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irrepairable pc? PART II

Some of you will definitely remember my little story. Unfortunately I'm not home during the week and my parents just accepted everything those guys at the computer store told them... and bought a new pc! A second-hand one though. Now I've got to tell you that me and my bro were quite upset to discover they had put NO sound card (is that the term?) into it! Apart from an irretating beep-sound from the inside (my brother said it's the motherboard) it does nothing.

I'll never trust pc stores again! Aaargh! Shocked

But thank you all for the loads of advice! I'll keep it in mind for some other critical time in my life, hehe.
so, you bought a new (used) computer, and it doesn't turn on... or you just don't get sound...

If it beeps once then its posting fine (Power On Self Test) if more than one beep then something is broken...

attached all the cables? Rolling Eyes I've attached my monitor cable to the integrated graphics (turned off) on my mobo before, until i realized what i had done...
omg, i had this problem with my old comp im trying to restore to make a file server...

check the ide cables to the HD's, cuz if its POSTing fine, then thats probably the problem. if its an old mobo, it probably doesnt have definate way to hook up the ide cables to the pins on the board, try turning the connector on the mobo around, if that doesnt work, then try moving it to the other IDE pin set near that one, if that doesnt work, come back.
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