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Alonso Moving to McLaren!!! What do you think

I think it's great that ol' eyebrows is moving to McLaren. Renault is stunned as hell, it's like they just had the ground pulled from underneath them. It's a great coup for McLaren, but I wonder what's going to happen with the driver lineup. There were rumours of Kimi making a move to Ferari at the end of this past season, so is he going to leave? JP just got there last year and I don't really see him going. but then again, age isn't exactly on his side. I would place my bets on Kimi leaving because he's been at McLaren for a while and has been runner-up in the championship twice.

Hopefully an announcement regarding the drivers will be made soon so that there is one less thing to speculate about. Ideally, I would like see Kimi and Alonso duke it out on the same team. That would definately be the fierecest tandem in F1 and should make from some interesting news on and off the track. But then again I see Kimi making the trek to Ferari. I hope I am wrong!!
i prefered the raikonen-montoya team more....anyway i'll support McLaren whatsoever!

I personally don't like Fernando Alonso as a driver. Although, if driving our car he has the same luck as last year, that will be cool.
But for sure Kimi has to be our first driver.
I also find it so easy to dislike Alonso. But I believe in giving credit where credit is due. One doesn't just become world champ by acccident. you actually have to be a damn good driver. But I think it will be interesting to see what the grid looks like. But kimi better not go to Ferrari. I think that would be the worst move. But again with all the speculation, maybe it's been sealed. We'll have to wait and see.
Alonso - Raikkonen in the same team? i don't think so. Raikkonen go to Ferrari. I also ear that Renault team disapear in 2007, it's true?
Canadian Bacon
if anyone is gonna leave mclaren its gotta be kimi, montoya signed a multiple-year contract, plus barrochello isnt happy at Ferrari, and you never know when michael is finally going to retire. i think he should have done it 2 years ago after he won that last world championship, go out on top i say. so ya, i think kimi might go to ferrari, its not like he would go Renault right after what alonso did. i dont see any other team kimi could go to but Ferrari.
Alonso, Schalonso. Wheres the good ol' chap Shoemaker?
Canadian Bacon
that good ole chap is past his prime in my books, and had a terrible season in the points. he should retire as the best ever, and live off of his multi-millions.
IceCameron wrote:
Alonso, Schalonso. Wheres the good ol' chap Shoemaker?

thorsteinn, dont talk about something you dont know you look foolish..
..anyway i love the idea of a raikkonen - alonso lineup but i dont think its likely that raikkonen is gonna want to stay.
Though it seems likely that kimi will go to Ferrari, I think it would be a dumb move. McLaren is on an upswing and Ferrari is on the opposite. They really don't have as much going for them compared to McLaren, except for the Ferrari name, which obviously is not enough. Kimi has a better chance of a world championship as Alonso's partner than his rival on another team. It's not like Ferrari will be able to pay him all that much more money than he is getting at McLaren. He should just stay put and get the championships he deserves. Going to Ferrari would be like starting from scratch.

As for Renault i think they are definately done with F1 now. Even their CEO isn't too committed, saying that car sales will determine whether they stay not F1 championships. Now that their star driver is going, why bother sticking around.
I Prefer that Alonso continues on Renault.

Renault has too much power than McLaren Today... Alonso go impressionate, but i think that not many like he maked in 2005

But I prefer Aloso in McLaren that He in Ferrari hehe
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