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Advertising and Grafiti: Why one but not the other?

I've always been intrigued with something...

As someone who's in advertising, I feel pretty strongly for it. However if there's one thing about it I disagree with is why must we face large billboards everywhere we look? Were we asked for this? I don't believe we were. What gives these companies the right to do this?

What gets to me even more about it is they consider grafiti wrong. They call it vandalism. I'm not a grafiti artist myself, but I admire what the talented ones do, and isn't the real vandalism the images the advertising we see everyday, more than likely against our sub-consious will, technically 'vandalising' our minds? Why should we have to stare at large billboards and not have to stare at genuine art on the walls?

I find it an interesting debate. Any opinions?

What makes billboards any worse ads than, say, TV ads, radio ads or football-players-wearing-fast-food-logos-or-certain-shoes-for-cash ads?

Also, 9/10 graphiti is an eye-sore, just a stupid logo that you can't read anyway. It's illagel, for damn good reasons. Andyou know why they call it vandalism? BECAUSE IT IS! If somebody came and scrawled 'I waz hear 2005' on your house in black paint, you'd either be pretty pissed off, or pretty stupid. Or both.

Of course, I hate advertising too, but when you're driving down the road you should be looking AT THE ROAD and not at the billboards. Gees.

I understand what you mean, but these grafitiers arn't spray painting logo's, words, meanings, etc. on your house they are doing it on train cars that have not been touched for months maybe years. It is government property, but my own opinion I dont like the government one bit. They are lying, cheating, down right low people that just want are money and that probably hate black people. To me if you grafiti a abandonded train or on the side of a abandonded building it shouldn't be wrong because yes someone might use the building or train car months or years down the line, but at least the object is getting used for something colorfule Smile ok the last part was somewhat humour, but it shouldnt be totally illegal to do that to something abandonded.
As if Sony hasn't screwed-up enough here lately...

I read online where the company has been advertising their PSP... thing using graffiti that more or less shows kids in a sorta zombified-hypnotic trance whilst using it.

Sure, that'll encourage parents to buy one for their kids, huh? Rolling Eyes

Some examples of what people have been doing with Sony's graffiti ads: (snicker)

Personally, I think graffiti could be used as a very beautiful, engaging and imaginative form of advertising, IF if was done right. (And if permission was properly obtained, people were compensated, credit was given, etc.)
HaHa, Awww isn't the PSP living upto expectations like Sony expected? That really is funny. I giggles over it. Things bigtime companies encourage kids, teens, adults to do for advertisement because there a tightass and can't pay for an advertisement on a billboard or on for a tv commercial? Sometimes things like this makes me sick and disgusted.
Don't particularly like either, adertivisms try and make you buy their products, evil capitalist socoity.
If you remove a bulletin board from the wall, it will let absolutely no dammage. But a grafiti will most likely stay there for a long time, with no aim, because grafity doesn't advertise website, they say things like "fu** president" or "Fu** u". It has absolutely no reason to be there. Oppositely to this, the announces on your bulletin boards have been made with INTELLIGENT messages written on it for people to understand and be pleased when they read them. It can help people getting job and buy what they want.

So do you prefer a big ugly grafiti that pollutes environment or a small bulletin board with some announces?

(P.S: I know paper on the bulletin board pollutes Razz)
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