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King Kong

Just saw this today, and i personally thought it was freagin sweet. If you ever wanna see a technological masterpiece, the kind not scene since Jurrasic Park, Terminator 2, and Star Wars... Peter Jackson is a great bloke.

I heard from some review that the later part of the movie seems a bit rush....isn't it?
Overall great movie...could have been a bit shorter tho
OK now I have got to go and see this movie. I thought it might be cheesy but it looks pretty good.
I'm sorry to disagree but i thought it was really "iffy".
It was like "if they had done ... " it would be better.

the story: what story?? no depth at all.
Acting: the ape was the best of all and that's saying something
3D: ok, the ape was magnificent but please don't pay attention to the animation of the other characters in the same shot, you'll be disapointed. Crappy rendering, lighting that isn't correct and i can go on for about an hour on that.

Oh yes and if you make a film that long, please have something to say in the scenes. Sometimes it's like they are just filling up because they found some good footage of something.

Not worth my time at all really.
sorry to disappoint
What a disappointment for the people who made this film. It drew 50 or 60 million in the first week, not even close to the amount spent making this film. Sure, they will turn it into a profit, but for all the hype that was stirred up before it was released, I thought it would have gotten a lot more. Maybe the earnings will increase when the holiday season settles down a bit, but still it was a disappointing return.
I will put my "dois centavos" in this discussion:
I liked a lot the 3D. Fur and the ape's movement are impressive (the only problem I've found is when KK carries the girl, which looks like Doom3... HAHAHA).
The acting is OK.

One thing I hate in this film is the bugs. DAMN, I hate bugs.

I think the major credit Pater Jackson got (at least with me) is that he got a story that could be sooo crappy this times and made a well-executed feature.
But I can't see the geniality people wrote in thousands of reviews about him.
the general public are too shallow and picky to give this film the credit it deserves.
Really nice movie!
I saw it yesterday.
it was quite funny when he breaks the dinosaurs jaw
the acting was amazing
I have yet to see it Very Happy
I saw this movie a couple days ago and the special effects are astonishing, a must see's very interesting and never once does the thought of..."dang it's been a long time...when is this movie over" come to mind. lol....all in all it's great and everyone should see it even if you arn't into the "fantasy" types of movies.
I liked it. The CG was pretty good and the action scenes were awesome. The first part of the movie was pretty slow, but it was pretty crazy after that. All of my friends who have seen it, liked it as well.

I think they also could of cut out some parts and made it a bit shorter as well. But still, since your paying for it, might as well make the movie longer (more movie for your buck Very Happy ).
I thought it took awhile to get into the movie, and from there is was a bunch of action. I can tell they put a lot of work into it, though.
king kong is bored. i don´t like that Mad
the way the movie was made was nice but the movie overall was really boring
So what age would you recommend is it the sort of thing a teenager would get in to. I enjoyed the old version at about 5 but I haven't seen it since apart from a comic cartoon version on Toonamo
Really nice movie!
I saw it yesterday.
How could anyone say it was Boring? It was total non-stop action after the first 30 mins
well I saw the first 30 minutes last night and I considered it booring but maybe after those 30 minutes I'll find something interesting, I'll watch it this night, hope I wont regret it.
I saw it all. I loved the movie. It is an actual movie where Jack Black isn't rude, cruel, or nasty. Also, King Kong whooped those T-Rex's butts! All he had left was a cut on his chest. Amazing animal.

But in the end, it was the "beauty that killed the beast."

The woman's beauty was striking and he died for her, so awesome.
I also watched the movie and it´s ok. It´s not an incredebli good film but has some nice details.

The worst by far is that Jackson exagerates a lot in many scenes in the island. Some pursuits with dinosaurs and people are completely unbelievable (I know a gorilla of 7m height is also a little unbelievable, but this is another different thing).
leat397 wrote:
I heard from some review that the later part of the movie seems a bit rush....isn't it?

I guess you can say that.. but if it's not shorten, the movie will be 4 hours long x_x
I thought the movie was great. It didn't even feel like a 3+ hour movie. Hoepfully other movies use the same studio that did the effects for this movie.
The skull island bit seemed a bit too long, but it still kept me captivated for the 3+ hours it went on. It was truely the first movie I've seen that didnt make me think "wow thats some pretty cool CGI"
I thought it was amazing! I saw it in Leicester Square - huge screen, so was even better!

Though I think my favourite line has to be the bit where Jack Black offers the child some chocolate! Laughing
drunkfun wrote:
How could anyone say it was Boring? It was total non-stop action after the first 30 mins

I would have edited out at least 45 minutes.
I enjoyed it a lot. To me it was one of thoes movies you go to see because its so cool to watch is on the big screen. A movie that people can just enjoy, not have to overly analize every detail. I is a very simple story, told in a very entertaining way.
i like the old one so i will see new one. i like the teaser of the movie, and i like peter jackson too...
Hated the old version, loved the new version...except the bug scene. That definitely could've been shorter, but that applied to the whole movie, I think.

