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Size, loading time and design...?

So this is my first site that's on the net. Any clues about the loading time would be helpful, as my internet is pretty fast and I can't judge what it would be for anyone with a slower connection.

About the design, I really want it simple. There is a lot of text to come so it needs to be simple. I feel something is missing though, it's a bit boring.

Any ideas?

I'm still looking for a guestbook I can put on it, one where I can personalize the background...

Thanks =)
Rev. Jack
What is the URL fo your site?????????????????
Question Question Question Question Question Question Question Question Question Question Question
Rev. Jack
WHOOPS! it's
well you told a story about how u made your web site. dont have scrolling from side to side. also it looks like your back ground image is stretch
well you told a story about how u made your web site. dont have scrolling from side to side. also it looks like your back ground image is stretch
I actually like the background picture, it's soft and have nice colors, ad some more content and you'll be fine
colors? hmm ok.. Razz

about the loading time... maybe its because of your massive source code.. well the images and alll thes are small.. the bg.. is just 24 kb.. so it can't be the loading time of the images...

maybe try other scripts for the rollovers...

maybe try using Arial or Verdena instead of the Standard font..
maybe that fits better...
It took me almost 3 minutes to load!
And that with a reasonable speed adsl. Thats not good!

I can't tell why it took so long actually, but better get rid of those weird scripts, and use some simple scripts or just dont use scripts. And why do you want to pre-load everything?
i really really like your site, the design is great, simple and effective. the use of white space effectively has been done really well and it didn't take too long to load here at work (but i'll try it again at home)

looking forward to seeing some content on there... and if you are about to travel you ought to include australia in your itinery! Smile

well done
The two elements in a design I've seen to have decreased a page's loading time are Valid CSS, and few (or very, very small) images. Good luck.
Thanks for the comments, everyone.

The content will come, I just wanted to get something up there and see if it works.

I'm not sure I'm using massive scripts? Meaning I didn't put them there on purpose... I'm using CSS style sheets, but only to get the same font etc on every page. The album on the picture page was the one I was worrying about.
The rollovers are from fireworks... gif files, dunno if I can get that to be any smaller than it is..?

3 minutes? Wow, ok. Considering the lack of stuff on the page I have no idea why that would be.

Well I'm learning, so hopefully it'll get better once I start understanding what I actually do when I add something to the page.

bjwork: Australia is not on for this year. It will probably end up to be South America, mainly Cuba and hopefully others while I'm there. Doesn't mean that Australia is not on my list of things todo before I die Very Happy
yeah, i don't think your site code is huge like everyone else seems to think. the rollovers are fine and the load time was quick at home (on 256kbps broadband)

one thing i can think of is a direct link back to the front page from the individual pics pages? at the mo the 'home' link only returns to the german index and there is no way to get back to the front page from there...

just out of interest, what is your german connection? (i'm half german) Smile
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