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Can Angelina Jolie be voted the most beautiful women???

Is Angelina Jolie the most beautiful women?
 31%  [ 15 ]
 68%  [ 33 ]
Total Votes : 48


In a recent survey conducted by a famous magazine, Angelina Jolie was voted as the most beautiful women living ahead of the Rania of Jordan (whom the Jordanians would vouch for, for her matchless beauty), Nicole Kidman (the priceless beauty that we all know from moulin Rouge), the ever famous Aishwarya Rai ( who carries the hopes of more that a 100 billion Indians) and many thousand other beautiful damsels of the evergreen Hollywood.
What makes Angelina Jolie come out zooming ahead of all these ageless beauties.
Is it the silken pout of her lips?.
Is it the boldness that she has?.
Is it the aura that she carries?.
Or is it just the media glare that she gets more than the others......


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I don't like her. She's far, far too fake, far, far too Hollywood for me. I saw a thing on TV last night where they lined her up with 5 other people who went to a film premiere. They all looked exactly the same because they all had these stupid, big, fake far-too-perfectly white smile. It was kind of scary.

I don't like that in a woman for looks and especially not as a role-model.

Personally, I don't like her a lot. I think there are many more beautiful girls in the world.
I agree with falcon.

She is very beautiful but not the most beautiful.
The vast majority of the beauty of hollywood leading ladies is completely fake. They are moderate pretty grils that have expensive clothes and makeup slathered all over them. Look up photos of them without their makeup or trendy garb, and they look just like the rest of us.

Real beauty is completely subjective. Angelina Jolie is pretty, yes, but she is by no means the most beautiful.
Paul Knight
She uses a body double, which means she's not perfect.

Surely the most beautiful girl in the world is perfect?

I haven't seen her yet. It's most enjoyable looking though. Wink
Yes, as all the others just have said: she is not real.
Right, she LOOKS beautiful, but that's all.
Instead of gazing the "beautiful" Hollywood girls, have you ever noticed the girl next door?
Ok, it was a rhetorical question. Sorry, Paul Knight...
So, the term "girl next door" covers your classmate, your workmate, anyone you meet everyday, and don't pay attention to because you admire one of "those" in Hollywood.

PS: Have you ever tasted Maureen's applepie? Laughing
Paul Knight
I must admit I go for the cute look, rather than Hollywood Beautiful and tbh I'm realistic enough to know that I'd never be able to court one of those famous ladies. I just don't move in their circles.

Yes the girl next door is really what I'm after in essence. I've just not been that Lucky so far. Sad

Angelina Jolie is rumored to have got herself a surgery on lips to give them more pout. She is also rumored to have done a nose job.
But when we talk about, lets set apart the surgeries that she has undergone, the media glare that she gets etc, etc... Lets talk about the woman she is. She is beautifule because of her heart, her heart which goes out for the abandoned and the orphaned. The way she has adopted Maddox, the Cambodian boy who was orphaned due to civil war.
People might say that she has done it as a publicity stunt, but we must accept the fact that she has done it and may be set an example. she has to admired for that atleast. Thats why UN has appointed as the ambassdor for some humanity section (god knows what).


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boy ! she is damn hot ! a good mix of beauty and brains and heart ! tho not exactly a MOST BEAUTIFUL one... Smile
I think she is hot! :O she would be up there in my top 10 but there is also alot of other goods ones.
as a female I don't typically think about how beautiful women are. But angelina jolie I just don't get. She's so fake. and those lips....are hideous. she should give them back to whichever plastic surgeon she got them from.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and in these eyes, she's pretty hot!
She's nice, sure. But as long as Britney Spears is about...

Very Happy
Jolie is ok. She's pretty, but very fake.

I know much more beautiful women who have never and most likely will never have plastic surgery.
Not is the unique beautiful women in the world. I think there are many more beautiful girls in the world.-
Canadian Bacon
arialskye wrote:
as a female I don't typically think about how beautiful women are. But angelina jolie I just don't get. She's so fake. and those lips....are hideous. she should give them back to whichever plastic surgeon she got them from.

i think that without those lips, she wouldnt be thought about as much. i mean, the human lips have literally thousands of nerve receptors, thus one of the most sensitive areas on our body. men like jolie's lips for the same reason women loved Elvis Presley's lips, because they were visible and almost tangeble objects. as for her looks, i think jolie has a seductiveness about her, which i do find attractive. however i also find the same attration with regards to Elizabeth hurley, watch the movie "Bedazzled" and you will probably understand why. i also think Halle Berry is beautiful, for a women of almost 40, she has a very fine body to boot. as one person said, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, so these are just my opinions.
I never really thought jolie was all that hot.
Meh, she's alright, but what ever happened to "personality"??
l think society has given up on it, thats what Neutral
For images go here, way bette than that other links, *ught*

Listen Angie, is very pretty even without make-up which is a big ups. But the most beautifull woman, doubt it. I agree she is sewxy as ****** and very hot. but for beautiful there are other women

Charlize Theron

Catherine Zeta-Jone

Natalie Portman < now i really think she is a true beauty. she is very pretty and cute.

But then again everyone has a different perspective of 'pretty'
well, it depend where the magazine get the vote from. If they get the vote from me, I don't even know who she is! Just like science experiment and observation. Different situation have different result. Different area will have different result
are you friggin kidding...i would name her sexiest..beautiful whatever woman of the year. She has the hot tomboy and sexy lady all mixed up and it makes her 10x hotter.
Dread Lord Chaos
lol, Angelina Jolie IS hot...Great lips and a nice body to match....but who cares? heh
some people like appearence-wise, i don't think she is all the pretty.
for 2 main things,
First, her jaw make her look too anglular, don't fit with her body
Second, she looks really reall old to me, i don't know why, she just do
well its individual opinion,
the perfect example is britney spears,
i totally dislike her and have gone across may many opinions who dislike her too but at the end she still is the most popular.
I think jolie is beautiful
even nicole kidman and catherine zita zones are of same category.
For those of you who DO think that Angelina Jolie is a real knockout, here is a blog that I found that is all about her.

I see a lot of you think her lips are all silicon, but silicon or selenite, you can't deny they really are, those lips are just..just...Man... Twisted Evil Just her lips get my hormones raging...
I think she's pretty, it's going to be pretty hard to deny that, but she is not the "hottest." She does seem rather "fake" at times and also is a bit trashier than some women. No offense to anyone, but I prefer the more innocent-type people. To summarize: she's pretty but not the best.
I used to think she was hot but then i met my girlfriend. now AJ is just another celebrity wearin slap
Angelina Jolie is really a pretty woman ! So I have to be agree with the author !

Sorry for the probably mistakes, I'm french
Her lips are way to voluptuous for my liking.
Beauty is in the eyes beholder. What one person thinks is ugly is another person's beautiful. She's pretty, I give her that - but the most beautiful? Nah.
{name here}
She's not the best I've seen, but close - probably third or fourth on my list.
She was not the best but still acceptable Wink
to my opinion, Angelina is very pretty so YESS
her lips look like a puffed out butthole.

no, she's not particularly attractive. But shes definitely more attractive than Nicole Kidman. If I had to pick the MOST beautiful, i'd put a young Laeticia Casta up there(before she tried to do runway and starved off half her curves)
Her lips are big, but i think that she's not attractive...

But she have money, then she's beautiful.
Well, I think Angelina Jolie is beautiful. But certainly, not the highest level. Beauty depends on each one’s perspective.
uhh i dont think shes that great... really though she seems really overated to me i cant see her being "hot" at all all she is to me though is just some chick.
I think she's pretty but far from being the most beautiful woman on earth.
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