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Anime section

Sir, I'm an avid fan of anime and i would like to request if there could possibly be a new section for Anime under the "Sports and Entertainment" section. Most members here, if Im not mistaken also like anime in particular Bleach, Naruto..etc. This is to make separate discussions on those who are enthusiast themselves. I hope that you would consider this request and consider its benefits. Thank you very much and hoping for a favorable response.

I'm very much for that section!!! We could discuss all our favorite animes without being cluttered by other tv related business or such Razz
Maybe animé / graphic novels would be good. I like animé somewhat but I prefer a good cartoon book like a manga or Western graphic novel. I consider Daniel Clowes one of the best writers, even compared with normal prose authors.

Would love to discuss / debate Clowes...
Based on the fact that dac_nip's first word in this thread was "Sir", I say Bondings should make teh Anime section.

Seriously, you can't get any more polite than "Sir". Wink

may be it is a good idea

i think plenty of us love animes~~


we can have a place to discuss the animes in Frihost~
"sir" its just out of habit that i often use this word. for me, anyone is qualified to be called sir. so? would this be approve?
I would very much like an anime section! Please make one! Very Happy
It looks like there are many anime fans here, so it's a good idea.
Looks like lots of people love animes, including me, so will there be an anime section?
Yap.. I think It's a must... if It's a question, I'll answer Yes for 1001 times

And of course, it should have much poster there... Very Happy - and please differ between anime and comic please Smile
If there is an anime section, you must put a spoiler tag too...So that those manga readers won't reveal to us watching video...
yup.. i very much agree..please put a spoiler tag if you're going to discuss things that you know are still relatively new..
A list of things you shouldn't suggest (because we will never add them anyway):
1) Adding subforums to this forum.
I enjoy anime too, but most anime forums I have been affiliated with and even modded an extremely large based forum I amd still a member and have been for 5 or so years... But that and others always end up in generic mainstream questions and anime regurgitation.

They were questions like or about:
  • Mainstream "kiddie anime"
  • Porn/Hentai question
  • Where to find torrents
  • Where to get free anime
  • Anime music vid questions
  • What do you recommend

Very general and 1337 kidiot threads. I won't assume the anime forum here will lead down the same path. But I am very doubtful and pessimistic.
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