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What are you playing now??

So what game are you playing now? Question

I'm playing Glimmerati on N-Gage and I can say it has exceeded all my expectations. I got all my money's worth.

(I didn't see an earlier thread on this topic Embarassed Srry! Sad )
Pro Evolution Soccer 5, simply wonderful
FFIX, LoZ: OOT, FFVI, LoZ: MM, Pokemon Pinball(just found it somewhere), and Sam and Max.
playing Counter Strike in pc
I am a person who alwasy plays free games and switches games alot... here are the games i currently play: gunz the duel, counterstrike, ro. Search these on google if you want to play or find more ( google knows all ;p. I'm acutually really just watching naruto and not really playing hese so much ;p
I playing online games currently.

Maple Story and Rakion
I'm currently playing Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, after that I'm going to play Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. Very Happy
Currently playing World of Warcraft, World of Warcraft the Board Game (it's actually good!), Sigma Star Saga for the GBA, and occasionally the Sims 2.

I think the only one I need to explain a bit is Sigma Star Saga. It's one that few people have heard of, which is sad, because it is nifty. It's very reminicent of SNES RPGs, except for one thing: the random battles and the boss battles all take place in the side scrolling shooter style. It has multiple endings, lots of weapons configurations, and a well written storyline, along with some great art. It's a new release, so if you're interested in it, it should still be available. Very Happy
Actually playing NHL 2006. Just bought it, and with LHG patch it is simply incredible.

I was playing Pro Cycling Manager too, but you know... new games are always special lol.
Mario Kart DS.
And as a revival of old memories, Soul Calibur II.
commandos berlin destination what else....

I am Playing Prince of Persia Warrior Within inorder to know the storyline so i can play Two Thrones. I cant wait. Ya its sooo cool
I play COD2, CIV4 and starcraft still nowday!
NFS MW is the game i truly enjoy and i play crims on the net...but is not so good... BTW, MU is a very nice game...u don't need a powerful pc to play it and it has only 200-300 MB.
Playing Condition Zero, Counter Strike 1.6, and Battlefront II.
I waiting to play CS : Source.

I personally like FPS Games. Very Happy
I play a lot of Counter Strike Condition Zero, and a ton of Madden '06.
Now i've got Manhunt from a friend but it seems to me very violent and it has no's not so interesting...NFS MW rules Smile
Now I play FFVII, Lineage II and some shits on mobile Smile
Last thing I was playing was Scythe II megawad for Doom II
WWF Pain...

>.> and on there I had an Idea to design Anime characters into that game.. so I have the Inuyasha cast on that game.. its pretty odd.. and plus I was bored....
winning eleven 9 bournout revenge
Im currently playing Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne.
i m playing warcraft frozen throne dota allstars
Just picked up Starcraft again! Very fun! Mario Tennis also. Very Happy
Dread Lord Chaos
I'm currently playing Lord of the Rings; the Third Age and I play NBA Street on the side. It's just a game I got addicted to Razz I also play Stick Arena online every now and again.
i'm currently playing World of Warcraft, Unreal tournament 2004, Warcraft 3 frozen throne.
Diablo 2 Cool
ainieas wrote:
So what game are you playing now? Question

I'm playing Glimmerati on N-Gage and I can say it has exceeded all my expectations. I got all my money's worth.

(I didn't see an earlier thread on this topic Embarassed Srry! Sad )

Hi everyone!

I'm very busy, now. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
My name is Tien, I am a Vietnamese. I am playing some Game Online such as MU, Lineage II, Conquer. I hated playing games on mobile phone. It's very boring! I think.
I like MU best!
Just finished playing Black & White 2 and Fable: TLC =D

Now i'm getting Matrix: Path of Neo(hope my poor 512ddr will be able to run it)
and Fahrenheit(adventure game =).
I play Ragnarok Online. Sometimes GTA Vice City.
MOH and Unreal Tornament Razz
j play only OGame Razz
neopets and diablo II lord of destruction
sometimes play aoe III
I'm currently playing NFS: Most Wanted and I am now on the #8 Most Wanted list. Hope to finish this game before the holiday season ends. Cool
i play l2, wow and kalonline
and sometimes i play cs 1.6 too
Twisted Evil Exclamation Twisted Evil Exclamation Twisted Evil
Starcraft lol
i play warcraft the frozen throne ....................
it's just the best for me, and i also play still life
good ones Smile
Havent got a lot of time to play but I try Razz

NFS Most Wanted
World of Warcraft
I play NFS Most Wanted and Age of empier 3 Smile
Mario Kart DS... ONLINE!!!

