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Windows Vista...

Hey Guyz......Howz Windows Vista..............Codenamed Longhorn is Gonna Be out 2006 Summers.........pls Post all ur Comments in Here......n yeah the New IE v7 is Ganna Have Tabbed Browsing n Transperancy.....
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Well Firefox has had tabbed browsing for a while now so I wouldn't wait for IE7.
i've got a version of longhorn but it is useless at the moment. It has no drivers which are compatible and it is really slow because the capabilities aren't as great as xp. Use vista when it comes out in 2006. It will be more advanced
Well let me sum it up like this

IE7=<FireFox 1.0.7
Windows Explorer=<Crap

does that cover all the new features of Vista, oh and l forgot,

Stoping me from copying music/movies l OWN to my hard drive=Vista
i do not have any confidence of microsoft

so i will not use Vista and IE7
I have to say that I am concerned about Windows Vista. We should all reserve judgement until it comes out, but if the rumours are true and it will stop you converting your own purchased CDs to mp3 then it will crash and burn.

It's also a concern as to how "heavy" it is. It will need some really powerful processors, and a load of ram before it can run. I don't like this - I prefer my computer to only load the stuff I actually need so it will run to the hardware's full potential and it should reduce security risks.

Here's a quick compare:

On a Win98 machine, hit CTRL + ALT + DEL and count the number of things running.
On WinXP, hit CTRL + ALT + DEL then select "PROCESSES" and now count the number of things running.

If Vista is supposed to be heavier than XP, I think we all might run out of fingers!
I think that a Desktop shuold be as lighter as possible.

I mean, you need some memory for the applications too, right?

It's nice that the desktop looks so pretty and all but I actually WANT TO USE MY COMPUTER.

Debian > Everything. Smile
There are some patches on the net...the "convert" WIN XP in vista (lol)...these are nothing but full of bugs codes developed by some anonymously programmers. So...don't try such things.
Related to the new windows...i heard that it will work on slower PC's by disabling some of the visuals and other processes and so on...If the Vista will be so adaptable and will have much grater stability than WIN XP...i will uninstall my WIN XP PRO and pun some linux distribution (just a joke!! Smile) ). Not seriously...if the microsoft company launches Vista and is adaptable for every PC...i will try it...because it will be more secure than XP.

Discuss Windows XP there please, and this isn't a computer problem!
My PC is very old now.
Only can run linux.
Very sad thing^
James Bond-007
yupeng wrote:
My PC is very old now.
Only can run linux.
Very sad thing^

But it still runs fast, doesnt it Very Happy Linux works great on computers with low specs...well, most distributions.
i had a look and windows vista and it sucks

that is my only comment
In all fairness though they have a year to work on I am not a big fan of judging things before they come out. I mean it is possible to look better and work faster. Although it may be heavier you could run games faster too. Is it likely prolly not, but possible yes. I think I'll decide on it once it comes out. But I will end up getting it with my next computer...prolly just a fact of life.
Ah since ive moved to linux its been all day no waiting for a program to open. i dont care much about vista because maybe it looks good but probably will work like all the other windows version...slow and useless. Wink
personally ie suck mozilla is better no pop ups and less viruses microsoft gets thier hands in ie and ruins it you get owned by viruses 24/7 also please try to make ur posts more readble i had to read it 7 times b4 i knew what u were saying
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