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Fax Machine...

I just installed a LexMark x2350 All-In-1 and was wondering wether anybody else has it. I want to know everything about the fax function.
Also, how do you get a fax number? If you get one automatically when you buy it where do you find out what it is? The fax is sent by modem which it automatically fount which was good. Its run on a Windows Xp.

If anybody has a fax machine and would like to help me out then please PM me. I want to see wether I can send and recieve them and I don't know anybody with another fax machine.

P.S What are the differences between Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Pro? A link would be really helpful if anybody knows a good site.
The fax number is the same as the telephone line you connect your fax machine to. So if you have a telephone and fax connected, the phone will ring, but the fax machine will pick up the call after a set number of rings whether it's a fax or data call.

This site:
Should help with your XP questions too.
Thanks for the URL, i'll check it out now.
About the fax, what if its not directly connected to a telephone line? My modem is connected to a silver piece at the back of my NTL box. (NTL is a service like Sky).


Haven't been persuaded by Windows XP Pro, I'll stick to Home Edition for now. Still waiting for an expert on Faxes to wonder by... Very Happy
I'm not entirely sure how it would work then. I know what NTL cable is, so don't worry!

In my experience, you use a standard telephone cable to connect a fax machine to a standard telephone socket, so I'm not sure if this will work plugged into your NTL box.

You could try testing it - try sending a fax to your mobile phone or landline* then do 1471 and see if a number comes up. If it does, you've got a fax number. If not, try connecting it to a telephone socket and try again.

*This won't actually work, and you won't be able to recieve a fax to your mobile or landline, but the phone will ring, giving you the number you need (hopefully)
wumingsden wrote:
Haven't been persuaded by Windows XP Pro, I'll stick to Home Edition for now.

Unless you use your computer on a business network, there really isn't a reason to upgrade to XP Pro. It's called "home edition" for a reason!! Wink
It says "failed to send" when I try and send it, any other suggestions ?
Yeah - plug it into a standard telephone port.

The fax machine works much like a dial-up modem in that it needs a dial-tone to work. If the port on your NTL box isn't "live" then your fax machine won't work.

If you are trying to plug it into your NTL modem, this could explain why it isn't working - a fax machine has an in-built modem, so you don't need to put it into another one.

A fax message transmits like a phonecall, ie. using sound on a phone line. As far as I know, there's no such thing as "Fax-Over-IP" so you will need to pay as per a phonecall for each fax you send. You can't use your braodband connection to send a fax with a standard fax machine.
This is what I know:

I have a modem. This is installed as a package from NTL. The wire from my modem goes to a silver object. This object has two other wires coming from it, one for the NTL box and one for something else.
When I installed the All-in-1 printer it automatically serached for a modem "to send faxes" it said. It fount it and said it was all set up. I tried to send one [a fax] but it said couldn't send.
My printer, I repeat, is All-in-1, and is connected to my computer via USB port. The is no wires to connect in my phone line so how can this be set up. The only thing that I can think of is if I had dial-up internet which may be able to send a fax this way.
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