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College and friends???????

What do u think is the college for????/

accor to me it's for making a lot of frens and enjoy.

what do u think?????

u dont just make friends at college.
college or university is really serious stuff. if you slack there then that goes in your record for jobs and everything. high school? u can get away with anything there and enjoy yourself.
im not saying that u dont make friends at college, sure you can do that and enjoy yourself. but focus is the main priority in college even if u have to sacrifice sum time with friends... which sucks. but once your through with college, you can hang out with your friends and have a high paying job
when are you from???? high school here you cant slack at all and college/uni is the fun slacking time, here in the uk at least
Hey I think that is absolutely wrong from one way but somewhat correct in the other!!

Actually it depends on the person

SOme guys get in the college for Studying
So for Fun, and making friends
and some for both

And I come in the Third category!!

I am Right
isn't it
I'm currently in my third year in undergrad, out of five total (I'm doing two degrees and a minor). I try not to think of college as any different from the rest of my life, and because of that my only real goal right now is to live well and make the most of the time and resources that I have.

I very much want to learn and study, and to make myself into a more capable person. I spend a lot of time at the gym working , in the library or my apartment studying, and of course in class or at study sessions. However, not to live out of balance, I also take dance classes and perform in dance concerts, co-run an environmental activism club and spend time with my friends and working on personal projects (Linux, building stuff, etc). My point in saying all this is just that college dosen't have to be about one set thing. It's completely what you make out of it, and that's based on what you want out of your life (multiplied by you ability to make good choices that allow you to reach those ends).
John, you are right, it is up to the individual what they make of their time for any given situation. The problem is the majority of students arrive at university having led a very controlled life (dictated by parents perhaps) and so the sudden freedom they feel often goes to their head and they go wild and get into some tricky stuff. They quickly become disilusioned (apologies for my spelling) with life in general and end up wasting the opportunites that university can bring. The rebellious and wasteful lives many students lead is a direct consequence of the unrealistic and narrow-minded upbringing given by their parents.
Well college is supposed to be a learning experience, the most inmportant time of your life. You will learn a lot with all the class and you will also make friends. It is just like school, you make friends and you still learn in the way. I can wait to go to college, it is a great learning experience you get to meet some great cool people. Sure you probbaly with have parties with friends and stuff, but you still need to be learning in your classes. Collage is not all about fun, there is work involved too.
Well, to an extent everyone needs to make some bad decisions at some point. That's how we learn and how become better and stronger people. The danger I see in a lot of students is that those mistakes and bad decisions aren't seen as such, and if they are, they still continue to happen. For example, a lot of people get crazy take-me-to-the-hosptial drunk, and rather then saying "wow, that sucked, I guess I won't drink as much next time," go on to repeat the action, or similar actions, until something even worse happens.

I suppose there are many reasons for that sort of behavior. Group think is probably an especially prevailent one.

I don't think that this process is limited to young people - it pops up all over the place. Dealing with adversity and self control is a life long process, its just that some of the typical activies of college students (drinking, partying, etc) tends to be more public and stand out more then the parallel activities of other age groups, such as extra-marital affairs, gambling addiction, physical abuse, etc.
Texas Al
If you're in college mainly to make friends and have fun, you're wasting at least four years of your life and your parents' or your governments' money.

You can make friends and have fun anywhere, why take up space in college when someone who is actually there to learn could be there instead of you? You'll have more time in which to have fun, and an income to spend on it, if you just get a job right out of high school. You might not make as much money as you would with a college degree, but your question never mentioned money.
Ok, ok, here's an answer I think we all should be able to agree on, college is the link of life in which your future is decided. Of course then again isn't mostly everything? think about the butterfly effect
Oh reply was lost. In short(lazy to type)...u can learn everything life has to offer and more. Enjoy life is what YOU make it to be.
I know many Universaties over here (England) that wont accept americans without a degree already, just thought I would mention it.
I think college is as much about learning about yourself as it is learning about work and career paths. I have been exploring possibilities and I have realized that there are a lot of things I couldn't do. If you take courses only to prepare for a career then I don't think you'll care enough for personal development. You need to like what you're doing. That makes it interesting and rewarding. I think this is what college is about. And beyond coursework you learn a lot about friendships and social lives.
Um, maybe, to learn? That's radical isn't it? Heh.
College to me is time for serious study cause after college I see myself out in the wild world all by myself and I'd seriously like to arm myself with an education. Wink
It's a bit of both really. Although by far the most important part is the education, it still plays an important part in your social development and independence.
Texas Al
But, if you're not after money or a career, you could just start working straight out of high school and have more time for "personal development". No homework, no tests, weekends to yourself.

And if you rack up a decent number of promotions you'll probably end up making more money than most of the humanities majors anyway.
College for me is education, and trying to get what I consider the best career possible once I'm finished with college....

I don't go for college for friends, the girls in my dorm, I can't stand them. Bunch of annoying little Silenced
I'd say it's a little bit of both. You learn how the world works especially in the field / are you roughly wanted to start a career in, and you make lasting friendships (including networking). In any case, it's a carefree time without any real worries (grades and exams are stressful though Smile )
College is for learning. Yes, making friends is important, but that's not what college is for. You can do it if you want. However, even high school, where you can slack as much as you want, is essentially for learning. Maybe the priorities are different for the students, but that doesn't change the purpose of these institutions. If it were for socialising, it wouldn't be college; it'd just be something like the Scouts, where you go out camping and learning petty things just for the sake of entertainment and friend-making.
You know why there are colleges and universities?
For fun?
Absolutely not.
You will get higher education here and help the society, that's the ultimate goal.
I thought you were talking about college and university before I click in.

That's just a part of my school(It seems your topic is about "school", including primary school, high school, and college or university). It's not only about friendship and joy but also education, diploma Wink , and experience.
blackstripes wrote:
u dont just make friends at college.
college or university is really serious stuff. if you slack there then that goes in your record for jobs and everything. high school? u can get away with anything there and enjoy yourself.
im not saying that u dont make friends at college, sure you can do that and enjoy yourself. but focus is the main priority in college even if u have to sacrifice sum time with friends... which sucks. but once your through with college, you can hang out with your friends and have a high paying job

Personally I don't believe so. After high school then college/university, you suddenly find that you don't have time anymore to spend with friends, trying to balance your "highly-regarded" job with other things you want to do is quite stressful. Anyway, just because you do (relatively) well does not mean that you will do well in life overall or that you will get a high job position. I'd treat it as the last few years that you'll be able to get together so often.
Colledge is place for learning and you'll make friends but focus on work more.
My daughter is in her final year of post-graduate studies in a University. We take a balanced view. In our opinion college is a place where you study seriously and imbibe knowledge while simultaneously making friends.
There are some students who are there only for fun. They either cheat at exam time or use other strategems to complete assignments instead of slogging.
Some friendships you strike in the college are long-lasting and some are only transitory.
I think it's as much about making friends and socializing, as it is about education. Exam time: now that's when you really slog it out.
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