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Games Company

Creating a company which will create php web based games, but need people with experience for php and mySQL, anyone interested?
Chris Tiaens
It's a very nice offer, but I don't know enough about mySQL... Confused

Thanks anyhow...
maybe that could be a great suggestion for frihost...

not doing db based games like (ogame, htn etc. for examples) but projects by frihost members hosted by frihost...

a hosting game on frihost Wink
well me and my friends have great ideas, we know how to do dynamic websites, and images but we dont know how to create online games.
well you say they are based/running with mysql db's with an php interface..

ok a simple online game that can be done with this..

- we need a kind of money...
- something to buy.. (diffrent levels of each..)
- something to have some kind of action.. -> the ability to fight for example.. (everything or nothing ... a kind of gamble..)
-> so we need weapons... and of course something to defend oneself..

this are the main parts of an online game based on mysql db's...
(so this parts should our 'engine include')

know how do they work..

a forum is an good example for this.. of course we need users... so:

each user gets its place where to save every information about him..
lets say one table per user..

this table includes everyinformation about an user...
its name, its points, its money, its everything...

ok ok lets imagine we have 10 users..

this ten users are building there lets say 'environment'

ok... but onetime we reach a point where this gets boring, every item on a high level...

so we need a fight factor..

the easyest way to do this is to offset the defense level to the attack level...

so this is one of the basic objects of your engine...

so if you got this..

buildup + fight ... you got the main parts of an online game..

maybe that makes clear how to start it up... and maybe i flew a bit into details.. maybe you can tell me a bit more about what you want to do... or what idias you have... Smile

well ?
Database structure comes first, discribe everything in plain language. (Like a player HAS MANY items.) After this you'll come up with a database structure. Then you need to describe intergrety in plain language (ONLY a mage can POSSES spells). Then you need to enforce these rules programmatically while interfacing with the database. After that you need to implement sessions and then get lots of testing.

If you haven't already get a good SQL book and PHP book then you can pretty much just hack it using you're wits.
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