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my PC is very slow

well, my PC is very very slow

i scanned it and it doesnt have any viruses.

what does anyone think the problem is?
typically performance issues deal with the amt of ram you have available. how much ram does your comp have?

did you install any programs lately?

what os version are you running?

what is your current memory usage? (do ctrl alt del - task mgr..look at mem usage)

are there a lot of progs running on win startup?....are there a lot of icons in your taskbar on bottom right?
i have 256 ram, i think

i only have 1 program running, bitlord

and i dont have a lot of icons on the bottom right

and i have a 40GB harddrive
ok, are you on Windows XP or 98?
What did you use to scan?
Did you also scan for spyware if your virus scanner doesn't do it automanicaly?
Do you have any instant messaging programs installed? eg:AIM, MSNIM, YIM, ICQ, whatever
Hey, here are some suggestions:

1) Reboot into safe mode. A lot of viruses will hide once they're started. Then, run virus scan and spyware scan. That should take care of most of the problems.

2) If you're running Windows 2000/XP, hit control-alt-delete and find the list of processes. Go to the View menu, and click select columns. Check the "CPU Time" box, and OK. Then, look for the process that is taking most of your CPU time. Google it, and if its unnecessary/virus end it.

3) On a related note, get a program called "HijackThis." It will list all the programs that start with your computer, and give you an option to not start them when the computer starts. I use this regularly to speed up my windows. This works best in safe mode as well.

If you have any further problems, feel free to ask me. Or, install Linux (Gentoo preferred Very Happy ) Enjoy!
if you have that harddrive fairly full up then the time to access files will get slower and you'll have more trouble accessing files which aplies to constant activity in windows. So I always suggest leave at least 1g free, this is also used by the page file(virtual memory placed on the HD).
So if you dont have enough space for your 700 or so mg page file then it will run very slow.
In general Java applications can really slow down your PC even if you have sufficient ram.if you are notrunning any such applications than check your Star up.Reduce the number of programs that start when windows starts like messenger,weather report,etc.
If not increase your RAM Arrow Exclamation Arrow
It's normal... windows havn't a fs defragged in background, but you MUST defrag when you say it. I advise you than:
1) Defrag your (bad) filesystem once for month.
2) Clear with freeware or shareware utility the Registry of Windows
3) Digit:msconfig in the start, execute window, then control what you load at the boot and correct it
and... make a Linux box with your pc (or iff you have the money: buy a one apple product, i have buied one ibook 1 month ago, and i'm very happy Very Happy)
Sorry for bad english, but i think that you follow the 1,2,3 point your system can improve its performances...
if u cant fix it with the things above. just copy all te docements and pictures you want to keep (and the rest)
format all your disks completly
install your os again. use win2k or xp if u want windows because they are nt which is better then dos (win 98 )
the same thing my pc slow me what we can do?? Confused Rolling Eyes
ahmad` wrote:
the thing happen to me what we can do?? Confused

Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused Confused
We said a lot of things. just f*cking read (get a little bit Rolling Eyes trough this)
Well, speed really depends on ram and cpu. I find the thing that makes my comp blazing fast is re-formatting and installing windows fresh! It clears all unnessisary programs, spyware, adware and viruses in general.

Yes, you lose everything on ur computer, but, its called Nero, and a couple of DVDs. Backup your Very important things! Remember, a lot of shit is on the internet to download. (oh and be sure to backup all your Game Saved data, coz man starting games again sucks [like half-life 2])

This site helped me to partion my drive USING THE WINDOWS XP CD!
I have no idea how to format my computer any other way.

I'd recommend formatting that way, cause it installs the OS straight after.

Hoped this Helped.
Slowing down is very usual thing for windows users. I already reinstalled XP 6 times within 2 years. And the only thing which is difficult is backing up and restoring several software datas. I didnt play games, so lucky enough not to think about that. But I use a lot of softwares, and it is difficult to backup all user data - some didnt allow it too.
So reinstallation is recomended if you didnt use a lot of softwares regularly.
i deleted a lot of ald atuff
updated my ram to 700 something

and i stopped using bitlord

my PC is a lot faster


i also got rid of java, that also made my PC faster
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