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weird technique for traffic, kinda works i guess

Well after reading many posts here, i decided to search for my website on the major search engines, msn, yahoo, and google. In msn, i type the name of my website and i pop up 1-2 on the list because i posted my website url on a post in a thread under advertise yourwebsite on On the google search engine however, nothing pops up.

So im thinking, if you post your website url / name on some of the posts and threads on, your website will pop up as one of the first ones on msn search. Although it is an odd way of advertising and getting ranked, it kinda works. it will get you ranked at least. I did this 2 weeks ago and i tested it a few days ago, not sure what the ballpark waiting period is but try it! Im not suggesting posting your url/website name on everysingle post, but what if you put your url/website name on your signature and you happen to reply/post to many of the threads here? will it get you higher rank?

Only one way to find out, try it. If the mods/admin on here dont mind.
It is logical. Your rank is decided by the number of links poiting towards your website. It does not tell about the links beeing made by you or others! And as Frihost is a serious website, the search engines consider is a good source and consider the links. Wink
look at my sig....want another hint? oh well...i`m a nice guy Smile
see what`s written on my link? using anchor words you also increase the chances of people finding your link when searching for those specific words..
that is the oldest trick to refer/promote your sites by your self
correct me if i am wrong and i most certainly am.... isnt it only google that checks for backlinks? or do yahoo and MSN check for backlinks too?
if not then why not optimise your site for MSN and Yahoo. when you become number 1 there, then your google ranks will rise, not soon, but slowly. As of now the most of the top links are spam Sad
YES GOOGLE does check for back links

but msn and yahoo looks for more unique content in your pages
its weird, but yetserday i checked on msn. my page wasnt even ranked or showed up. today i type in my page name without the .com and it was ranked as number 1 and 2. also had a description of my website that i wrote in my index page. also on google, i changed my page and linked my website onto my page on with a little description, and it popped up as 1-2. its nto a direect link to my website, but it still pops up and you cangoto my website through my page. but nothing on yahoo yet. maybe takes al ittle more time. I just signed up to a bunch of search engines...we'll see how that works..
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