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The FreePay Guide

The FreePay Guide
I hope no one takes this as spam. This is my site right now.

I plan on adding a few features to it, I just need a little bit of a better host so that I can do simple things like email forms and what not.

But check it out and let me know what you think guys.
NIce layout, could do with more content over several pages
yeah real nice layout
made it yourself?
I like your site, but the only thing I dont like about those freepay things is that you have to give out your credit card and different things while you complete the first offer.
The FreePay Guide
Thanks guys. I didn't design the layout. I just got a free shopping cart layout and modified it like crazy to fit my site.

The content is still in the works. I just recently set up this account and haven't really started advertising it. There will be more coming very soon. I just moved from a non-domain account.

Xorcist: There's plenty of ways of getting around that, if you don't like giving out your credit card numbers. Banks issue gift credit cards... It's a credit card that has a designated amount on them, as to keep your real credit card private. Also, is a company that issues the same type of thing, but for online orders only. Plus if you only have like $10 on a card, and forget to cancel out of an offer you sign up for, you won't have to worry about them charging you after a month.
your design is good. It looks fashionable. Wink
excellent website!!! are these offers for real?? dont tease us now! Evil or Very Mad
it seems that many things are free
how come?
The FreePay Guide
feda16 wrote:
excellent website!!! are these offers for real?? dont tease us now! Evil or Very Mad

Yes, all the offers listed are free.

How it works is you sign up for whichever product you want. You are then given about 10-15 choices of offers to complete. You pick one and do it. They are all trials for companies like Blockbuster Online,, RealArcade, etc. Most of them are free month trials.

Next you get other people to sign up underneath you. You will need anywhere from 3-10 people to sign up and complete 1 offer each, depending on the worth of your product. For instance, an iPod shuffle only takes 3 people, whereas a desktop PC takes 10 people.

So once you get the amount of people necessary to sign up, your account will be reviewed, and upon approval you will have your free product shipped to you. You don't have to pay a dime!

It's all covered in the FAQs... The site isn't 100% complete, but for the most part everything is covered. It's all real... It's been covered by various sources like CNN and NBC.
Wait, you can get a Premium iPod without paying a cent?

By the way, when I click on the Sign Me Up! link in the Newest Addition on the first page, this error turns out:
The page isn't redirecting properly





Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.



    *   This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept

I'm sure my cookies are enabled and I didn't refuse to accept them.

And one more thing, when i click at the Sign Me Up! link under the Featured Product on the first page, a pop-up window opened but the width is half of the required width to view the message, and the window can't be resized. As a result, I can't view the pop-up window message properly.

All this happen under Firefox. Perhaps you design the page for IE only and haven't tested it on other browsers. Sadly, Firefox in particular is gaining strength rapidly over time. According to one report, it holds ten percent of the market share now. If this is the case, you should really consider testing it and make it compatible for at least Firefox and IE, and perhaps one other browser, Opera.
i was just wondering if u have recieved anything from them yet seen as ur referal link is on nearly every page?
if you do i will be intrested in advertising your site on in return for my referal link been on long enough for me to get the required peoplpe to sign up for a ipod would u be intrested?

btw poxyproxy gets atm (not during school hollidays) gets 90 uneque hits per day and is increasing
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