Go see it - the gorilla is amazing. The end breaks your heart.
90% CGI and it was easily be seen. Especially in the beginning when the train was turning, It turned and all of a sudden it turned the equivalent of a few second without wasting a few second. Still the film was great, I like the part where they shot a jar of tranquillizants of Kong. Still I think the native part when a little too far, They where a bit spooky and scary.
gad to see some good opinions here. I guess they probably could have cut a bit out of the film, but it's unfair to judge a film only on its editing considering there are about another 1000 other components that go into the production of a film. And i think that we can say, that every other component was superb
i wouldnt have bothered to watch a movie like this, i mean King Kong and all this is happened before, but since it was by PJ i cannot miss but still i have not seen it though, and i wil as soon as i get hold of it
grate film!! king kong woz amazin, the only to things I found scary was the nativs trying to bite jack blacks hand off ( deja vu - guy gets skull crushed, indiana jones? ) and the giant worm things SLOWLY eating that guy, struggling in a man-eating monter(s) isnt nice to see. aak . Shocked king kong cud hav trashed mor planes ( wouldnt put it past him, after ripping out a t-rexs tounge with his teeth, then breaks it jaw!!!!)
except he couldn't really run after them considering he was 500m up!
Yeah, the movie was long but man was it great. It had some of the best special effects that I have ever seen and the action scences were fantastic. My favorite part was the battle between King Kong and the two Tyrannosaurus Rexs. I wasn't to happy when I found out that Jack Black was going to be in it but I think he did a good job with the acting. Overall, the movie was unbeliveably good; another great film by Peter Jackson.
Despite the some commentaries against and pro placed here, I have that to place mine.

Long duration: He is really very long (3 hours) but to wait what, King Kong is very big. Effect Special: Fantastic, they wanted what, a monkey filmed and later placed in second plain, we are in century 21.

Memorable Scenes: Race of car with a taxi and a Kong of 7 meters and a scene of love with ski in the ice in the "Central office pretty Park" between blond and a Kong of 7 meters, to complain of that.

I loved the film.
i'm surprised when i saw the indians of island, because of their colors nad costumes.
Simply put, I HATED this movie. It was as if they were trying to combine every other disaster flick into one.... the giant insects = Eight legged freaks, the dinosaurs = Jurassic Park, the savages = The Mummy Returns (clips of it), the overthrown ship scene = The perfect storm, the rampaging monster in the city = Godzilla....

Ugh... just kill the beast and move on. Rolling Eyes It was horrible
i can't remember the continues king kong film's name, that was about female king kong's history...Remember anyone thats name?
The soundtrack was really good......
That bloody well movie was 4 bloody well hours long! Me and my buddy went to go see it at 8 O'clock at night, and we got home at like 1 O'clock in the morning... Needless to say, we were in trouble Wink.
I like that movie, especially the ending... Crying or Very sad
the scene where kong fights with the T-rexs is simply awesome. i mean, it is unbelieveable kinds, and it is very nicely presented too.

but i really dint like the tragic but inevitable end to the movie. i really dint want kong to die
I really, really liked this movie. I went to go see it with my Girlfriend, and even she found it good. I know it was very long, but I found it entertaining all the way through. Jack Black played his role very well, and it was kind of different for once, in my opinion.

I liked the effects and animations as well, very realistic. Smile

2 Thumbs up.
lucifertje wrote:
don't pay attention to the animation of the other characters in the same shot, you'll be disapointed. Crappy rendering, lighting that isn't correct and i can go on for about an hour on that.

I don't know what this guy was jabbering about, I saw King Kong it looked amazing! I mean, who the f@ck sees King Kong and that they notice is the lighting?

I guess if you are going to a movie and all you want to do is pick out the bad in it, then you will, but if you go and see a movie and take it all in, it is fantastic. I used to find it hard to watch a movie and then half-way through wonder, "hmmm... how did they create that shot?" or stuff like "wow that CG is really good!", but now I goto a movie and watch it for what it is, a Motion Picture (a story that is animated), not a technical display of computer driven power. No, that is what special features are for.

People say that it was long, but I watched every minute and never looked down at my watch. I mean, King Kong is large.... the movie should be large.
It's WAY too overrated. Too much romance and too many boring scenes, not enough bindless bashing, comedy or gore.
This remake of the "Classic movie" is an artistic feast for the eyes and an excellent dispaly of computer generated animation. It is hard to judge when almost everybody knows the story line . Having said that it is a good movie , enjoyable and pays great homage to the original work which inspired the current director's film making. I am afraid that the director applied the same meticulousness that was required for the epic trilogy to a rather less complex story. I enjoyed it but it was too long.
I saw it about 6 weeks ago, awesome movie!!!

Its been given lots of praise from the reviewers... Cool

I'd give it 4 stars.

The only thing I didn't really like was the lengh of the movie, it went on for a while. Rolling Eyes
I liked....