Wi-fi is the best thing nintendo has done in many years <3
Now Unreal Tournament and Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, some time ago Need for Speed: Most Wanted.
Ok! Finished MATRIX: Path of Neo and Indigo Prophecy(Fahrenheit) both in 3 days! omg ^^

btw asfaltboy, Fahrenheit(Indigo Prophecy) is a GREAT game!
Try Matrix: PON.. also made by Atari.
The graphics of the two games are quite bad but the gaming experience covers it all.

Now getting F.E.A.R and FarCry. =)
02 Jam
Kingdom hearts
NBA Live 2004
Winning Eleven
Digimon World 4
I play Diablo II LoD, Doomsday (DooM Port), Age of Mythology The Titans, Need For Speed Underground and The Microsoft Pinball!!!!!!!! Very Happy
I play World of Warcraft, Battlefield 2 Special forces, and random other games.
I mostly play Wolf: ET, gonna start Kingdom of Loathing, and Might & Magic 7. Not much due to low funds Sad, but hopefully Ill get some cash and buy NFS:Most Wanted
Need For Speed Most Wanted, but I don't have that much time for it...

Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2, and Karaoke Revolution Party.

Also, Half-Life 2.
Battlefield 2 (and expansion), COD2, FEAR, Half-life 2, and occasionally Raven Shield
ainieas wrote:
So what game are you playing now? Question

I'm playing Glimmerati on N-Gage and I can say it has exceeded all my expectations. I got all my money's worth.

(I didn't see an earlier thread on this topic Embarassed Srry! Sad )

According to me, playing games on the phone is very good when we are waiting for something or someone. But, in general, we want to improve our skills in the game, I think we should play game on computer. On PC we can play many games with many kinds!
Enjoy the wonderful world of Games!
I play Starcraft (Still!), Unreal Tournament 2004, and Warhammer 40k : Dawn of war, And of cource Quake3 and 4. Some AWESOME games
COD2, HL2, CIV4 is what Im playing now...
Brothers in arms earn in blood, Neverwinter Night, Dungeon Siege, Baldurs gate
Call of duty 2 IS a really great game. The only thing is that they should of made more new maps. Thats my only beef with the game. Other than that the graphics are fantastic and game play is really fun.
Not really playing a new game, but sometimes I play Command & Conquer Generals, Age of Mythology and Rollercoaster Tycoon.
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

awww, the graphics are just wonderful >__>
IM playing counter stike, 16, coynter stike scource, (i buld maps for scource)

line age 2... i did, but i dont got the time

the im web marster, so im playing microsoft frot page Razz it would give me some points, haha

playing hl and hl2 mods
i'm playing FFXI Smile
thanks Helios ! great game u mention Very Happy need to get the dvd from my friend ... had to reformat my system coz of some weird networkin glitch in xp-pro ... so now I'm moving back to playing quake 4 Razz and swat 4...

o well gotta love FPS!
I'm playing;
World of Warcraft (PC) - Loving it.
Socom 3 (PS2) - Play it with friends- great if you have a friend with a headset, that is good at shooting games too.
NBA Live 2006 (PS2) - Is fun and is actually a lot better than NBA Live 2005 in some ways. I prefer to buy it for a console rather than PC because I find the new NBA Live games tend to lag on PC, especially online.
im playing soldat ( and morrowind for pc.
Still playing MKDS, but soon im getting my Animal Crossing: Wild World!
now i change to playing online game.. DreamStar~
Best games (at the moment)=
Civ4 (Civilization 4) &
COD2 (Call of Duty 2)

