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# 1 in MSN search, zero in Google why?

My site has been in page 1 of search results for atleast 10 keywords in MSN search and people visit my site through this.... However, there is no visitors from Google search results meaning it doesn't appear at all at Google search.

I wonder what is the algorithm used behind searches like MSN and Google. I'll be very happy to see my pages appearing in Google search as well.
Google and Msn work diff , hows that for a start ,

google Sucks , cuz it doesnt rate ur content , but it rates your site on how much links u have incoming from other sites , the more sites linking to you , the more u get rated in google ,

Msn is far more better then google , Razz
Google & MSN have a different algorithm to calculate if your web should appear at the top or not Wink
it also takes some time untill google indexes your website is up and running for about a month now...msn indexed it in about 4 days, yahoo in a week`m still waiting for it Smile
google mainly looks for links pointing to your website and links you refer

and then only come the content here
PageRank Technology
Devil wrote: Sucks...Msn is far more better then google , Razz
Laughing Oh man, you are so wrong.
Google takes really long to index you. canm be up to 2 months. MSN is way faster. So u will have to wait.
Devil wrote: Sucks...Msn is far more better then google , Razz

God Save his Soul!
I registered one website recently and noticed that Google indexed the site much earlier than MSN and Yahoo but i don't know why google index only the site URL after 2 days when MSn and Yahoo started indexing this particular website. The latter two index the description of the site as well but Google index the website address (URL) only.... this makes me think more of Google... Google is surely looking for content as well.... not just links to and from the site.

I'll be more happy to be on Google 3rd page in search than MSN search 1st page results... I hope you know what I mean... google isnt suck yet... Smile
I registered one website recently and noticed that Google indexed the site much earlier than MSN and Yahoo

Wow thats the first time I am hearing that. but I heard that if you get a really strong link like from pr 7 site, you can get indexed next day.
Not wantng to sound like a conspiracy theorist but..

Has Google, or for that matter any of the search engines, had their search engine technique/ algorithims independently reviewed as to bias.

From what I can see Google is heavily slanted towards commercial sites and selling you something.

Interested to know that Google seems to rely heavily on links to and from a page - is this for sure?
If you want google to link to you you should get someone who is already linked by google to link to you. The easiest way is to add yourself to a webdirectory.

The higher the pagerank of the page linking to you, the quicker google will pick you up since higher ranked pages get visited more often by the google bot. R7 pages in example get tracked like 4 times a day or more or so as far as I know.

If someone would link to you on a R7 page therefor you will be included in the search results with in no time.

As long as you know how google works it is easier to get included and up in the ranks than other search engines.
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