing l love about Gmail Neutral lf you are sending a .exe, just pack it Neutral you save time uploading it, and space left (as if that even matters Neutral).

And without .exe, you can't get Trojans unless you are really stupid Neutral.
Gmail is okay, but email is just email to me, it doesn't matter that much.
G-mail gat some cool features like the mail sort ad the search..
Well what I like the most is the it automatically update the page when a new mail coms and it just plane html..... no annoying banners...
If any body wants free account let me know coz I got allot of them..
I got a service called 30gigs.. lol the name tells it all.. 30 gigs mail space (Maximium)..
I must admit that it is not very easy to move emails from outlook express to gmail. Does any one have good suggestions? thanks,
GMail is the best email service.

It's Free.
It's Large.
It's Simple.

Only downside, but i think they are working on that is that you can't send .exe
I'm using too.
It's Free.
It's Large.
It's Simple.

I'm sure it's a really good service...
but I've tried to register and I can't.
How long does it take it to test beta version?
I'd like to have a gmail account soon.

Anyone knows when does Google Re-Open registrations?

Thanks! Sad
gmail is good =) i like it !
I like and use gmail.Because I'm a web developer,I like gmail technology,It's use ajax technology!
I think Gmail is a great email system as long as you can live with some obvious problems.
1. It is free to you because they are getting a benefit from you, this is not an alturistic I love to do free things for mankind deal. They are making money from advertising and obviously using it for datamining and search engine development.

2. It is not private. They store the messages for a LONG time (maybe forever) so if you have privacy issues use PGP.

it has some nice features, the spam filters are good (hotmail is the worst) they are obviously NOT selling their member lists and doing a good job.

If you want free it is good, but free on the web always has a hidden price.
I use gmail but it have some problem about other language eg. thai, but other feature is good.
Gmail is Best, Fast, no big Ads like Yahoo or Hotmail, no pop ads, and best part is more then 2 GB space which can be used for data storage and data transfer.
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