Yeah!!!!! I love war and strategy games

Wink Laughing Very Happy Smile Laughing Wink
The games I play and love:
Star Wars Battlefront 2
Rome Total War: Barbarian Invasions

And you better believe that I will be playing Star Wars Empire at War the day it comes out
Really into Counter strike source:)
playing world of warcraft right now Smile
Shadow the Hedgehog for Xbox
Animal Crossing: Wild World (oh, I love it <3)
World of Warcaft , but not as much as I wanted to.
In fact I play very little, cause of the work.
But I Love it!
just conquering some land in Civilization 4
Blowing up some god damn infantry in Advance Wars: Dual Strike.
Playing Prince of Persia The Two Thrones
for the last time, its grand theft auto ssan andreas on my xbox which would play when the temperature outside dips above 10c. what up with that?
The original Prince of Persia, and StarWars Battlefront 2.
I'm cheating my way to thps4. I always loved that game and i really don't get bored with it. It really rules
I am playing Guild Wars and Age of Empire III.

I mainly play the PvP game in Guild Wars. It's so competitive and fun to play with your friends. Basically, you can roll a player from 6 classes, warrior, monk, mesmer, elemental, ranger, and necromancer. Each class has its focus and playstyle. Choose one that suits your taste and rock it with your friends and take it to the arena, or even Guild Vs. Guild. It's so much fun. You can also observe the matches that played by top guilds of the world. Those games are very exciting and having a lot of skills.

I also like AoE III much. I just love strategy games like these two.
im playin counter strike 1.6 im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6
im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6im playin counter strike 1.6
On PS2 I am playing God of War. On DS I am playing Mario Kart. On PC I am playing UT2004 (definitely the best).
I just started playing Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones last night and busy mowing the prince's foes... hehehehe! Very Happy Cool
I am playing The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, and Pokemon Red. Yeah I playing some more "old" school type games. I have recently been playing Animal Crossing WW, Mario Kart DS, and Tales of Symphonia.
SSX: Out of Bounds. Great game with and awesome soundtrack!
umm on pc im playing Counter-strike:source, Digital Paintball, and Quake 4

on xbox 360 Call of duty 2, and madden 2006

idk i was never really fond of the PSP can someone hint me on if its worth it or not

did u guys hear that PS3 is being delayed now
right now im playing Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2: Special Forces alot and alot of the free fps game CUBE in Mp Ofc it hase that quake3 feel whit a quake 1 environment Very Happy
starcraft , DXball-2 , and other old game
Serious Sam 2 - this game just rocks Very Happy
GTA: SA with tons of mods.
Richard Burns Rally - just try it! best physics ever.
Brothers In Arms Earned in Blood
Silkroad Online
Currently I'm playing Quake 4, and FEAR
These days I am playing Colin McRae 2005. Interesting racing game, I like playing it with my force feedback ps2-like joypad.

Of course, I am enjoying also some one-to-one football matches with my friends playing pro evolution soccer 5.
Simcity 4 - top class
Pyro Man
I've gone back to Frontier: Elite II recently, awesome game still even witht the retro-ness. Can you imagain if they put it with online play and some new updated graphics. Possibly the best game ever if they didn't rush it.
i love playing NFSMW on ps2 it rocks!!
Also some shooting games
im currently playing multi theft auto: vice city
its grand theft auto: vice city, BUT ONLINE! amazing game.....
im currently playing prince of persia: the two thrones and currently addicted with it..
Guild wars for me. Some time I log into WoW, but I just like the GW comminity better.
I am currently playing - Manhunt, at first i tought it was pretty simple but the further i got the more i got into the story line.. so its pretty dope after all... When my new vidcard will be in i`ll be playing Counterstrike Source and Track Mania again Very Happy
im playing hl2 in hard mode.
ive passed this game without cheats codes in easy, but in hard the things are a bizarre =)
sometimes i play card games like yugioh.
I just got done playing Halo 2 online. Now I'm here posting while I try to think of something else to play. I'm thinking maybe Skies of Arcadia.
In just a little bit I'll be playing Shadow Hearts 3. I absolutely loved Shadow Hearts 2. Can't wait for it to come out.
Galactic Civilizations II (great game!)

