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Bored Of Porn - VERSION 2


If anyone remembers my site (it was the really weird green coloured one if that helps). Well i finished version 2 of it last night and the radioactive layout is GONE! Shocked is down at the moment, i think, so it mightn't work for a while, but heres the link:

i've also got a .tk domain dealy:

Also, i was thinking of buying a .com but isit really worth the bother for my typ've personal site? I mean, i get a lot of visitors considering its a personal, mainly people at school playing the games. At times i have nearly every screen in an IT room with my site on it Very Happy
nobody going to reply huh?
I'm gonna reply .

BTW , if u make gfx , visit my site and start submitting graphics to earn a domain .

If you need a css tutorial , see mine (link at my sig)
I would, but my photoshop has recently crashed Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
Dude, your site is totally messed up in Internet Explorer... All the content is WAYYYYY on the left - it's usually not a good idea to ignore people who use MSIE (because they make up over half of the 'online' population, last time I checked..)
I like it, its much better to look at than your old one
Its pretty good, I like the nice clean look and layout

Sorry guys

I was nearely to finish uploading my website Wink
But somehow evrything was destroyed

I had no time the last week to access the forum

So they got 5 points

Now I have to become more active so that they Help me get back my free hosting


Thank you
Dread Lord Chaos
I like your site a lot...those video sites always keep me busy for a while Smile


-More Videos/Games
-More Content(Add things to the side panel)
-Layout is good but make it a little more interesting(I don't have any specifics to comment about but I think you get the gist)

I expect you were going to do all this eventually so....umm...yea. Good site Smile
LA Ridge
The colors are excellent. I love the dark... lol Layout is great overall. Watch the sssspppeeellliinnnggg. Chineeese has too many e's in it. I do this editing thing for a living and it is very hard to edit your own stuff! I have to edit our new site and the Admin people on our staff are notoriously rotten spellers! My name is even spelled wrong on the new home page. They put an "e" in my last name on two of my articles. I have to wait until this week to get them to fix it because they are on holiday...

It is always recomended to have a friend look it over for grammer and typo mistakes. I do it too, so it's normal.
The sites good. You should buy the domain becaus .tk domains totally ruin the sites look, and if someone has popup blocker software then the site won't open, it''s odd I have one too and its a real bother.
the sites good, cool interface and yes as everybdy suggests buy a .tk domain coz it doesnt look nice
LA Ridge
There is one good reason to have a .tk domain instead of a .com. There is an article, I have to find it, from a local companyy here in Arizona called Go Daddy. They talk about how the Govt. requires all domains in the U.S. to be complete with all information about the owner including Social Security numbers, etc.

If you are a site making money, this should concern you. The Govt is getting prepared to tax the Internet. Don't believe me? Just wait and see, but it WILL happen!

I have no idea why you think it "looks" bad. Maybe to you personally, but customers don't give much of a damn. If your content is worthy and your site is nicely done, then is should not be an issue.

I'll find that Go Daddy article and post it, but Go Daddy wasn't too awfully happy about it happening. It's some rogue Govt. Agency, I forget the name.

The "Blank" is a real domain name because your site name shows up first. The .com name isn't as relevent as it used to be. It's easy to remember, but you can solve that by having a good site that isn't lame. People will bookmark it anyway. If you do a redirect, it is easy enough to remember. That's another cheap solution.

The pop-up issue sounds like an admin problem rather than a .tk problem. I have been to a few and never had a problem. Turn off the blocker and keep your system clean of spyware, and that problem will be resolved. IF you are a webmaster, then you should support your buds in the business anyway and turn off the pop up blockers, advertising is how ALL companies make money. All REAL Internet sites have advertising, even if it's just their own.
all i gotta say is hahahahahaha
that eyeball movie was the creepyest thing i ever seen, ohh how did that guy do that and not puke or blink


Thats a pretty sweet site you got there, and now that eyeball thing is going to be sticking with me now for the rest of my life. Yuck
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