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Cloaking Problems...

I have redirected my frih website from the redirector and have the cloaking option set to on, so it displays only the always. Now the problem with my website is that when I use other options such as forums, member area and admin menu etc. for my phpNUKE website, it gives an error. I checked out the error and they say that the website loads in a frame on the page and they said that your phpNuke site uses direct links from the page. I would be pleased if anyone would help me in order to change my phpnuke settings to run with the correct cloaking options, or if anyone can suggest me a redirector that can give you a domain name like if I register with toughtrio.something, than that domain should only be the link to my frihost public_html folder.

Awaiting a prompt response regarding this matter.

Warm Regards,
It's obviously some sort of incompatability with frames that phpNUKE has. When you had cloaking off, did it work? If so then that is must be the case. I don't know much about phpNUKE, i normally write my own php, but if you can't find the right setting then I reccommend you turn off cloak mode so that the website isnt in a frame, because it is more supportive of clients that dont allow frames and so that the client can see the url of pages inside of your site. THat way when they want to show a friend a specific page they can have the url of it right there and not of the surrounding frame, which will just send them to the main page.
turn cloaking off, it has just disadvantages:

- google wont find you
- nobody can set direct links to a subpage of yours
- nobody can bookmark a page except your first page
- frames are old and ugly
- i dont like frames
- frames smell like old cat
- ....
I guess you get dns management with If that is true, then you can point your domain to your frihost account. You will be able to use your domain directly with your frih account then. You don't have to use cloaking at all.
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