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Lack of conscience...

S3nd K3ys
The recent BREAKING NEWS!!! of a decades old practice of the NSA (Nat'l Security Agency), an agency tasked since the early 70s with keeping a precisely-targeted eye on incoming AND outgoing communications from the US was used by the left-advocacy media, at the behest of the anti-American domestic left to misdirect public attention the DAY AFTER the wildly successful (for freedom and democracy) Iraqi debates.

This is indisputably true.

So the question is, since the libs are just going ape over this, are they really this gullible? This ignorant? This unsophisticated? This credulous? This stupid?

Or are they simply disengenuous phonies, quite knowingly decieving themselves and attempting to decieve others?

It all wraps up into one ploy:

Discredit Iraq. Successful election one day, "eavesdropping" story the next. Keep the sheeple's mind off success and turn them against the Republican president.

That's all it is, nothing more and nothing less.

The utter, stunning, wonderful success in Iraq has been swept into the back pages....the only story that matters beginning one day AFTER the left-advocacy media got their marching orders from their masters on the left, is a decades-old story about what the NSA does for the White House...what they have done for EVERY White House since Nixon's.

But THAT is the story. Not what happened in Iraq. Not the VICTORY in Iraq, but rather a made-up "scandal" surrounding old, OLD news about the NSA?

The NSA story was the beard. It was used as a means to draw attention away from the real story, the truly astounding event of the democratic election in Iraq...the first Islamic nation to elect itself a democracy.

This is not important? No more so than say, the Council of Trent, or the signing of the Magna Carta, or an afternoon session over in these parts long about 7 July, 1776.

No, the important story is that this president is using the NSA in exactly the way it was designed to be used and has been used by every president since Nixon.
S3nd K3ys wrote:
are they really this gullible? This ignorant? This unsophisticated? This credulous? This stupid?.

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