Just the first part of the movie is bad...

this movie was the most idiot movie that i have paid to see..
the same actions, the same scenes, the same contents...anoying scenes
and a 3h movie xD
the first "shock" impression is realy good (like the indians inside the montains :p) but i didnt like as a all part
if we stop to think a little more a 1.5h movie was the ideal for king kong

CUT CUT CUT Razz = Better movie
I like this film too. Great visual effects. A few moments in the film is really touching.

great movie, saw it TODAY a little long, but thats cool. Good movie, great special effects. My favorie part is when king is on the empire state building.
Really funny movie. I haven't laughed so hard for a long time.
Weird story, weird characters. Still, a nice movie.
I haven't watch King Kong yet,
but I am going to see King Kong next week, maybe...... Laughing
An absolutely amazing film, IMO. I loved the original, but this has to top it. From start to finish the whole film is brilliant. I liked it much more than LOTR. And the length didn't bother me on bit, I didn't even notice it.

The casting and acting was also superb. Jack Black was a risky, but brilliant choice to play Denham. The characters were developed much better this time round, as was the Ann/Kong/Jack love triangle.

Well done to Peter Jackson, for making a great film! Very Happy

The game was awesome as well! Smile See my review here:-
I really didn't like it, the only interesting parts really were the beggining and the end. Another interesting part was the t-rex fight otherwise the movie was way to long and boring, I kept looking at the time wondering when it was going to end and couldn't stop yawning. I really really thought it was a waste of time and money. I personally don't recommend it at all.
Very good film, sad ending but great effects.
The movie was very long. On that note. I enjoyed every bit of it. CGI was excellent except for one scene:
the boat leaving the harbor when the camera rotates around it. The smoke coming out of the smokestack rotated as well

Except for that one thing, I was amazed
yeah king kong very nice movie Very Happy
It is a good movie for the family. No much change from the old King Kong. In fact I enjoyed the old movie more, may be because I was a little kid at that time Smile
I watched in movietheatre and now i buyed it 2-disc special edition. And also that game. KING KONG RULES Smile Cool
yep its nice

I got it on dvd
i already watched it and the ending was very sad
kaikou wrote:
Hated the old version, loved the new version...

I don't really share your opinion. While the old movie's graphic quality may have seemed lower, it remained a classic. All of the actors did a fantastic job, which i did not find in the new movie.
Trent DeWhite
Two scenes I found hard to watch, I would imagine made everyone else roll their eyes as well. Kong on the ice, not dramatic, but not laughable either. It simply doesn't work to well. Not for the emotion, but for the reality factor, the ice most definitely would break. The second, would be when the kid, who as noted by the one shipmate, has never held a gun before, no training. Yet he is able to shoot the bugs off Jack and not harm him at all? With his eyes closed no less.

I did not cry at the end of the film, but it was moving. Seeing the live of Kong leave his eyes did have move me. It was an adventure and now it has come to an end. The relationship between Anne and Kong can be looked at in two different ways, depending on the viewer. If you honestly believe that a woman can love a giant ape, then you see it in this film...or it can be the kind of relationship that a kid has with his dog. He's protected you from enemies, you've slept together, entertained each other and laughed with each other...but then you have to put the boy down. Seeing the planes fly across the scene was like seeing death knocking on your door.
Peter Jackson's King Kong won't look too impressive if Dino de Laurentis didn't remake King Kong in the 1970's first. The recent King Kong was all CGI and the story line isn't as good as the one from the seventies.
I have seen it
it's really a good one
i like it
This film is amaizing I have the dvd it is so good I'm glad they made this film. Peter Jackson is a great director.I hope no more remakes happen because none will be able to top this!!!
i have to admit the film is cool, and the actors are suited to their parts.

i thought the cgi on the movie was amazing, especially as some of the parts the woman played were done on pc.

very good film.

and the extras are intersting too
I am completely blown away by King Kong. On every level the film is a total success. The three leads were cast perfectly, they have fabulous characters, capturing the essence of the 1930s. Kong himself is one of cinema's greatest creations, it is as though Jackson has brought him back to life after 70 years spent roaming in the two-dimensional world. He is frightening, he is heroic; you actually truly feel for him.

Skull Island, as Jackson has re-imagined it, is one of the most sinister locations ever to be presented to film audiences. Its inhabitants are no longer corny but very believable, frightening savages. For anyone who has read James Michener's "Hawaii", specifically his narrative of the diaspora from the carnage of Bora Bora and the other South Pacific islands, this portion of the film strikes a chord. There truly were natives who acted in such unimaginatively cruel ways, and of course this fits in perfectly with their having been ravaged by Kong and other beasts. That is one example of the brilliant reconception of this story.

But at the heart of it all is the relationship between Kong and Ann Darrow, and it is here that Jackson, Watts, Andy Serkis, everyone at WETA, and his screenwriting partners truly pull off the miraculous. These are some of the most sincerely rendered moments of any film, the result of heartfelt love and compassion for these characters and this material. It is something that I do not know if we will see again at the movies in quite the same way.

Peter Jackson's King Kong is some of the finest filmaking I have ever seen. It will be his masterpiece. You MUST see this film in the theater. I am very, very cynical about current films, and I did not particularly like Return of the King. Rarely has a subject and a director been so perfectly matched as with this latest film. Jackson has crafted the best remake ever.
king kong very nice movie and very sad
yeah, the film is good.

The extras are really good too.

I really like the part where they make an animation with the original king kong model
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