Psychonauts (although I just finished it last night, so that's probably it for me on this one)

Star Wars - Empire at War (great looking game, but I'm not sure it's the holy grail of Star Wars games that everyone was hoping for Sad )
I am currently playing Shining Force Neo, and I'm at levl 198! ^^ I want to know the highest level so I still play it. Very Happy
Right now im playing Daigasso! Band Brothers that is a music game for the DS (probably one of the best music games of all time too)
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, as well as Gunz every once in a while. I don't have any time for much more.
well, my 2nd pc isnt great at all, p3 1GHz, i'll be waiting for my lovely new pc mid march, then i'll be playing RYL (Risk Your Life), it's a great online game actully, cost me so much that i cant stop playing ( it'll be a waste of money if i stop Smile )
I'm addicted to TSRP atm.
There's one cool server by the Pimplordz-Clan
It's pretty old but still a lot of fun. But I guess as soon as I will get a new
PC I will stop playin that.. Or not??... We'll see Very Happy
Dawn of war 10/10
Pyro Man wrote:
I've gone back to Frontier: Elite II recently, awesome game still even witht the retro-ness. Can you imagain if they put it with online play and some new updated graphics. Possibly the best game ever if they didn't rush it.

oh, elite... i played elite 1 and liked it... i also played frontier and liked it too... and, about your idea, someone tried it 10 years ago... his company's gone to bankrupty... no one is trying to do the same now Very Happy

anyway, i'm now playing arcanum... it rules!
Playing FFXI and my friend is playing Halo 2 XBL.
I playing The Crims
Ŭt is beautiful game Wink Very Happy
Right now I'm playing Phantasy Star Online: Episode 1&2 for the Nintendo Gamecube. Its wonderful <3
Only problem I have, I dont have a broadband adapter, so, its offline mode for me :>
Soul Calibur III, We <3 Katamari, Dofus.

*EDIT: Forgot about my DS: Meteos, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrows, I still do alittle Mario Kart DS, but when you unlock everything, there isn't much left to do.
Just got done playing call of duty 2 mulitiplayer. I was powning them.
Yu-Gi-Oh - Forbiden Memories (PSx)
yeah.. it's 2006 but i'm still playing those game.. btw is nice game is there any cheat for unlimited star chips without MC triks, please let me now couse i'm desperated. Crying or Very sad

I'm playing Seadogs on my computer.. and cheat is available.. Wink
SimCity 4 Delux Edition
TH Underground 2
Fallout tactics
Heroes IV (I love this game)
Icy Tower Smile
Im playing quake 4, its an awesome game.
I play unreal tournament 2004 regularly, another awesome game.
Call of duty 2 is another awesome game
World of Warcraft
I was playing halo 2 for awhile. Now, I am playing Quake 4. It is a good game, but needs improvements. I play Doom 3 too. It is better at this message posting time. I have Gta:sa. It is a very nice game. If you have it, check out Best mod out there!. It makes it multi-player. It is still in the works, but well worth the time to get it. I played Unreal tournament a while back. Now, that is a very good game too.
Fly For Fun, a MMORPG, and Baten Kaitos, a very good RPG for the Gamecube. As you can see, I like playing RPGs Very Happy
I'm playing through The Matrix - Path of Neo right now. I have to say that is is an incredibly fun game. The combos are crazy, there's so many to do so you can never get bored of em. After this I'm going to move onto Commandos Strike Force or Call of Duty 2.

I also have Battlefield 2, UT2K4, CS:Source, & DoD:Source installed for online play, so if anyone wants to frag, drop me a PM.

