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What's the best place you've ever visited/lived?

I was just wondering what the best place people have lived/visited been. I hate warm places so all over Scandanavia would be mine. And what is it about that place? Would you like to live there if you were visiting or were on holiday?

I would like to go to Scandanavia, I think it's a fantastic place.

Among the places I've already visited there's only my home... Wink
I lived in Malaysia for the past 17 years and have loved it. It's summer all year, but has many nice places to go to. Although some people there aren't quite nice at the beginning (that's true), but if you get to know them a little more, you'll find that they'r actually pretty interesting people.
And for those who don't know or have never heard of where Malaysia is, it's between Singapore and Thailand. Laughing
Where I live Geraldton Australia. Its always warm, small city of 18000 right on the beach. everyone is ace! close second would be anywhere around snow but i hate always being wet!
I'm from Florianopolis, SC, in Brazil. Lived there for 10 years. It is a wonderful place. An island in the south of Atlantic Ocean, 42 different beaches, and beautiful people.

Now, I live in Montpellier, France.
Cute place too, but completely different.

My best travel? Paris And Rome.

I Went to Strasbourg last weekend for the Christmas Market, and it was really beautiful too. Unhappily someone stole my wallet there. But I really liked the city?
Best place I've ever visited would have to be Canada, more specifically, Ontario and Toronto.

Aside from the fact that the Canadians have a ethical and political philosophy that is much closer to my own, they also have a suprisingly robust economy and beautiful landscape. Visiting Toronto reminded me a lot of my own hometown, St. Paul MN, USA, but with a lot more intelligance and logical design.
Paul Knight
Not been all over the world, but I guess I've travelled a bit (mainly in Europe)

The best place is probably Prague or Amsterdam. I was pissed or stoned for most of my time in the dam, but from what I can remember it was amazing. Honest guv!. We went to the sex museam, Heineken thingy and the Anne Frank Museam., so did the Culture thing too. Smile
Nothing beats the Alps Very Happy Swiss Very Happy India too is a good place Wink
Wow, all great sounding places. I'd like to see everywhere in the world. Especially India, Australia and Malaysia!

I am from New Zealand.

I,ve traveled around Australia the States and parts of South East Asia. I live in Indonesia, but the best place I've ever been is around Arizona and New Mexico.

Beautiful climate amazing scenery and friendly people. Only one negative, no surf or beaches. But you can't have everything.
Well, a beautiful place in the U.S. is up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.
I lived there for several years and highly recommend it for a vacation spot.

The air is cleaner, the pace is a little slower, the winters are usually snowy, and the scenery is gorgeous.
New Zealand!!
For me I would have to say Washington, Seattle or near that area. It has a nice mild climate all year long so you wont freeze your butt off during the winter Laughing

Lol didn't realize that the other version of butt was filtered on these forums.
The place i suppose is my Motherland NEPAL, I simply love this place.
Quebec province in Canada!

We have majestic green forests, a LOT of snow if you like the beauty of it or winter sports, many many many lakes you can fish in, and in every seasons, we fish even in winter in little heated cabins with holes in the ice. We also have 2 weeks of festivities in late january and febuary it's a celebration of winter (la fete des neiges).

The architecture of Quebec and Montreal cities is also beautiful, a bit european we don't have that ultra modern look. You can visit old forts and such. If you come in summer we even have medieval events Surprised Overall a beautiful, but cold place to visit.
I guess the US Smile
I've been there last year for a month, and enjoyed every second of it Smile
Maybe I just saw the good things, but Im happy with what I saw, and its enough for me to call it a good place Smile
FriBogdan trip to remember for me was the time when i was in Spain (i'm from Romania) and there i realized how lucky i am that i live in Romania. Here are some major friends and people to talk with. In Spain all was degraded...the mentality of people..the learning institutes and so on. I hope i didn't offend anyone but this was the most memorable trip i had...when i realized that nowhere is like home Razz
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