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Laptop cpu, graphic card question.

Is it possible to upgrade a laptops cpu?
I know that you can upgrade the memory (RAM), But Im not sure about upgrading the cpu.
And if I can, Laptops and Desktops have same typr of cpu right? so I can exchange my desktops cpu and upgrade my laptops cpu with it?

As for the graphic card, when I try to play games on my laptop, it says that something is not detected and asks "continue or cancel".
It is the same game but the graphics are different from my desktop...
Is it possible to get a graphic card for laptops?

Laptop components are almost never the same as desktop components. Laptop CPU chips run on much lower voltages so they can be powered by a battery, so a desktop processor will NOT work in a laptop.

Technically, you could upgrade the processor in a laptop with a new mobile processor, but it's not a good idea. The maximum speed of processor depends entirely on your motherboard - if you put too high a processor into it, the motherboard will break. You will also have problems with cooling - faster processors run hotter and the fans on a laptop are specifically designed to cool the processor that was originally put into the motherboard. If the processor overheats, it could literally melt your laptop.

Graphics cards, again, are entirely dependant on the motherboard. Without exception, no desktop graphics cards will work in a laptop. I'm not aware of anywhere that sells graphics cards for laptops, and the type of card your laptop can use depends again on the motherboard.

You could replace the motherboard, but you would need to find one that fit the laptop case with the cooling ports in the correct position. However, with the exception of the LCD screen, a motherboard is the most expensive part for a laptop. This sounds like a large upgrade that you want to do, and from reading your post, I'd assume you have no computer building experience. Therefore I would recommend that you don't touch the hardware inside your laptop. If you need the upgrades badly, I think the best thing to do is just buy a new computer.
Thank you for the quick reply...
I guess I should just sell this one and get a new one...
Thanks for the very good description.
No problem - hope it's some help to you!

Boles Roor
You can upgrade.
As long as you know what hardware you have.
I know AMD has Socket A. Which they still use in laptops. The Mobile's, as they're called, are still wanted by overclockers who have a Socket A MoBo in their desktop. (don't overclock you're laptop =P You'll fry it. )

Just find out what you have, and search for the options.
like Boles Roor said, find out your options but my guess is there wont be many and the difference will probably be minimal, so you are better off just getting a new laptop.
It can be changed, as long as your new processor fits that motherboard of your laptop, which usually the difference of your old laptop cpu and the best available for your motherboard would not be much of a difference as the technology of laptop processor kept changing.
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