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main right


I never see a website that's main is on the right... Why is that?
It looks great, and it's not a standart website?

I will make my menu right i thing?

Nobody els?
It's just that when you use a lot of space in your main area, you can scroll to the right (if the menu is on the left). If you have a lot of space in your main area when the menu is on the right, you would scroll away the it's for practical reasons, at least that's my opinion.

If you keep your area on the left small without scroll possibilities, yeah sure, go ahead...

I suggest, to just try it and if you like it, keep it that's your decision..
good luck with your website!
I've seen many examples of using a main menu on the right, although, they are usually artisty-interface designer people like myself.

I guess the concept of having the menu on the left is that its easy to access mentally (in a western frame of mind). That is, we read left to right, and so when you've finished with a bit of content and want to go back and choose something else, its burnt into us to go to the start of the line, the left most side.

Thats not to say its THAT much of an inconvenience, however, it might just be a subconcious reaction on the designers part, or people trying to follow the crowd.

I would try using tables to set the menu on the right.

If you use % for width not a set pixel width it will adjust to any screen resolution without going off the edge, unless there are images which won't fit within that screen res, but this only effects low res users.

the menu cell could maybe use a fixed pixel width to maintain a consistebt layout but the left hand contents cells would be percentage.

It takes a bit of trial and error to get these things to work in all browsers and resolutions but it can usually be done with a bit of persistance.

Get it right in your usual browser then try loading it in other browsers. I always try IE, Opera and FireFox.

Then set different screen resolutions and see the effect to fine tune your settings. I always try 1024 x 756, 1280 x 960 and 800 x 600 just to see what happens but I optimize for higher res. I don't think too many people are using 600 x 800 these days.
If you put your menu on the right then your content will be first in the source code which is a big plus for search engine optimization. If it doesn't look to awkward then I would go for it if I were you.
littlegiant wrote:
If you put your menu on the right then your content will be first in the source code which is a big plus for search engine optimization.

It can have also left with some CSS. Not only right side navigation to have that ...
Yeah I know but if Kenzo wants to put it on the right side anyway then he's in luck. He won't have to muck about with CSS floats, hacks, the box model and all the fun and good times that that entails... Razz
Can you guys please post some websites that use main right layouts? I would like to see some examples... Smile thanks heaps! Smile
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