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What is the favorite team in the NBA

I am fan of the detroit pistons Very Happy
which one you like?
I'm a huge fan of the Houston Rockets. Unfortunately, injuries got the best of us during the beginning of the season and we didn't do all too well. Now, however, we are coming back and even though we don't have Yao for now, I'm sure we can string together a bunch more wins.
Utah Jazz all the way bitches.
LA Lakers is the best Wink
Exclamation Twisted Evil Exclamation Twisted Evil Exclamation Twisted Evil Exclamation
i like LA lakers and the boston celtics
Exclamation Twisted Evil Exclamation Twisted Evil Exclamation Twisted Evil Exclamation
when I was interesting NBA my favorite team was Utah Jazz. Now when I watch NBA finals I 'm supporter of teams from west.
Hmm. I have just started watching this season... And I like the Suns. Don't know why, but i like them. I think Steve Nash incredible...
Dallas and Lakers..
Dallas have good players Smile
and LA have Koby Brayent Smile
I've been a Chicago Bulls fan ever since I was 5. I grew up during the Jordan era and I've never stopped liking them, granted they haven't been doing well lately so I haven't been following them as much.
I loved how last season he Bulls came back up and dropped some good games, But i am a Spurs lover, I do like the Kings also, but Spurs all the way.
Detroit Pistons.. they have great players with the Wallaces and Billups
i like sa antonio spurs only for their name...
This is easy, San Antonio Spurs. But, I dont think they are going to win it all again, they just dont seem aggressive enough like they did last year.
When I was watching NBA my favourite Team was San Antonio Spurs because of David Robinson, he was one of my fav players. Other players I liked a lot: Kevin Johnson, Patrick Ewing, Kevin Garnett
Dread Lord Chaos
I've been a Knicks fan my whole life but it's tough to watch em nowadays with the way they play. Isiah Thomas ran the team into the ground completely. We spend more then everyone else and we still can't escape our label as one of the 5 worst teams in the NBA. *sigh*
Gotta go with my Stones. Man are they looking sharp even though it's still early in the season...

Hi! I've been a pretty passionate fan of the chicago bulls when I was really young but that was during the Jordan area. Now Im prettyy much into the LA LAKERS AND THE PHILADELPHIA SEVENTY-SIXERS! They just rockkkk!!
i lik pistons
I love all Chicago teams so I have to go with the bulls (and they are doing their best impersonation of the worst team in the league right now)

But I love watching the Pistons (though I don't like them..) Their team ball is going to make a run for the 72 wins record...
I'd have to say the Phoenix Suns would be my favorite. I mean the combination of S.Nash, A. Stoudemire, S.Marion is just incredible. I love a fast paced team. My second favorite would have to be the Detroit Pistons. Ben Wallace is the man. I can't say I dislike any teams, they are all filled with great athletes!
Philadelphia 76ers is the best Smile
thanks for your answers
go pistons Very Happy
the suns because of rick nash, good canadian kid
I've always liked Philadelphia and Sacremento, but unfortunately they aren't championship contenders. And Sacremento particularly aren't good at the moment.
I live in LA and it's all about the Clippers... haha got chu! Thought I was gona say Lakers huh? lol... I like the Pistons, and if I could go back in time, I'd pick the Lakers Smile
@ west ==> Los Angeles LAKERS
@ east ==> Mưami HEAT
I like Toronto, Charlie Villanueva really makes a difference I think. Bosh is pretty good too. The team isn't exactly the greatest, but fun to watch.
pistons will win all!!!!!!!!!
they are the best team with the most playmakers
not a very competitive game anymore
I'm a big Spurs fan, but the Pistons are kicking some butt this year.
I live in Philly so I have to be a fan of the sixers.
Detroit and New Orleans. Kinda like, one of the best and one of the worst.

Why I go for Detroit:
One day in school, when I didn't know a rat's *** about the NBA, I was surfing on the official homepage. Turns out Detroit and LA were playing, and my friend was going for LA. Being the inconsiderate prick that I am, I started going for Detroit. They won! Later on, I found out it was the final Very Happy

Why I for New Orleans
I used to have a New Orleans ring. 'Nuff said.
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