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Seeing how Adobe recently Aquired Macromedia do you think that they will replace Fireworks with Photoshop?
For sure. I mean fireworks has some features that PS doesnt' but since they're the same company, I guess they could merge the two softwares.
Of coz they will .

Merging the two software to become a more powerful software ? Sounds great !
I think ImageReady will replace Fireworks.
Photoshop is Photoshop. There's no equal. Very Happy
pudovkin wrote:
I think ImageReady will replace Firefox.
Photoshop is Photoshop. There's no equal. Very Happy

ImageReady will replace Firefox? They're two different programs... FireFox is a web browser while ImageReady is another image edting program...
Sorry, sorry! My mistake...
With lot of work near the holidays... Smile

* thanks gh0stface.
I've tried all the different programs, Fireworks, GIMP, Paint Shop....None of these compare to Photoshop! Photoshop 7 is the best Photoshop. Anywho, I think Photoshop WILL replace it because Fireworks sucks, and since Adobe now owns it, the will probably stop all production on it, or merge it with Photoshop (which I ope DOESN'T happen)
Image Ready will probably officially replace firworks and they'll merge features which they see fit and they believe users want.
Absolutely, what you should be asking is, how much is Adobe going to charge for their next product release? That is the question on my mind, and one that is quite painful to think about. l think my Photoshop CS2 can last me a while, l don't really need flash, and l think this is just going to make it so that almost every site has one of those rediculous flash animations to enter the site. You know what l mean, the ones that usually have nothing to do with anything and are just there cause they look cool and make their site look important Neutral yah, those Neutral l hate them to Neutral
I think Macromedia and Adobe will make a program like Adobe Photoworks or Macromedia FireShop =)
PCGate wrote:
I think Macromedia and Adobe will make a program like Adobe Photoworks or Macromedia FireShop =)

HAHAHHAHAHA Good one. Wink
I don't think anyone would argue that PhotoShop is a superior product when it comes to photo-editing and the pure power to push pixels around. But Fireworks is, and hopefully will continue to be, an awesome production tool for web graphics.

but as far as I know there simply is no equal to Fireworks when it comes to the kind of production work that web designers need to do. Not to mention the fact that despite lots of temptations to tack on new features and doo-dads to the application the Fireworks team has remained focused on what the tool does best. As a result Fireworks has maintained a simple UI that makes it easy to learn and easy to focus on getting the job done.

So, add my voice to the list.
I think that photoshop replaced fireworks in my book along time ago... Granted until recently fireworks had a handful of novel features not readily available in PS but now with CS2 there is little need to consume those extra system resources to load another large program when Photoshop is already there and all ready to do it for you.

I have always been loyal to the macromedia suite as it was the first to offer alot of the fetures that are now web standards but with that said photoshop is quickly becoming the all-in-one editor as not only can you optimize your images but you can practically design wysiwyg style within ps.

Just a great program! What else can you say... Oh yea, it cost a whole bunch but hey! Who cares, right?!?
uh.. photoshop has already replaced fireworks and has been for years. photoshop is graphic designers industry standard for the last 5 years not fire works. the only thing that i see comming after this purchase of macromedia is some more userfriendly editability between programs and maybe some interface tweaks. but as for now the companies are staying seperate from each other.
Coming from a graphic design background I would say that PhotoShop has been the industry standard for a lot more than 5 years.

Just like Quark Xpress is hardly heard of, yet it is the industry standard!! Smile
i think they will "merge" em. i mean give photoshop some of fireworks features. i dont think they are actually going to keep to design-apps alive at the same time
Let me guess what will happen!
I need some time to concentrate...
Well it's still crowdy.....
It's not working

A little more concentration
Adobe and Macromedia merged
What's best for Adobe?
Perhaps to have 2 false competitors: ImageReady and Fireworks
They actually are from the same company

So things will stay the same for a while

PS: If you don't know the answer better keep things as usual
I agree that nothing will happen for a while.
Photoshop, Fireworks, and Imageready are all good programs
and are owned by the same company.
pffft. Photoshop left fireworks in the dust long ago I think.
Duh, Firework is more for webstie design than graphic design. Photoshop can replace it easily since it work for almost any type of graphic. Poster, flyer, ad, busneiss card....

Even though I use PhotoImpact more often, PhotoShop is still a very powerful program.
Photoshop is a professional image editing program, instead fireworks is for web images making, the one that is made to replace the fireworks is the illustrator, but I still think that the macromedia programs will still alive cuz they are such a nice tool for the web designers, and they are really accustomed to make web graphics with the fireworks.

Other nice thing about the adobe/macromedia fusion it could be the tools of macromedia in the adobe programs like flash stuff in the adobe acrobat, that would be amazing, don’t ya think so?
yeah fireworks is just for making web based images not a profesionnal image editing
so no comparaison between photoshop & fireworks
photoshop is a number 1 on the graphic software category
Yeah maybe the one that replaces the fireworks will be the ilustrator...
I've been dreading what Adobe is going to do to Fireworks. If they keep it around and try to Photoshop-ize it, it'll suck. And it would be really sad if they phased it out too.
I use Fireworks a lot when I need an image editor that will do, well, what Fireworks does. It would be sad to lose the features and usability that this software offers. Crying or Very sad
It seems kinda silly to just keep it as a seperate application, why not just integrate it into Photoshop as an inside thingy like the "extract" or "liquify" feature?
{name here}
I like fireworks. I'm not willing to fork over $600 + S&H for some stupid image editing program. I can buy something more worthwile for that money.

I think that they will continue to have fireworks as a seperate program bundled with the Studio until all three products arrive at a dead end similar to Windows ME. Flash and Dreamweaver will be renamed and attached to Adobe's creative suite, and fireworks will splatter into photoshop.
I've used Fireworks, I have it installed with all of MX studio but it may be the least useful peice of software in the package I'd much rather use Photoshop (CS2) any day.
Scotty Too Hotty
I also would rather use photoshop, but for a new user, maybe some more User Friendly functions and interfaces might be more applicable. But none the less i still love photoshop
I am sure that they are going to do it
Fireworks will be no more
Imageready will emerge......
I don't they'll merge. Fireworks is way easier to use than photoshop. Maybe they'll give you two options, the easier to use fireworks and the more advanced photoshop
Temple wrote:
I've tried all the different programs, Fireworks, GIMP, Paint Shop....None of these compare to Photoshop! Photoshop 7 is the best Photoshop. Anywho, I think Photoshop WILL replace it because Fireworks sucks, and since Adobe now owns it, the will probably stop all production on it, or merge it with Photoshop (which I ope DOESN'T happen)

i have tried most of them as well, for me Photoshop CS2 is the way to go.
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