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Let me tell you a story
of my life in stagetory
This stories about a drug
thats got my mind squashed like a bug
It started at the New Years afterparty
finally accepting the pipe being handed to me.
tired of for a full year being the only one
to not endulge in the jibbed out fun.
Now I cant think about friends without shedding a tear
More bullshit than my whole life’s happened this past half year!
One by one, I’ve lost my best friends
watching each life taking downwards bends.
Although I’ve stayed faithful to them this whole time
they’ve one by one changed and ****** me for whats mine.
My heart’s crushed from being stabbed in the back
Lost their jobs, lives gone off track
For a year my girl ****** with my mind
After that reality took a while to find
So I slept 3 short nights the next 30 days
The last 6 months of my life is just a haze
No longer am I capable of trust
My head feels like its gonna ****** bust
And that brings me to my situation now
trying to quit but hard to figure out how
Oh yea, I forgot to give you a name for this death
It’s as evil as it sounds, its Crystal Meth.
-my life Aug’03

this was a long time ago, things are much different now : )
thought I'd share
good to hear that you got your shit together.. nice poem.
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