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problems with my calculator

Canadian Bacon
hello all, im gonna say thank you right now to all that respond and lend a hand.

anyway, ive been having a problems with my computers calculator, its pops up at random moments. no matter what im doing. whether im running a full screen programing or, grrr, typing on a forum, it pops up. im not sure at all what could be causing it, i havent noticed any particular button combination that would be at fault.
thanks for your advice.
Canadian Bacon
oh ya, just thought of it, incase anyone is wondering, im running windowsXP Pro.
Go to START > PROGRAMS > ACCESSORIES then right-click and properties on the Calculator icon. Check that there's nothing in the "shortcut key" box.

It's possible that during gameplay, you could hit a certain key combination (usually CTRL+ALT+another key) and the calculator will start.

This is actually quite a handy tip to use to launch your most-used programs, but if it's constantly happening by accident you'll want to disable the feature.

If there's not a shortcut key listed, I'd recommend you do CTRL+ALT+DEL and check through the list of processes and if there's a program you're not sure of, google it. If it's a virus, you should get info on this. If it is a virus (or spyware/malware) don't panic, just run a virus scan (update your virus software first) and a spyware scan to remove it.

Let me know if you need any more help.
it could also (but i don't think so!) be a little program used to start your calculator in a random time of the day, or maybe more...

but why should it be that? have any suspiciours files entered your computer lately??
Canadian Bacon
Not that I can think of to be honest. I'm usually pretty good with watching what's coming into my computer. I have long since made sure to delete my temporary file folder; as I had a virus seat itself in their once. I also googled several processes and all I have checked are normal system processes that have to do with windows. I have not checked every single one, perhaps I should. But if that alley comes to a dead end then I don't know what to do. Thanks for the help so far. Really appreciate it.
Scan you PC for virus, somebody might have written a code that sends your calculator popping out.

Check your task scheduler ??
If there's not a shortcut key listed, I'd recommend you do CTRL+ALT+DEL and check through the list of processes and if there's a program you're not sure of, google it.

Most probably a trickware written by one of your computer nerd buddy. Look in the Registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run". Run "regedit.exe" and navigate your way down. Look in the Data column and search or google the program name for any information. It's explorer style so sould be easy, but may be confusing to newbies.

If you see anything suspicious, post it here (because it's really hard to explain what you should do).
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