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Do you hate xmas?

Do you hate christmas?
 11%  [ 4 ]
 88%  [ 31 ]
Total Votes : 35

I dont know about your guys but I absolutely hate christmas! It's nothing but TONS of extra stress, extra costs, and it's lost all of its true meaning which is the birth of jesus not santa. Xmas sucks.
S3nd K3ys
djcaution wrote:
I dont know about your guys but I absolutely hate christmas! It's nothing but TONS of extra stress, extra costs, and it's lost all of its true meaning which is the birth of jesus not santa. Xmas sucks.

Pity reply...

Merry Christmas!
ofcourse I don't hate christmas! How can't you even think evil thoughts about Christmas? It's the greatest time on the year. Smile
Capitalist holidays ftw, man!! Razz
Merry Christmas, everyone.
l love Christmas, and all l ever get is socks and sweaters (not actually a bad thing mind you, l do need some socks Neutral, and it has been getting kinda cold lately Neutral) But it is spending the day with my family, eating the honey glazed ham with other relatives and just bonding with everyone around you. lf you don't like the capitalist's way of celebrating this holiday, don't support it, don't buy preasents for people, instead just show up at their door, or invite them over to your place for dinner. l think this is actually a much better way to celebrate this day.

And by the way, isn't Xmas just the nihilist way of celebrating Christmas, by removing the existance of a Christ Neutral that would make them two different things entirely Neutral
djcaution wrote:
I dont know about your guys but I absolutely hate christmas! It's nothing but TONS of extra stress, extra costs, and it's lost all of its true meaning which is the birth of jesus not santa. Xmas sucks.

I must say that you are the most evil person i've ever met and that this is a truely terrible statement. You are very much mistaken
You don't like Christmas? I'm sorry. Christmas is all about Christ, spending time with family, and giving. What's not to like about that? Don't you like finding gifts for your family and friends?
Chrismas I awsome!
Only thing that is a pain is the butt to me is all over over commercialised crap from companies ie Target, Kmart etc.

They over expolite Christmas and it is annoying because christmas in not about only giving and reciveing but family and Christianity.

But atleast it pumps you up abit if you see a sale on somewhere then you know you have a chance of getting something good for chrissy!
I love the true Christmas, but I hate Christmas music, and I hate the Christmas commercialism. I think if everybody made homemade presents for everyone, they would mean mean to the recievers, you would save money, and it would be fun instead of running around to stores buying $100's of dollars worth of junk.
coolclay wrote:
I love the true Christmas, but I hate Christmas music, and I hate the Christmas commercialism.

Ya, l don't like that during all of December, if l'm going to watch TV or listen to the radio l have to listen to or watch the same thing they played all of last december, and they don't stop playing it Neutral so then l just go to sleep early and forget about some leasurly time Neutral
I don't hate christmas. But christams to me, is just like any other day with just a celebration of togetherness. Laughing
Chistmas was a ploy from the beginning against people aka
convert them, but make it easy! we want our holidays. wahhh!
Now it is overly commericalized
top it off with the fact that people spent way to much money on this holiday, causing more and more credit card dept.

USA riches minus unpaid Credit = *wonders if it is negitive*
well, you don't have to buy anything if you really can't afford any gifts.

for me, Christmas, is just very euphoric! when Christmas season comes, i just can't help but be happy! weeeeeeeeee!
Why to hate xmas? I don't care if there are any gifts (at my age this has no charm)....i like the colors, the life, the party with friends on go xmas Smile
nope! i enjoy it
I don't hate Christmas...

While swapping gifts often wastes your money, you get to see family and friends. And that is more important than money...
i like it.. its nice to be with family for once in a long term

gifts are cool aswell
Shade of Blue
I like Christmas, because even though I'm Jewish, it means winter break (off of school), a trip to Atlanta to hang out with my dad's family, Hanukah, and presents/money!
Very Happy

Of course, I'm in high school, so I don't have to deal with buying a lot of gifts and wrapping them and stuff I'm enjoying it while I can.
no, i love xmas.
Sure, there is lots of added stress associated with Christmas. But all good things in life come at a cost! All the family and joy around at Christmas is worth all the stress!
dude, I love Christmas. School is cool, no homework, beside the fact that they were tests. Well, I don't give out present so I don't spend extra.
Well, not at all because it's a holiday and I love holidays, time to rest. Wink
From the commercial value of it, yep. And at the same time, it's nice to be around family. I don't fret over gifts, would be just as happy without them (hopefully sharing that feeling with the next person.. he he)..

Happy holidays though. Smile
i really like christmass , cuz it brings the spirit of joy between people ,

and happiness is every where, those people who are whining about the sale and stuff in christmass,

let me tell u , that it is u who decide how to celebrate ur xmass , so dont hate the whole world ,if u dont have money to buy presents to others,

Right now the whole world is being broken with war ,terrorism and Religion , i think there should be more festives like chirstmass ,EID , Diwali Etc,, which will bring people together , and spread Peace and happiness Wink
xmas comes only once a year.. and i love every bit of it.. its still one of the happiest days in my year and my year is nvr complete w/o xmas.. merry xmas guys..
The literal answer to this question is no, I don't hate Christmas. But I don't celebrate it, and think it's a waste of time and effort, utterly pointless and overly-commericialised. After all, how can you hate something you don't understand?
I love Christmas.

I know athiests who love Christmas.

Everyone is just nicer. Things are happier for 24 hours.
How can someone hate christmas?? if you dont like it dont do it, if you do do it, but i will always celebrate Christmas even if i dont truly belive in anything Rolling Eyes
I absolutely love christmas, its a holiday for us Very Happy mebbe thats the only reason I love it hehe...

I havent heard a person telling he hates a festival.. after all festivals are made for enjoying only na ! Razz

Yes it kinda wastes money, but that is only for joy we experience !

why do i hate it ???

i pretty like this festival, although i've got nothing to do. But when i walk in the streets and see lots of Christmas decorations, and when i see also the choir team singing those festival songs at night, i feel very warm~

that's what i like~~. and i don't need to spend much~~ haha, i do not have many friends.
I can't find a reason to hate it.

Christmas is sure a nice day. Exchanging gifts and etc...
Hello everyone !

Personally, I love christmas, but I found it unuseful to give gifts... This is a religious holyday and not a commercial... Peoples are ''commercialisez'' it and it's a bad view of Christmas.

For me, christmas is the best time to pass with my family and don't talk about the work or what ever related to the life of everyday. It's the only time where I can sit and eat no stop.

Good times to all!

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