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hi im new and i need help building a website.
moved to design tips,

on a separate note, welcome, and is there anything specific that you need help with? Is there anything you know already? Your topic is pretty vague.
There's lots of tutorials out there for css and html which is pretty much all you need to start off, the one I learned off is at webreference : [img=]html with style[/img]

it covers html and css pretty well.

If you already know html and css then there's not much I can help you with because you're already ahead of me Razz
hmm, what type of website?
I want to build a website & a on it, I have the planned out but i dont know how to build it realy i need proggramming help with making of and the site. I am in a government traing school right now so i cant afford to pay for anything, but if someone can help me find free webspace and host, and help with the design and programming and production of my site and than i would be happy and honored to put then in the credits and give credit to their desihns but i ask that everyone respects my propert, and site and that of others! Please help me? The will be a online , but i need help putting my ideal into production and turning it into a working online multiplayer world!

The will be midevil fantasiy!
Waht I need-

Site design
Battle Program & Simulator
Score and rank program and simulator
pay and money exchange
in stores,banks,and all things medevil
Character creation help
all things medevil and fantasy(dragons,demons,werewolves,wizards,warriorsand so on)
I need help with it all, if intersed please let me know, if you help me in this project in anyway, you will get your credit for your work plus more in privs, and admin or mod accounts!

Thank you!
That is an extremely large undertaking. I suggest that you start learning programming on your own time with small projects which could eventually lead up to this. Don't get me wrong, I'm willing to help with small things, but doing this, even with a couple of other people, would be the equivalent of a full time job, which I don't currently have the time for and I doubt anyone else does either.
I understand your thinking but if I could just get someone to help me with finding the resources and free website and space host and domain,
and all i relay need the most to make work is a litle batle simulator and score keeper, that would add to rank, please if not anything else help me with this and you will have all privs and credit for your work!
I have sent you a PM about a possible host for this. They have accepted hosting for other online games. I'm unsure frihost coukld host something like beacuse they use a lot of pace and masses of bandwidth.

the domain you wont get free but nothing wrong with a subdomain name or a free forwarder such as etc

The coding I can't help you with sorry nor I am I aware of anyplace or anyone who offer free services which reach this limit.

Matt Smile
HI~me too
i'm a newbie
dont worry every ones a newbie at one time just lets hope your not a slow newbie lol oh well.
hey i can give u a resource for flash clips, have you ever tried ive been using it for a LONG while now and it provides me with planty of resources for Flash Animations and sound loops, etc etc. Cool

You can also try NUMEROUS tutorials online which can help you, all you have to do is go on google, and type in "Web Designing tuotrials"!!!,

Oh and by the way, im a newbie too!, to this webhost, but not website creation! Wink
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