Im playing guild wars its a great game. It only cost like $50 but you can play on the internet for free. Graphics and Gameplay are great. This games is definately worth the money. I bought it a month ago and i cant stop playing it.
I'm playing Silkroad Online right now
I am playing Shadow the Hedgehog, Ratchet and Clank 3 and Starwars: Battlefront 2.
1- NBA 06
2- FIFA 06
3- NHL 06
7- COD 2
right now im playing Resident Evil 4.
i am waste my time in the game red alert.
I know that he is old but I love him and I think that more people like him.

This is a strategy game and the main battle is between USA to RUSSIA and to every one have a weapons that kind to his army.

I am very enjoy from this game and I recommend him to every one.
Team Hedgehog
I use to play Age of Mythology.. And sometimes Warcraft 3 Smile
I am currently playing Harvest Moon: A wonderful Life Special Edition

I think harvest moon is a really great game even though you do farm

Very Happy
i'm playn' in most wanted on golf now in 5 place in black list
I'm still playing TSRP Razz. Wink

But soon UT2007 (soon :s) will come out Very Happy
And Far Cry 2. I think those will be awesome games.

Atm I'm also getting into coding for amxx.
I am currently playing - Darwania Very Happy Dope ass game

And also been playing Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion Very Happy This game is just freakin awsome, its HUGEEEEEEEEE OMG so i think ill be playin this game for the next upcomin year
Just started playing Shadow of the Colossus.
I love a game that is different from all others.
Right now I'm only playing Baten Kaitos on the Cube.
daniel_l_135 wrote:
Just started playing Shadow of the Colossus.
I love a game that is different from all others.

Yes this game looks realy interesting. To bad its only on the PS2 Sad If it was released for pc i know what i would be playing aswell heh
I'm currently playing on Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion for the xbox 360. It just arrived today ^_^ its a shame you cant play it online though...
I am, right now, playing The Specialists. That is quite good Smile

It is sort of a Matrix-like mod of Half-Life, where you can do all sorts of Kung Fu tricks, and, of course, there are LOTS and LOTS of guns too Very Happy

Very good game. And if you have Half-Life/Counter Strike 1.6, it's free! Very Happy

Well now im playing Ragnarok a MMORPG.
But i want to know what other MMORPG can i play and where to download.
PD. Other than Lineage II, Tibia, Hellbreath and MU.
I am playin wc3, but when i get money i will be on WoW
I'm playing Call of Duty 2. It is really good game and interesting and the best of game is - it is not booring, so you will newer get boored by Call of Duty 2. I think at least a few people are playing this game too and thinking about this game the same thing.
I'm playing:

The elderscrolls IV: oblivion

Battlefield 2 / Battlefield 2 : Special forces / Battlefield2 : Euro Force

Sims 2 with expension packs
prince of persia: TTT & wow

gotta say i love wow more than any game ever so far!

a good classic is Freelancer dont forget to check that one out its a gem that sometimes is forgotten Very Happy
Right now I am playing Grand Theftt Auto 3. I enjoy going to the other islands via the flying car code.
I'm playing Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
I'm playing MU Online. This game is very good! Also sometimes I play FIFA 06, NBA LIVE 06 or Counter-Strike 1.6

I like this games, and i think there are very good!
right now i'm playing mohaa(mealde of honer allied assaul)I personly think its a very fun game ..but it s only fun if u play online and with more then 1 friend,so if your looking for a new computer game to play go out and buy mohaa and if your already playing it GREAT!
right now I'm playing Animal Crossing: Wild World... again
Well, I havent had this much fun since a long time ago. It might be very simple and it lacks content. But the heartwarming graphics and the very freedom to do what I want, and help my neighbours make my face give a smile each day.
<3 AC:WW
now i playing Commnados strike force, it is easy game to me. I playing in hard mode. with PC Cool Cool Twisted Evil Twisted Evil
playing Counter Strike in pc
1. Battlefield 2
2. NHL 2006
3. Americas Army
4. Silkroad Online
5. Wolfenstein ET

Once again im here.
And I'm playing to games at the time.

Number one: Tetris (GB)
Wonderful, simple but still hard.
Warming up for the DS game!

