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FTP Uploading Doesn't Work

I am trying to upload content to my frih web account, but ftp programs such as FlashFXP and Bulletproof do not work, either in passive or active mode. They either do not upload or start uploading then slow down until finally the upload speed is at 0. Any way around this? I read through the Sticky on FTP uploading, but that didn't help. Also there is no firewall here to cause potential problems.

Connecting via AOL using AOLDialer only (which bypasses all the AOL software garbage)
This really seems like some weird problem. You are sometimes able to upload something, but it just stops after a while. That means that your password/username is ok and that the connection was successfully made.

I don't really know what the problem might be. A possible solution would be to install filezilla, but if 2 ftp programs aren't working, then most likely filezilla wont work either. (but it's worth a try)

Maybe it's due to AOL or AOLDialer?
If you are using AOL I suggest that maybe you could try it either late at night or during the day when everyone is at work. This would perhaps mean that the traffic would be less and allow you to upload your files without it getting lost in AOL internet traffic.
I have tried both very late at night AND during workday hours. Always the same. Yes I wouldn't be surprised if AOL was at the bottom of the problem somehow though.....
Ya I know its an AOL problem I used aol dialer to and its the same thing. Its uploading real slow if you let it stay for a while it will eventually start going up and back down. It always happens to me you really cant upload big files. If you really want to upload things have someone else do it or just wait a while. It say's 0 but its really really low rate its uploading speed.
It could be your ISP or just a dumb conincidence. I'd assume you made a misake in the FTP program, which might be the problem. Also if aol has bad downtimes that might be a problem. I personally use dreamweaver.
Hello everybody
Last week I had a trouble with the FTP

I just asked help from my ISP (
He sent me the configuration info and a link to validation webpage

Aftervalidating i had to waite 48 hours

Then i got the access

Don't forget if u are hosted by frihost check your points!!!!!

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