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Are you, Frihoster, going to have a good 2006?

It may sound odd, but you may really know in advance if you're going to have a good new year or not. The trick is to look to your recent past, bringing back to memory your personal fulfilments. Have you overcome some long standing limitation? Have you succeeded in achieving desired goals, no matter how big or small they may be? Have you made new friends?...
I know 2006 is going to be a great year for me. I have consolidated a major change in my personality and became a much better person. I'm learning quickly to be more understanding and to have more patience towards myself and others. I've been putting my criativity into move and thus finding out that problems don't really exist; it's just a matter of being tranquil enough to visualize the solution. I've been taming the beast inside and favouring the great human being that lives within and used to hide from the world.
What about yourself? Post here the facts that show how promissing 2006 will be for you and inspire, through personal examples, our frihost friends who don't expect too much over 2006. And if you think you have nothing good to say about your life, let me remmember you that you still have time to be proud of yourself.

I think I am gonna have a great year, not that I have made too many friends and have brought about a major change in my personality. Both of which I presume will not be necessary for me as I have a good lot of friends and my personality is too good as it is.

But I feel strongly that 2006 is gonna be good for me because I have got a job in 2005 and this is the first new year after I got a job. I have my own money to spend and thats one reason.

Then I have bonded well with that friends that I already have. I have got to them on a more personal note, getting more close to them.

Now looking at my job prospects, the job that I am in currently makes me more satisfied than anything alse. It gives me a feeling of completeness which I have never experienced befor.

Dang this is gonna be an awesome year....or a sucky year. hard to tell. If all my plans go through It'll be awesomly stressful. I'm looking at an 18 credit semester this spring, seven classes (aaaagh), a mission trip to Uganda for the month of June (anyone want to give me money?....anyone?...*chirpchirp*) and then I'm planning an August wedding and then its back to school for my senior year.

lookin' forward to an awesome and stressful year! Very Happy
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