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Web-Related Depression

I enjoy web design, and I'm under the impression that my technical knowledge is above average. This year has been a horrible year for technical problems, though. Maybe it's too many new technologies coming too fast. I spend way too much time trying to fix technical problems - some of which NEVER get fixed - and almost no time on design. By the time I get stupid problems fixed, I've used up the time and energy I should have spent on design and content. Sad

Earlier this year I was just mowed down by an attempt at a PHP-Nuke site. The PHP-Nuke install went ok for the most part. A few modules didn't work, and I couldn't get help for those. I could almost feel the frustration of forum support areas where people in the same boat as me besieged forum mods with demands for free help. Luckily PHP-Nuke is modular, so I could just give up on the mods that didn't work.

The heart-breaker was the gallery mod. It never worked. I tried Gallery and Coppermine. I literally spent weeks on forums trying to get the problem solved. That was weeks *not* working on the site. I felt increasingly stressed and exhausted. I finally gave up. I never developed that site. I used up all my energy just trying to get the gallery to work. It was wasted time I will never get back.

Now, several months later, I've gathered enough energy to try something different. Nothing fancy. Just a WordPress blog. Famous for quick and easy install. Supposedly dummy-proof.

And here I am AGAIN! I broke the site almost immediately. I've spent all night trying to fix it. I'm already stressed and tired, remembering how long I spent on the gallery problem. I feel like the energy I could be using on the web site is just being sapped away on a stupid problem.

I don't have a sense of entitlement about tech support. I think it's a miracle when people give their time to help. I'm just sick and tired of all this buggy crap getting in the way of what I want to do. If I was new to web programming, I think I'd be able to just settle in for a long learning curve. But I've been doing this sort of work for a long time. Shouldn't experience count for something? But all these unsolvable problems are just wearing me down. I want to get onto the *actual web site* before the creative moment is gone.

So now I'm very depressed. Sad
I feel your pain, man.
Been there; done that...... and still doing it.

When you exhaust all of your energy on the technical, there's not much creative juice left for the aesthetic.
It becomes more trouble than it's worth, and then you're left with this horrible feeling of un-fulfillment - like you know you've got a fantastic, marvelous, wonderful idea... if you could only fight your way through all of the B.S. long enough to bring it to fruition.

It's like trying to paint a picture and your paint keeps drying out after every 2-3 strokes.
I had a similar problem when i was making a php-nuke based site for a company. I had it all up and running and was close to recieving payment, when the webhosts database went down taking my phpnuke installation down with it.
I then had to go through the trouble of recreating the site, still didnt work.
In the end i found a free webhost, frihost, and set it up there.
Been fine ever since but the website has hardly been used.
Got my payment though Smile (free laptop) so it was worth the 4-5 months of trouble in the end.
Thanks for the commiseration! I feel better today since the site is no longer broken. However, new problems came up, and the solutions were not self evident. I went to the WordPress forum, and it didn't seem very active. Many questions went unanswered for months.

The worst aspect of both progress and an entrepreneurial society is that individual initiative is so easily wasted. Individuals bear the entire risk of time and energy invested. There should be some smaller pay offs near the bottom to keep people moving on.
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