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What does everyone here want for christmas? Im getting a thumb sized MP3 Player from the Source! Its awsome, it has 512MB Memory, USB 2.0 Interface, and lots of other cool things! What bout yall?
I was seriously thinking about asking for an i-pod, but then I realized...I have no use for one. I just got a new cd player last year, which still works really really great!

So instead, I decided to ask for books and movies. Phantom of the Opera...mmmm... Pretty Phantom man.

Shocked Mee-sah crazy! Yah!
Paul Knight
My present to myself. A snowboarding Holiday. Very Happy
I asked rallisport challenge 2 and a steering-wheel for the xbox.
I wish to get a Play Station 2, perhaps I should wait until the release of Play Station 3 next year Laughing
I really want an electric acoustic guitar and an amp for it.

But that won't happen. Because it costs about $500 for the guitar alone.

Oh well, I guess I'll settle for grandmas sweatshirt
I take that last post back,

What I really need is a USB card.

My USB is fried on my PC
I wish to get xbox360. Cool
I use this oppurtunity to wish all users merry christmas and a happy new year.Hope we all improve our website in the coming year
this is for summer-sensation and olag...
Send some emails to Santa Warez...i`m sure he can provide those (except the steering wheel Smile )
I would like to receive a snowboards...let`s see if that will happen Razz
And merry christmas to all, i`ll be leaving college on thursday and won`t be back untill the 7-8 of January....
i`ll miss you guys Very Happy
I don't know what i will get, but my father gets an mp3 player. Looks like those things are popular this christmas

Anyone here? (Girls only 'coz I'm a guy). PM or email me your resume.

Hehe. Nah!?, I'm just kidding. Seriously, Hmm.. A blank cheque. Lol.

Nope, again.. just kidding..

Uhm? I really didn't think of it yet but....

a Flat Monitor for my PC will do. Wink
I wanna to have a pro. camara......
But I don't have $$......

So my wish is have more $$ Laughing

Have $$ can't do anything you want,
But don't have $$ you can't do anything! Confused
I already am satisfied with wat i got Wink

I am getting a 512MB RAM tho Razz
I usually don't care what I get because I can never answer when people ask me what I want... But I would be content with a really good book.
Well, I could use a new mobile phone (I got my eye on Samsung E530)... but it ain't gonna happen, at least not for now. I have to buy a DVD burner and a new snowboard... so, I guess the E530 will have to wait. Sad Unless some of you guys would like to surprise me? Wink Laughing Laughing
I wish for world peace!!! (haha...)
don't wish for world peace ... act for it!! Wink

hmm i wanted a drawpad.. but my parents dont support anything that belongs to computers Crying or Very sad
Ah christmas.....
..I get a Korg AX10B Bass effect!!

Merry Christmas Twisted Evil
I want a stand mixer....or maybe a bed. A bed would be really nice. Razz
i am boring for my

Sad Sad
I have absolutely no idea what I would like... Any ideas???
doug hines
What I'd really like is the next book in my favorite series: The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind. But the release date isn't until june -_-

So instead I shall ask for a bunch of gnomon workshop dvds ^_^

It's the art nerd inside me *shrug*
i wanted my xbox 360 that i was gonna buy myself but gamestop sucks
for gift of christmas, I are looking fora guitar and much money Very Happy
I just want to have 'FUN' during christmas with my friends lol.. Hmm.. I don't need other things already Razz..
I want to get a some Shure E3C headphones. The one's I have now are getting old and don't give as much bass as I would like for them to give.

Then there's that 30" HD monitor Apple sells which I doubt I'll ever get =P
I celebrated an early Christmas on Sunday. I didn't really want anything in particular. (Also, I celebrated my birthday on Saturday.) I got tons of money from Christmas and my birthay, about $170 including gift cards. I have no idea what to use this money for (do you all have any ideas?). I also got a web cam, an almanac, a history book, a book on chess and, my favorite, a book on Google titled The Google Story.
I'd looove a new digital camera, although any camera I want is way out of my price range. Instead, some speakers for my laptop and a new mouse will have to do.
All I really want is that the girl I have a crush on will like me even though I didn't tell her
im getting a psp white limited edition with an alluminum case with a custom face plate on the case.... it has my name engraved on the back
you can call me sad...i call me deturmened... ( yeah i know i cant spell Very Happy)
post a christmas gift to all the friend
l'm getting a game cube Neutral l know, kinda outdated, but the game cube's Zelda's are the only Zelda games l haven't beaten yet, and it's driving me mad!!
Do you think Santa Claus is the host of christmas? Do your silence nite together with alcohol? or your naked girlfriend? Would there be a great party for celebrating Christmas Eve but providing drugs?...

What exactly Christmas means? what should it be?

Lets think about it

the above message i posted was treated as spamming and I was asked to discuss X'mas there... ref:.

Anyway, I am not a Catholics and didn't say that enjoying the things at Earth is all about materialistic. We could have our presents, PSP, XBOX and I love also...In the mean time we should also be thankful to whom sacrified on the cross...Again, I hope this reply would not seems to be spamming. thanks... Crying or Very sad
I hope I will get the new Everquest Titanium boxset that will hit the market on january 11th 2006. Of course I won't have it for christmas but it's the only present I hope I will have. Sincerely, I really am not in the christmas spirit this year, I am more excited to see how my four years old son will like his presents.
Billwaa wrote:
All I really want is that the girl I have a crush on will like me even though I didn't tell her

Aw man, ya gotta tell her. Get it off your chest (and hopefully onto hers!) Razz

Re: Christmas...

All I want for Christmas is... *drum roll please*...




DVDs. House, M.D. season one and Batman: The Animated Series Vol. 4 the most.
I asked for a gamecube and I will receive about 100 $ Razz

I cant wait for the GC
i like a new video card for our pc, some good books and the best of health and love life! Cool
i wish i can find a girl friend Smile
I just want to wish you all Merry Christmas, Happpy New Year and many quality posts on Frihost Very Happy.

What about presents? Hmm... I want additional 512 RAM and new cooler Very Happy. Maybe some games to play on the Internet. And sweets of course Razz.

First of all
Merry Christmas to all of you.
Im off the computer to in the middle of next week, so no posts.

Humm... presents.
I want money for games and an Xbox 360.
Nuthing else or more
lol, what i want for christmas is to get my girlfriend a mobile phone :p ... cause i can never contact her to meet up. N she left me waiting for her for 3 n a half hours cause she had no way of telling me she coulnt make it Sad lol...

But anyways, wah i'm getting is hair straighteners :p .. soo ner.. and yes i am a guy, but i got long hair :p.

and a flash card thingy.
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