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Anyone remember the ill fated Dreamcast?
I recently went out and bought a second hand one from my local game shop and am loving it... fair enough the dreamcast games ARE pretty naff but the reason I got it is because there are SO many emulators you can get off teh net to play classic games on it... SNES, Megadrive, NES, Speccy (WOOHOO)... the list is endless. If anyone is still in love with all those games from their childhood I'd definately recommend you go out and get yourself a Dreamcast!
Apparently I heard somewhere that Sega are trying to bring it back! OOOOOOOOOO
i have to get myself a dreamcast soon. i also have to get some money >_<

and yes, they are bringing it back, but only in japan as far as i know. and probably only for a limited time or something.
I get wound up that Japan gets all the good technology Crying or Very sad

Another good thing bout the Dreamcast is that you can get the games for next to nothing on EBay
yea, they are extremely cheap.

i saw that.. is it a music game? or something.. i cant really remember the name of the game.. but there is some chick on rollerscates (i think it is anyway) for like.. $2-3, and now thats just sick O_o

dreamcast games are extremely cheap! need to get a dreamcast soon!! =O
i have a dreamcast

i dont use the meulators on it but i am a big fan of the sonic games

that is why i got it
I Remember that i played hours and hours to a fantastic game, Power Stone 2 (i think that it's the title, i'm not sure)
I wish I had a Dreamcast. =/
Grandia and Skies of Arcadia totally pwns.

i bought my dreamcast on the day it was released and so did a few of my freinds an i still have mine and a massive collection of games for it in pride place under my tv i play it non stop and i wish i could say i was posting this from the dreamcast but my modem is broke inside i think cus the net dont work no more Sad but anyway it still plays thats the main thing an i love it it was miles ahead of any other consolae at the time an i dont care what any1 says im glad i found a small comunity of deamcast lovers cus my mates loved theres until they blew up from plugging pound shop tat in to them an then they hated sega an any sega product but i bought official accesories and mine still lives lol Laughing
If only Sega held off till the PS2 was released or XBOX was released, I bet Sega would still be a contender. Technically, the Dreamcast was far superior in PS2 spec wise... oh well, hindsight is 20/20.

If I had the money, I'd probably buy a Dreamcast. There are a few hacks out on the web for it to enable alot of other things. I think I remmeber reading one hack and something about Linux.
I have a Dreamcast! I love it! I still play it, more so than my PS2.
Yes, obviously, Sega made a serious mistake by leaving Dreamcast alone. Still, there is a large underground which makes console so popular - maybe even more than current gens or upcoming next-gens.
A friend of mine bought a japanese dreamcast back in the days it came out (we live in Europe, so it's unusual to buy a japanese dc). Was fun to play some of the japanese games that never got on their way to the european market by a conversion to the PAL-standard.

We played Sonic Adventures (i think it was called this name) and some fishing game a lot. And I like a game that was like Resident Evil: the name had somethink with blue in it.
i prefer PS2
I love Dreamcast! I was so disappointed when it was cancelled. What an awesome lineup of games.
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