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Linux and windows

Sorry , but I want to know the difference between
Linux and windows
They are two different Operating Systems.

Read more on both at Wikipedia.
Microsoft Windows
Comparison of Microsoft operating systems to Linux operating systems
Good links
Thank you 4 your effort
Linux is good and powerful but is not as popular as windows. Windows more for beginners because of the capabilites itr has and is simple to use. However linux is totally diferent it is more power ful and has less resources.
If you're looking at choosing an operating system for your own use and you're not sure of the differences, I recomend that you go for Windows as it's much simplier for a beginner
here is a link that is very very long. you might or might not like what the author has to say
Link: Why I hate Microsoft
Looking at your question I think that you are a beginner. So if you want to choose an OS (Operating System), I recommend Windows to you.
However, if you want to do some core work and you are an Open Source freak then you can try installing Linux and Windows both (dual boot).
If you really want to try out Linux, the best way to do it is to download a "Live" distro. This boots from a CD and runs in RAM without changing files on your hard drive.

The operation will be quite slow compared to how it would run if properly installed, but it will give you an idea of features and useability.

The best Live distro I've found so far is Knoppix Linux Live available from

If you decide you like it, you could download a full version and install it onto a hard drive partition. If you don't like it, just throw the CD away - it really is the best way to try out Linux.
just my 2c;
i think linux has been a great power-user OS for years, but is fast approaching suitability for mass market usage, like in the next year. driver support seems to have come a long way, so out of the box Mandriva or whatever distro you can be on the net and using email and whatnot straight away. it even wasn't too hard to setup printing to a windows-shared printer from my Mandriva installation.
They are two kinds of OS.
One is expensive ,one is free.
Bill Gates has taken a lot of flack for being so successful, even if he has sometimes (or often) pushed the boundries. I must first say that I'm not a huge MS fan, only that I haven't had much time to experiement with Linux. But I recently came across an article that details how much he has contributed to Charities, etc and therefore MS and BG can't be ALL bad.

I must also say, that Linux is great becasue it's free, but the support and details around Windows is HUGE. Come across almost any error, type it into google and you'll get answers (I know all the critics out there are saying, because so many people experience errors - But Windows XP has come a LOONG way). I'm very interested in learning more about Linux, but it's not that simple (Altough, much simplier than 8 years ago). It just seems that often one struggles to find correct drivers, etc and it's a little more of a mission than Windows.

Just my thoughts......maybe it's due to the fact that I feel very comfortable on pretty much any MS os or application, whereas I always feel lost with Linux
i think that linux also have a great support for newbies, distros like knopix, mandriva, suse, ubuntu and lot other are simple, but powerful
Linux is much cleaner to work on, im running on Ubuntu, the Sympatic pakage manager and the add applications is the only things you will need to download most of the everyday programs. And the best part is that you dont have to pay for for it..
If you want a livecd go to
and have a look at the livecds. Cool
maybe thissl help winows and linux are made by two different companys linux is a bit harder to use but can make a stable gateway to the internet among other thing windows is more of a home play pc games system
Which is better Windows or Linux? They are both operating systems. IE the software used to communicate with your hardware and run the software you want to use.

Generally Windows is easier to set up and use, if you want to use your PC to type the odd letter, log onto msn messenger or read the odd web site then Windows wins hands down. Saying that, a lot of Linux GUIs have come a long way.

If you want to use a specific piece of software, then that software would decide your OS. If you want to play Doom3 till the early hours choose Linux it runs it much better. If you want to play Halo at all use Windows (you wont get it on Linux at all) . If you want to use MythTV and record or pause directly from television, you want Linux. If you want to use the .NET development environment you want Windows.

In general terms Linux is easier to program with, windows is easier to use.
Besides the funda of free and licensing, etc., if you are looking for some technical differencesbetween Linux and Windows, here they go:
1. Linux uses a monolithic kernel that treats all peripheral components as modules, as compared to the microkernel-based architecture of the Windows systems.
2. Second, there is something called a hardware abstraction layer in Windows, which is the central point of communcation between the microkernels and the hardware itself, so that the higher level programs are provided a uniform interface to the hardware, irrespective of what actual h/w may exist down the line. Linux does not have anything of that sort.
3. I am tempted to write down the other less important points, as well as the GNU philosophy, etc. But I will do it later at some time...
4. Linux is OpenSource Clone of UNIX .. there is a great confusion .. as some says linux is not unix.. but some says it is unix.. but what i found that it is inspired by UNix .. it has infact few thing from UNIX also.. The SCO were also trying to prove that but as it is open source so there is a lot contributed by the various people so it is not UNIX anymore..
I am not sure abt my point's accuracy
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