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setting up a new configuration of monitors and cpus

Ok, i need a way to convert my single usb that carries my signal from both my mouse and keyboard to either ps2 or split it to 2 ps2's or something. But what i need to do is i have 2 cpus that im hooking up to two monitors, but i only wanna have one keyboard and mouse, so what i was thinking was that ill hook a kvm between them just for the that. however, since its a usb out for both things and kvm's are typically ps2, idk how to do this. If anyone has a suggestion please let me know, i appreciate it.
Probably be easier to use get a good video card and hook up two monitors to one computer.. it also makes a lot more sense. If you hook up one keyboard to two computers, you're going to be making keystrokes on both at the same time... doing the exact same thing on each computer at the same time, or completely arsing it up.

I'm sure there's an adaptor you can buy to hook both up, but... really.. you're just being silly from what I can see.

What it sounds like you wanna do is hook up one keyboard and use it interchangably on both without having to swap.. try wireless. Or live with swapping.
Actually, what you are saying will work, my friend has his computers rigged like that, its like 3:00AM here, so let me call him tomorrow and see what he has set up, then l will tell you. But l do know that it will work the way you want, he has two computers and hits CTRL twice to switch between them, but he only has one monitor, so if you want two, l don't know if it will work.
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