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How to use only one directory for image files ?

Ok...i have this issue because i'm at beginning...I hope i will express my self clear enough. Hm...i use for coding CSS.
In my web site use some images that i want to appear on every single page (like some background pictures) and the simplest solution to make those pictures appear like that is to multiply the "Images" folder for every page. This a kill-time and space. How can i wrote in my CSS file to use form a single directory ("images") the images that i need more than one time?

Translation...i hope...
Right now i have a home.html, *.css and a "Images" folder. I've created a "Article" folder. Here i what to use the same style as the home page (home.html) by creating aticle.html and a aticle.css file , same images for background that means that i need again some images from the initially "Images" folder so....because I am in the Public.../Article/article.html and the images folder is in Public/Images...i want to use those images directly not to multiply them in every section of my page. (to create a "Images" folder again in Public/Article/...)

So...can someone tell me how the web pages are build and find the answer to my problem (the net is full of tutorial how to create a web page...but not how to build a optimal structure of that site... Sad )
You just need to include the css file.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../home.css">

And if you want to include some images in your articles directory.

<img src="../Images/name.jpg" border="0" alt="Description">

The "../" means that you go one folder back in the hierarchy.
You just need to include the css file.

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../home.css">

I've found the line and put in front of "home.css" the "../" and it didn't load the css file Sad from the upper directory ...
FriBogdan my PC it worked and if i change the *html file directly from direct admin it didn't work...must be the name of html file...

Sry...this second post was not a spam...i've posted twice because if i keep editet de upper post the later observations didn't appear to those ho browse the forum. it work's

Thanx for the help Smile Bondings
The difference between windows and linux is that linux is case-sensitive. "Home.html" and "home.html" aren't the same file on linux. Also, all web pages are cached by your browser and/or isp, certainly the .css files, so it can take a while before you see the difference.

Anyway if you say that it works, then I'll -close- this thread.
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