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Newbie questions

Just a few questions:

1) Other than admin, how would you rate frihost out of ten?

2) Does it come with a free WYSIWYG editor? How easy is it to set up your webpage?

3) How much control do you have over what your site looks like?

4) Do you get free forums? How much control do you have over what they look like?

5) How much bandwidth and space do forums usually consume? How much does yours use, for instance?

6) Will my site be advertised anywhere I don't want it to be?

7) Can you stop non-registered users from being able to read forums or just from being able to post in them?

Cool How reliable are your servers? Are they Linux etc?

9) Can I put ads on my website?

10) If I let you put ads on my site, would you ease the must-post-in-forum rule?

11) How long have you been in business?

12) I'm still looking around for a host. If I didn't go with you, who would you recommend?[/b]
I forgot to ask, how many people do you have with you? Is this a small or a large community? If the number suddenly goes up, will you be able to cope?

Are there any restrictions on linking to other sites, such as a board hosted on another site? I'm also considering a little video chat room/webcam. Any suggestions?

Thanks. Sorry there's so many questions.
You asked a lot of questions so I'll try to be answer them briefly.

1) / (Admin Cool )
2) It doesn't come with a free wysiwyg editor. There are lots of free wysiwyg editors on the internet, if you want one, install it. Or, better, it's advised to code by hand or use a CMS like joomla or xoops.
3) As long as it's compliant with our TOS (legal, no music, doesn't generate too much cpu-usage, no adult content/pictures), it's completely up to you. You completely build the page like you want. (we don't put any advertisements on it or modify it in any way)
4) Sure, but you have to install them yourself. You can customize them like you want. You can install a phpbb forum like this one if you want.
5) This one uses a bit more than 10GB per months, but not much. You really don't have to worry about bandwidth unless you have tons of traffic or high quality uncompressed pictures. A forum only takes 20-30MB if I'm not mistaken, so don't worry about that.
6) Do you mean that we put advertisements on your website or just put a link to your site on our website? Normally your url is only visible for moderators/admins and we also require it for account changes and support questions.
7) That depends for which type of forum you installed, but most of the time they will have such options. You have complete controll about the source code, so you can always code it yourself.
Cool The servers run on Linux. Reliable? They are down from time to time, if it helps you, this website is hosted on one of them, so it can't be that bad. Wink
9) Sure, as long as they aren't breaching our tos. (legal, no adult content, no serials, ...)
10) We don't put ads on your website, even if you want to.
11) Since the end of april 2005.
12) Unless you hate to post on a forum, then your search is finished. Very Happy
13) This community is quite big. Just look at all the registered members and posts on the home page.
14) You may link to all 'normal' sites as long as they are legal, don't contain warez, cracks, serials, ...
15) I don't really know how you want to install that webcam, but as long as you don't generate too much bandwidth and cpu-usage, then it's ok.
Thanks for that.
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