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pop ups, adds and viruses

my computer keeps getting pop ups, adds and viruses... are there any good programs out there that I can use to get rid of these?
Best thing to do is not use internet explorer and stop surfin porn Wink

Anywho, ad aware and spybot will get rid of the spyware. As for viruses, I believe there is a good free virus scanner called avg? Not quite sure on that one.

But as I said, best thing to do is use a different browser because most spyware is geared towards the most popular one - IE.
Mozilla is a good one, lots of people use it.
I perfer Opera, because it's better. lol

You may find some problems with functionality and some sites that were designed for IE, but most will work fine. Both browsers have built in popup blockers.
IE or not. it doesn't matter as long as u are not opening illegal sites... like theones mentioned above or the ones which offers free softwares and the like. lots of those sites throws out lots of spywares without your knowledge.

The best option you have is to format and install it again for it would take a shorter time and less pain takign as you may never get rid of all the files which are infected by those anti-spywares or anti-virus.

BEST OPTION: format your system.
Few useful links for you;

Spyware removal

Alternative browsers

Firefox allows you to download "extensions" for increased functionality, some good ones;
You'll get a free virus scanner called AVG (wowz - you were right!) from

It's excellent - I've used it for a good few years and not had any problems, but you're only allowed to install it for personal use (ie. don't put it on your work's computer). You should also get a firewall like ZoneAlarm from - there's a free version.

As far as conversation about Internet Explorer (IE) goes, it is actually more secure to use a browser such as Firefox. If you can't do this, try turning off "Active-X Controls" in IE. Firefox doesn't support Active-X because they can be quite nasty if they've been designed to damage your computer. The other side to that coin, though, is that IE can do more complex things (such as Windows Update) that Firefox can't. But with the spread of Firefox recently, fewer websites are using Active-X so soon you won't notice.

Hope this helps!
If you want a complete System Security Suite, buy the ZoneAlarm Security Suite! I'm using it for many years now and my computer hasn't been infected yet by a single virus! Nor did any hacker got in... It's the best! Wink
You can use Firefox browser which has inbuilt protection against pop-ups. You can try Microsoft Antispyware for protection against Spy-Ware.
stop going to funny sites and looking at porn! seriously. get spybot, adware, or the new anti-spyware microsoft bought from giant. for viruses, use avg, its free and good. plz use firefox and if it's really bad i advise you to reformat your computer ;D remeber to save your important files somewhere else!
S3nd K3ys
aningbo wrote:
IE or not. it doesn't matter as long as u are not opening illegal sites... ....

Wrong answer.

Default settings in IE allow way too much stuff to go on behind your back. It's not just 'illegal' sites.
first respondant wowz said it very well;
stop using IE (firefox or opera instead), and be careful about sites you go to.
in addition, people find a combination of at least two anti-spyware applications useful. adaware is the classic, and spybot is a good addition.
S3nd K3ys, wake up!!! IE is not far behind. may be u should try using them again if you haven't seen the newer version for years now.
Use Ad-Muncer, it'll block almost all ad banner, advertising, pop ups, and many more Sercah it on Smile
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