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Jack Salem's Sketchbook

Jack Salem
Hi! I'm JS. I'm new here, so I might as well start posting where I feel most comfortsble. The art section. Art, to be honest, my art is an outlet to work out my psycholgical problems. It's really all I do on my free-time in addition to music composing (which I love BTW). I do color but not often. My tablet hasn't been too nice to me. I have, like, the really old Intuos 1 Wacom tablet. They have Intuos 3 now. Yeh, we're due for an upgrade in hardware Laughing

Here's the first one:

A sketch of a videogame character for a PC game I've been working on for roughly about a year.

Recent title sketch "The OzSmith"

An anime CG for a change of pace. My style choice is very weird and varied. I slapped this over the new Willy Wonka official website thing, y 'know, just to grab the colors.

Skinny Chibi

Another random sketch

Yet another sketch

One of my all time favorite characters

A few characters of my own creation

The Grim Chicken Reaper

Sir Charles Norwick - WIP

Kimono girl

That's it for now
You've got a great sense of style and form, Jack Salem! Applause

I've not a huge fan of the anime/manga style of art, but you've got a lotta talent with it and I wish you only the best in all of your creative endeavors! Smile
Jack Salem
Wow, thanks Embarassed . That's one of the best comments I've had on general artwork in a while. I have a lot of music too. I'll post those as soon as I reach "accountdom status". I didn't think anyone would reply so soon (It's only been a night).
The poses of your characters express emotion very well, and all your characters are colorful and teeming with potential, interesting personalities.

I'd be very interested in any of your finished works, if available.
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