Number two: The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker (NGC)
returning to the ocean...
And its lovely <3

Never leave/sell these games people, or you will have a visitor in the night Twisted Evil (joke though)
For this time I playing CS, WoW and Chronicles of Riddics - Escape from Butchers Buy...
But for now I must teach a lot, so I play less than month ago Evil or Very Mad
call of duty 1,2...the godfather - this game rocks...just one thing is bothering me, game is based on GTA serial...whole engine is the same as GTA...but is great...i recommend it to all of ya...
Mmm let's see

Star Wars Galaxies - MMORPG set in the Star Wars Universe

Jedi Academy

Il2 Forgotten battles - WW2 Flight sim

GTA Vice city

GTA San Andreas

Well and some more id did play last month....

like KOTOR
Joint Operations, with the new IC mod, gr8 online FPS, a bit dated now, but still huge fun. I've tried Battlefield 2, and although it looks fantastic, and there's always action, it leaves me a bit cold.
I am playing a really old game right now.. lool.. warlords battlecry.. II!! Even knowing that it's old i still like to play it.. and i haven't beated it yet..anyone has?
Im Playing Oblivion as of the moment. Man the game's good but i really cant enjoy it that much.. This game really pushes my hardware to the limit.. maybe its time to upgrade.. I'm also playing DOTA over the net.. eurobattlenet)
I've been playing Gran Turismo 4 for the PS2 and old school emulators on my PC. Damn, I never realized how much fun the old games can be!
I'm playing Grandia III for PS2. I'm almost nearly done and all I can say is this game is damn addictive!

Why? It's because of it's combat system! The combat system is the best I have ever seen on an RPG game for PS2. Miles better than the Final Fantasy combat system. The storyline is also quite intriguing which keeps you playing and playing till midnight!

Definitely a must have game for every PS2 RPG gamer out ther! Go grab a copy and try it for yourself! Smile
Harvest Moon Magical Melody!
For the last few months i play only call of duty 1 multyplayer but soon i will get a new computer than i will play Oblivion Very Happy
I am huge fan of The Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind and expansions Tribunal and Bloodmoon. Wink
im playen oblivion all day and UT2004 during the night (when i dont work)
oblivion is the best rpg ever created till now, more like adventure game made in an rpg style rather the other way round like allways.
when im playen it im getting the feeling of actually having freedom to go wherever u want during a mission or between missions and its very detailed as an rpg, the player gets even tired if he jumps too much.
It is an fps, tps, and every camera angle u can immagine.
everything in that game can be relaxing, its not that u have to run for it, u can save where ever u want and u have a massivly huge map to explore
wtf u want more than that in an rpg game?
then UT2004 is the online game i like so muc h that i usually cant stop from playen all night long Smile espacially low grav instagib
soon il be playen tomb raider legend too Smile
GTA San Andreas. Love the game, especially the missions.
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

A wonderful game thats should have more attention by the public then it has.
You act as a lawyer, whos name is Phoenix Wright.
The game takes place in both the crime scenes and in the court.

Buy it ffs DS owners!
I've been playing Gran Turismo 4. Damn, I love cars! Wait until I can buy a real one! Wink
i play halo 2 all the way im so good at those super jumps they are so tight. people think that its cheating but i would beg to differ you just got to kill me before i do it Very Happy
curently playing chronicals of riddick pretty good game beter than i thought it would be its got a good story and great graphics i think its awsome overall.
Resident Evil 1 and 2. I know they are old but you gotta acknowledge the fact that there are all time classics. Anyways my aunt's 500Mhz "thing" won't allow me to play anything else :'(
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars... this game kicks ass^^
NDSL FF XII,Greate game!
I'm playing Fifa 07, waiting for Fifa 08 to arrive. And now and then a bit Enemy Territory: Quake Wars demo, it's pretty good online, really fun.
Resident evil 4... wii edition! great game fast paced with some puzzles and great action highly recommend

other game is jump ultimate stars for the DS very intense level of fighting for a 2d fighter
When I have time I play either Smash Bros Melee or Zelda Twilight Princess.

Mario Kart Double Dash is also fun to play when some friends come over. Wink
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